Thursday, December 31, 2009

Count Down

…5, 4, 3, 2, 1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

It’s been a whirlwind year, this 2009. Much has happened and there is much more to do. In many respects, it seems like several years have passed by in just this one. This is no accident. The vibratory rate of existence is indeed speeding up at a blistering pace, with karmic burn-off from both an individual as well as collective group consciousness level moving along at light speed, and we’re all feeling it. Many of us are waking up consistently at around 2 or 3 a.m., experiencing a download of information and spiritual insight, our bodies vibrating with refined energy. We’re also noticing an increase in the speed it takes to manifest things in our lives as well as an overall heightened sense of expanded awareness. No my friends, you’re not imagining this stuff, it is happening; it is real.

As we move headlong into 2010 and beyond, it is important that we all begin to take stock of what is happening. We need to take this stuff seriously and really begin to listen to our inner voice and what it is telling us. Most importantly, it is time to let go of the fear and really, truly, in your heart of hearts and with all your essence, embrace the LOVE. There are those that would like to keep this transition to a new reality at bay, and are trying with growing desperation to maintain the herd mentality through fear and propaganda that so many of us had (up to now and for far too long) been victims of. But now is a new day, and all of you wonderful Souls that long ago made a conscious decision to incarnate into this world at this important time in our history are starting to awaken more and more to the truth of who and what you are. You are wonderful, magnificent star children, lightworkers, and earth angels. You are incredible healers and beacons of love energy. It is your time now. Awaken to it and claim it. You know who you are, you’ve simply forgotten.

So on this momentous new years eve of 2009, may I wish all of you a happy, safe, prosperous, abundant, awake, aware, enlightened, and Source filled New Year. 2010 is going to be really interesting. We hope that you experience it awakened and fully engaged. Namaste.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Choices and Consequences

Even though we live in the world of illusion, it can still really cut like a knife sometimes. Life is tricky; it’s all about choices, and the decisions a person makes at any given moment may have repercussions that go far beyond what was intended. Over eons of time, we have developed a somewhat useful yet potentially problematic ability to compartmentalize the things in our lives, separating one conjoined aspect of truth from another. In the process we are able to rationalize and justify almost anything. This, however, can become a dangerous double-edged sword, for compartmentalization ultimately leads to irrational fragmentation of truth, and a subsequent inability to see things from that all-important holistic perspective; the big picture. Within this dynamic, the ego gets an overindulgence of attention, and our ability to see things from points of view other than our own too often become lost. When you throw the emotion of fear into the mix, it quickly becomes a very toxic soup, leading to questionable decisions and unintended consequences. So what does all of this have to do with spirituality, and how do we move through this illusory gauntlet to determine what is the best course of action at any given moment?

Well, the question itself contains the seeds of its solution. You see, we must understand that we live in the illusion – it’s all a big stage play. The inner is the true reality and the outer is the illusion; go figure. As such, we are not the bodies that we occupy and working within the dramas that we create should always be viewed through the prism of the higher self; the Soul perspective. We are Soul, a divine spark of the eternal Source. We are one with All That Is. We gather experience by working through the dramas we create in order to become self-aware and ultimately God-aware. When we come to that all-important plateau of awakening to our true identity as Soul living in eternity, we’re able to rise above the slings and arrows that are thrown at us. We’re able to identify the dualistic nature of all things we encounter. We still have to deal with the dramas, but we can (as the saying goes) learn to be “in it but not of it.” When illuminated with this Soul perspective, the need or desire to compartmentalize or rationalize begins to fall away, for we are no longer afraid to deal with truth. One must always remember that truth is strength; it’s a real game changer when you finally embrace it.

Yes, those slings and arrows may sting sometimes, and some days are better than others when dealing with them, but as an awakened being you remember that you have a new default perspective; you are Soul, living in eternity. What you are dealing with shall pass. It is not a forever thing. You on the other hand, are. As an awakened Soul you find yourself constantly asking, “What is the lesson here?” The body’s emotional chakras may be firing on all cylinders, but you have the ability to step outside of that perspective and see things in a Divine light. As such, it’s all good.

As we move forward on our transcendent journey towards enlightenment, we must embrace the slings and arrows we sometimes encounter, and view them as opportunities for growth. We are at an all-important place and time in our collective experience. We will be encountering more and more trials and tribulations as we move closer and closer to our spiritual transition. Throughout all of these tests, we must never forget that everything we deal with has its true solution based in LOVE. Love is indeed the key to everything. It really does conquer all, for when we place this in the center of our hearts it is able to wash away all pain. It reconnects us to Source. We must become conscious beacons of this love energy and proactively outflow it throughout the world everyday, every moment. We are all a part of the collective critical mass of God-centered energy that will ensure a positive shift to enlightenment. So don’t let those slings and arrows slow you down, simply surrender them to love. For this, my friends, is the ultimate test.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


It’s quite the winter wonderland this day. After a record setting December snowstorm covering a large portion of the east coast, everyone is waking up to quite a bright and shiny spectacle. As I take my shovel in hand and begin to create a pathway from my front porch to my steps, eventually getting to the sidewalk, I am consciously aware of the busy activities around me; the steady drone of scraping shovels from my neighbor’s homefronts, moving snow off of their walkways and cars, creating pathways to maneuver from point to point. I also notice the spontaneous acts of kindness all around me, with I and my neighbors helping one another to shovel the front of each others steps and sidewalks, taking the occasional time out to rush and help a stalled vehicle get out of the snow. Of course, I see the wonderment of small children on the block doing their best to help as they take in the spectacle of their first major snowstorm. It’s a site to behold, filling me with gratitude and bringing to mind the significance of the true meaning of this holiday season, unconditional love.

Spontaneous and random acts of kindness with no consideration for reward or even thank you, this is what the true meaning of the holidays is all about. More importantly, it is a true glimpse of a world we should all aspire to live in everyday. I dare say that the vast majority of our world population is infused with this loving heart, but often have to protect it for fear of being taken advantage of by those of a predatory consciousness. But these amazing glimpses of unconditional kindness and goodness between our fellow human being is something that we should all hold dear, and try with every fiber of our being to maintain and expand upon even after all the presents have been exchanged, decorations taken down, and trees placed on the roadside. It’s the act of a loving heart; it is the tangible recognition of oneness with all.

During this holiday season, may we all recognize and remember the true meaning of why we celebrate, regardless of what your religious beliefs or spiritual understandings may be. It’s more than the celebration of the Christ child’s birth, or the lighting of candles for Chanukah, its more than the celebration of Kwanzaa or anything of that sort; it is the conscious expression of Divine love and gratitude for all mankind, and the outward expression of that love through unconditional kindness and charity. It is the random act of kindness for its own sake; it is the quiet gift from a stranger. It is the love of God in action. May we all take in and expand upon the true meaning of this season, and extend the love and kindness well beyond the 25th of December.

From all of us at Awaken to One Alliance, may your hearts be filled with kindness, love and gratitude, and may the Divine light of Source surround you and provide for you abundance and success in all that you endeavor to do. We truly love you all and look forward to the growing fellowship of evolving Souls in the coming New Year, as they awaken to their true identity with expanded focus and Divine awareness.



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Welcoming Kathelena: Cosmic Particles

I wanted to briefly make everyone aware of a wonderful new blog being featured on the Awaken to One Alliance website. May I please present to you Cosmic Particles by Kathelena. Her knowledge and insights on a wide range of spiritual and social issues are vast, and her nuanced awareness of the current universal shift in vibrational energy will be of great benefit to everyone who reads.

So to Kathelena, welcome to Ato1 and thank you so much for your important contribution. To everyone else, please feel free to post your comments on the Awaken to One website to let us know what you think. All the best.



Sunday, December 13, 2009

What is Your Consciousness Diet?

“Garbage in, garbage out.” This is a phraseology that has been used for many years in the field of computer science and pertains to the reality that calculations and conclusions reached through analysis of input data is only as good as the quality of said data. To put it another way, if the information you are inputting is flawed or somehow corrupted, analysis and conclusions reached based on that data would also be flawed and/or corrupted. This same reasoning can easily be applied to the mental and spiritual input we feed ourselves on a daily basis, forming and molding our opinions, attitudes and ultimately our state of consciousness. You are what you eat, physically as well as mentally, intellectually and spiritually. Whatever that diet consists of will be the determinant for your own formative growth and evolution.

As such, it is important to be mindful of just what you are feeding yourself daily, and begin determining in a conscious, present and aware sort of way if it is in fact good for you. Certainly there are professional demands that require your mental attention and energy, and often a great deal of time and energy must be devoted to fulfilling your family obligations. But when you are on your own time, just what does your consciousness diet consist of; what are you feeding yourself mentally and spiritually? As I have indicated in such articles as The Hub of Your Wheel and more recently, Background Awareness, you need to be mindful of the input and energy that you allow yourself to take in daily, as this is what will out-picture in your respective reality. Remember, thoughts are things; thoughts have the ability to think and manifest what you project out into the universe. It’s the law of attraction at its most fundamental.

A mental and spiritual audit may be in order. Separate and apart from taking care of your body physically through proper diet and exercise, just what information input are you feeding yourself and allowing entry into your psyche everyday? Are you fixated on sexuality and sexual stimulation for its own sake? Do you constantly listen to political talk radio espousing extreme opinions, attitudes and fears on either the right or the left, or gossip TV and reality programs that seem to exploit the worst in dysfunctional behavior between our fellow human beings? Are you fixated on video games that desensitize the horrors of violence and war? Are you engaged in fundamental beliefs that justify abhorrent behavior in the name of our Creator? These and other examples may be considered extreme in nature, but if you analyze the totality of stimuli that bombard our psyche on a daily basis through the 24/7 media machine, and our own peer-pressured lifestyle choices, perhaps its not so extreme. These and other related stimuli have the end result of dummying down our society and creating a herd mentality unable to think and reason for itself (group think). Worst of all, it is taking us away from the most important truth and energy center in our existence, LOVE. It’s time to take a good hard look in the mirror and consider that perhaps your daily consciousness diet could use an intervention and overhaul. Perhaps it may be time to turn off the electronic devices for a while and take a quiet, unencumbered walk with nature. Perhaps its time to meditate and get back in touch with your higher self. Maybe its time to have dinner with your family and catch up on things. Most definitely it is time that we all, individually and collectively, reconnect to the love; love for one another and love of Source.

We are at such a pivotal junction point in our collective evolutionary consciousness. As such, it will become even more important than ever to monitor our thoughts, and be a conscious and aware conduit for love energy. We all must become daily beacons of love everyday. We are the source by which mass consciousness changes. There is a saying that goes “God cannot do for you what it can only do through you”. This is certainly true now. You are the channel; you are the light. It is through you that the rise in spiritual vibration moves to the next level. The catalyst and focus for this rise in vibration is LOVE. So (and I say this with the utmost love and respect) clean up your act! Adjust your vibrations by changing your consciousness diet. If what you are currently inputting is making you feel fear and/or negativity, it needs to go; it needs to be replaced with a love-centered alternative. You have the power and you have the means. But if you don’t have the will, nothing will change. Be the change that you seek. Embrace the love that you are. When you do, we’ll all be digging those good vibrations.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Being the Light

As we move ever closer as a collective consciousness towards ascension and awakening, it is of vital importance that we understand clearly and definitively that we are the change that we seek. For far too long the Souls of this earth have been conditioned into believing that we have no control over our destiny, and our fate lies in the hands of someone or something outside of ourselves. This is illusion, illusion of the worst kind. Within this illusion is also the misdirected notion that hope is just around the corner; that tomorrow a change will come. While this is a powerful and seemingly hopeful sentiment, it is also a misguided feedback loop that we must move beyond. What I mean by this is that the constant manifestational energy of hope that all will be well tomorrow, creates an energy dynamic that places the desired outcome always just out of our reach; always tomorrow, never today…never NOW.

Our ascension as a collective consciousness lies in the acknowledgement of who and what we are NOW. We are Soul, a divine spark of All That Is, living in eternity. Within this recognition and conscious awareness, we must ignite our divine spark of spiritual awakening into a bright beacon of light. You are the light! This beacon is one of divine love energy that goes out in all directions and touches everything in its path. We must consciously become the light and project it outward everyday. We must project this love in all places and at all times. This is how we change the world. This is our task as a conscious light worker. This is who you are. Claim it.

With more and more conscious beacons of light coming online every hour of every day, we begin to exponentially live as ascended beings; we become the change that we seek NOW. Tomorrow is here. We live in the consciousness of an aware and awakened Soul at this very moment, free from fear, surrounded in love. We live in the here and now from this moment forward, because this is the true reality. Future is illusion because it has yet to be. Past is illusion because it has already been. The only thing “real” is NOW. What you project now will determine your future. Embrace your light, become the beacon. Send love throughout the world and to the universe. It all comes back to you 1000-fold. Your mere presence helps to awaken others to this same truth. Ascension is NOW. Accept it and live within this truth. It is the reason that you are here, at this time in this place. It’s time to awaken. It’s time to become the light. May your bright light shine forth and touch all of those who cross your path.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

On the Threshold of Change

In my recent article entitled Understanding the Shift, I spoke of a heightened change of perceptual awareness coming to mankind through an evolution of consciousness, caused by a rise in the vibrational rate of existence to a higher density; a higher polarity. With it, an inevitable change is taking place. All of the many distant Utopian ideals that we dare not dream, but wish in our hearts of hearts to be, are beginning to find their way forward. But in order for this ultimate change to occur, there are other things that need to fall away. There must be a destructive phase before construction can occur. To put it another way, devolution must run its course before evolution can take place. It is the way of change. The old and outmoded forms of negative consciousness, attitudes, values and polarized interaction with our fellow Souls must end. We must begin to see ourselves as Divine connected sparks of the eternal, not as separate beings.

We are in the nadir, the final transitional low point of a cyclical change. It is that period where the last of the negative cycle of energy burns itself out to make way for a new Golden Age of enlightenment and Spiritual existence. A major reason for this inevitable outcome is that we as a collective consciousness are awakening to our true purpose and remembering why we are here in this particular place, at this particular time. We are exponentially becoming conscious beacons of love energy, changing the nature of vibratory polarity throughout our world and each other. We are creating the change that we seek by virtue of our thoughts and a collective will for love to light the way. It is important that we universally believe this to be true. Know that you have the power within you to make this change. We are now becoming conscious co-workers and light workers with Divine Source. Our mission and goal is to become a beacon of love energy everyday. We are on the threshold of change because we are making the change. It is occurring in concert with our conscious desire to become the shift that we seek.

Those that would try to keep this wave of change from occurring are fighting a losing battle. Through fear, divisiveness, intimidation and hate mongering, these forces have tried (and for millennia succeeded) to make us forget who we truly are. We have fed into this illusion because for far too long we knew no better. But now, the veil is lifting and we are collectively growing every day in expanded awareness. This growing enlightened consciousness cannot and will not be held back. It is like trying to hold a large and ever-expanding ball of air underwater by force. Its true nature is to rise to the top and find freedom. It may be temporarily held back, but it will eventually break its shackles and rise to its true origins. Our true nature is to find our way back home…to Source.

As our collective awareness and desire for change grows with every passing day, you may begin to see the changes taking place around you; signs that this quantum shift is happening. During this process, it is important that you continue to be conscious cause and not unwilling effect. Focus on the good that you see. Send love to the negative that you may encounter. We are all conscious catalysts for this new wave of spiritual enlightenment. Embrace your true purpose. Send waves of love all around you each day. Know that it is having a direct and positive impact on you and your surroundings. Yes, we are on the threshold of change, but it is occurring in direct proportion to our collective will to make it so. You are no longer the spectator; you are a conscious participant in your Spiritual evolution. May the wind be at your back.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Background Awareness

Not too long ago I did a blog article entitled Situational Awareness, which described the exercise and practice of a heightened awareness that came as an outgrowth of the refined and growing vibrational rate currently affecting our world at this time, and the resulting shift in enlightenment this higher vibration causes. In the article, I described how “…one of the most fundamental gifts of awakening is that we start to become more and more aware of ourselves, our true purpose, and the myriad of things that are going on around us, both from the most obvious to the most subtle and discreet. The veils of illusion begin to drop away and we are left with clear, discernable and unfettered understandings of life in all of its dimensions.” While this situational awareness is an essential component of an active and engaged consciousness, there is another, even more basic aspect of this conscious awakening that is well worth mentioning. This fundamental, root consciousness has been described by some as Background Awareness.

Background awareness can be thought of as your default setting. When you have chanted your mantra, completed your asanas and Qigong, when you have done your Tai-Chi, completed your affirmations and aligned all your chakras, when you are connected to the universe and are ready to begin your day, then what? Your background awareness is your balanced (or unbalanced depending on preparation) center. This was described in great detail in my earlier blog, The Hub of Your Wheel. As you go throughout your day and experience the lessons put there to teach you, where do you invariably go to in your thoughts, and more importantly, your overall countenance? If you are in the balanced state, your background awareness should be one of love and gratitude, the God-centered awareness. For many people however, it is wrought with fear, anxiety, and worry. This is unfortunate, because as I and so many others have imparted, you create your universe by virtue of what you think; the resulting manifestations caused by the consistency of your psychic energy center.

Another way of looking at this is where does your idle mind go when rote activities are occuring or when all activities have ceased? Again, whatever is at the center of your wheel is what will be your central subconscious state and what will invariably manifest in your life. To reiterate the balanced state, your background awareness should be one of love and gratitude, the God-centered awareness. Within the realm of this balanced awareness, your situational awareness is much keener and NOW focused, allowing you to function in your daily life fully engaged while remaining in a happy, content, present, and self-empowered state regardless of outward circumstances. A balanced center allows one to be ready for any and all obstacles, and even more importantly, to begin to develop an innate sense of things even before they occur. A balanced background awareness taps into Divine awareness that is unrestricted by linear space-time and polarized energy. It allows you to become the channel that you as a light worker need to be in order to become most effective in your daily work. It will come provided you do the daily work necessary.

Living a balanced life with love and gratitude as your focus goes a long way on your personal spiritual journey of enlightenment and the subsequent collateral benefits that come from your being a conscious light worker for Source. When in this pure state, just your mere presence brings blessings to whatever you are doing and whoever may be in your general sphere of influence. You needn’t say a word, just be. Background awareness shows up in your auric field of energy, which permeates in all directions. The question is, do you choose to be the cause or effect in your life. I hope you choose conscious cause. Vigilance is key; a balanced background awareness is the foundation. Practice makes perfect. May you build a solid foundation for each and every day.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gratitude: The Power of Thank You

There are no greater and more important words in the human vocabulary than thank you. In whatever language it may be uttered, it is an expression of gratitude that acknowledges the appreciation for not just doing, but also for being. It is an affirmation of value. More importantly, it is an extension of God-centered energy that allows for reciprocity of kindness and affection towards our fellow Souls. The power of thank you opens the heart and helps us to know that we matter to each other. The power of thank you validates self-worth and allows for personal healing and self-love. The power of thank you is the personified love of Source in action.

On this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I would like to personally extend my sincere thank you to each and everyone of you who have been a part of this spiritual grassroots effort known as the Awaken to One Alliance. Many heartfelt thanks to our current blog contributors Alex Marcoux and Hunt Henion for their thoughtful discourse and love centered messages of hope and enlightenment. We look forward to their continued contributions and to future contributors that will help to expand our spiritual horizons. Sincere thank you to our current and growing Ato1 allies who continue to provide important world-related topics, moral support and continued words of encouragement. Thank you for the many amazing lightworkers who have graced our pages with important spiritual content, helpful to all who investigate. It will continue to grow. Thank you to my expanding Twitter and Facebook friends. You never cease to amaze me with you insights and diverse information. Humble thanks to my wonderful family and friends who have provided me with so much love and enthusiastic support. You’re part of my eternal spiritual tribe : )

Most importantly…thank you, the many beautiful Souls that have been following our efforts for your support and words of encouragement. It means a lot. Thank you all for all that you do and for whom you are. Thank you for doing your part to make this world a better place. Thank you for recognizing that you are a part of the whole and for continuing to awaken to your true purpose with every passing day. As we grow, we will continue to provide you with thoughtful, thought provoking dialogue and spiritual insights to ponder and consider. But for now, I send you love and humbly wish you all a wonderful and heartfelt Thanksgiving. May it be filled with love and joy, and may you pass that love forward in all directions.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Law Of Attraction is Only the Beginning

There has been much discussion and shared insight over the last few years regarding the concept of the Law of Attraction. It is indeed a very powerful concept that once grasped, can and will serve any individual with the power and means to manifest anything they may want in life. Many books have been written on the subject and documentaries such as What the (bleep) Do We Know? and The Secret have provided an abundance of clarity into this most important aspect of our spirito-human experience. Intensive study has been devoted to this fundamental aspect of creational existence. I myself have covered the topic in some detail in my 3 part series, Understanding Belief.

With the abundance of documentation on this popular subject however, there are other more nuanced and supportive spiritual laws working hand-in-hand with this law of attraction that have not been given equal attention. It is these laws in tandem with the overarching law of attraction that can and will ensure success in any manifestational endeavor. This article is being devoted to identifying and understanding this supporting cast, which when combined with the overarching law can and will ensure much greater success. These other aspects consist of:

· The Law of Intention
· The Law of Allowance,
· Inertia (or pull-through)

So that we can provide a foundation for these new concepts, let’s review our understanding of the main law. The Law of Attraction can best be explained as the conscious or unconscious creation of thought patterns that dictate the manifestational reality in a person’s life. This can and often does occur whether an individual is aware of it or not. In other words, if there is something that you truly want or believe can happen, it will. In equal measure however, if you put a lot of attention and thought on the things that you don’t want (through worry), you’ll more than likely create that as well. The creational energy is neutral and does not care either way. If you focus your attention on it, the energetic resonance will work towards manifesting it.

This brings us to the second law (the first on our list) known as the Law of Intention. On the quantum level, pure energy can be thought of as potentiality. It is through intention, which has a direct correlation to desire, that this potentiality becomes directed towards manifestation or outcome. This law allows for the mechanics of the process to occur. The law of intention also states that whatever happens to us in life is created not so much by what we do, but why we are doing it. This law in large part reflects the type of energy you are projecting while trying to manifest the thing you want. In other words, it is the aspect of the manifestation that determines (for example) whether your energy is of noble intent, selfish intent, malicious intent, or otherwise. All of these intentions can and do manifest, but what type of energy is present can have a direct correlation to the degree and type of karma that will be generated when and if the manifestation is completed. Your intention is important because ultimately what happens to us in life is not necessarily determined by what we want but why we want it. Is it for the good of the whole, is it for a selfish or negative end? Understanding this principle can make a world of difference in the success or failure of what we create. This will in turn ultimately determine our true happiness or unhappiness. When intention is coupled with detachment, which can best be described as indifference to outcome, then we are working from a more spiritually centered, NOW focused perspective. This lends itself to the greatest possible energy flow and ultimately the perfect result (whatever perfect means). It is important to note that while our intention is focused on our goals, our attention should remain in the present moment, the now.

This moves us to the third law (second on our list) known as the Law of Allowance. This law is significant in the sense that if you are willing to receive good things in your life, you most certainly will receive them. The trick here though is that you must actually believe that you can truly receive them. This is not a fake it ‘til you make it exercise, but one that embodies true faith and belief. It has its direct bearing on your focus of attention and your belief that such a thing is possible. It can also to some degree draw a direct correlation to whether or not you feel worthy of that which you want. Worthiness is a double-edged sword that has sabotaged many a manifestational exercise. Know that you are worthy of it. When you have this level of clarity, you bring about the corresponding resonance energy that will in turn give you what you want. Then you can allow a thing to be and not get in the way of the manifestation. In other words, the law of allowance is the focus lens of the manifestation you are creating.

Lastly we come to Inertia, or pull-through. In one of Newton’s laws, he states that objects in motion tend to stay in motion and objects at rest tend to stay at rest. Within this aspect of manifestation is the importance of due diligence; doing what you need to do on a daily basis to allow the cosmic forces to best create the perfect conditions for what you want to out-picture in your life. A part of this has to do with your situational awareness as it relates to listening to the signs and opportunities that come your way. Your actions and activities are in motion, and this momentum tends to continue in motion moving you closer to your goals. A key ingredient in this momentum of inertia is your emotional enthusiasm about that which you want. It is important to become excited about and have enthusiasm for the things you are creating. See them in your minds eye; visualize the end game on a daily basis. Your emotional investment in the process can in many ways be considered the final pull-through necessary to bring a thing into physical manifestation.

This supporting cast of creational energies may not get the necessary notoriety that it deserves, but are in many respects the mortar and building blocks for creating the things you want in life. The law of attraction works whether you are aware of it or not, and these subtle aspects of the overarching law are being implemented in tandem. The question becomes, are you consciously manifesting what you want in the perfect way, or are you creating your personal universe by the whims and woes of a victim mentality, unaware that you are the creator? There are many ways to manifest a thing; some ways are more beneficial than others. By combining these other core aspects of the creation process in a conscious way, you ensure a much more effective and positive outcome, one created in the perfect way. You may not know what way that may be, but rest assured that the cosmic energy will make it perfect and for the good of the whole.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The 11:11 Quantum Peace Project

I'd like to make everyone aware of a very important and worthwhile project, ONE MINUTE FOR PEACE - The 11:11 Quantum Peace Project: Creating ripples of inner peace to create planetary peace. The idea behind it is quite simple. On November 11th at 11:11 am and pm, you should devote one minute of your time to sending out concentrated love energy to the world and all of its inhabitants. Additionally, using the synchronicity of 11:11, anytime that you see this number or a combination thereof, you should devote one minute to sending out love energy in all directions. The power of such a loving act on such a mass scale should not be underestimated. There is documented evidence showing how sustained positive group energy in a particular area during designated periods have had a noticeable impact on the surrounding environment.

I love this particular project because it so directly speaks to the motivation behind Awaken to One. Understand, "Awaken to One" is a verb; a call to action. This type of activity is absolutely consistent with this sentiment. I highly encourage all of you to partake in this wonderful worldwide effort and I hope you also adopt this practice on a daily basis. The more conscious and sustained positive energy that can be generated, the greater the exponential benefit the world will receive. Please go to the One Minute For Peace Facebook Page for more information. Remember, it only takes a minute. Do your part to save the world. Namaste.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

H1N1: The Developing Story

I had not intended to write this, as I was preparing to focus on a another topic entirely, but I wanted to follow-up on an earlier article I wrote entitled, H1N1: A Personal Perspective, which focused on my recent bout with the swine flu. In this update I wanted to share with you some information I've uncovered that I believe to be extremely important and essential for people to know about from the standpoint of being able to make an informed decision about one’s health and free will choices. I’ve come across a very compelling interview by a Dr. Teresa Forcades, a Public Health physician, who shares emperical evidence, scientific data, and contextual history regarding the efficacy of Type A flu, and provides a list of the irregularities related the current push to declare H1N1 a pandemic (Please click on links below - Parts 1 thru 6 for video). According to the Youtube source 1Alish, Dr. Forcades explains the consequences of the declaration of a pandemic, the political consequences from this declaration, and makes a proposal for everyone to keep calm. She calls for an urgent activation of all legal mechanisms and the participation of all citizens in this matter.

Please know that I would not make you aware of this information if I did not think it was worthy of your attention. Also, the sharing of this is in no way intended to evoke fear or worry on the part of the reader/viewer, but is intended to inform, and help people to be more aware of information not readily available to them through traditional media sources. I wrote an article some time ago on the subject of Situational Awareness, relating that part of awakening to our true selves as Soul also meant becoming aware of and seeing the outer circumstances we currently live in with different eyes. It is in that spirit that I share this with you. I hope you share it with others.

BELL TOLLING for the Swine Flu (CAMPANAS por la gripe A) Subtitled

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Understanding the Shift

We are at a very momentous and important period in our planet’s history and existence. An awakening of consciousness is taking place all around the world today, as we are collectively beginning to understand and realize who and what we truly are, and our literal connection to one another and the universe. With every passing day the illusions of limitation, divisiveness and separation are falling away. Even with the constant bombardment of negativity and ongoing attempts at polarization through fear and intimidation from forces that would try to keep this wave of spiritual energy at bay, the shift is occurring. The light is here to stay.

What is this shift? It is an awakening to our true identity. It is the light being switched on in each and every one of us to the conscious understanding of who and what we truly are. We are Soul, a divine spark of All That Is. We are eternal; we have always existed and we will always be. We inhabit a body, but this body is not who and what we are; it is merely a vehicle that we have been given to have mobility and experience on this physical plane of existence. We have been here many times before, in many different incarnations over millennia and have gained exceptional insights through our collective experience. We are the sum total of all of our experiences. This shift occurring is the lifting of the veil of what could be called spiritual amnesia, placed over each and every one of us so as to gain experience in lower world existence.

The shift is in fact a multi-dimensional transition, an increase in the vibratory rate of current existence from 3rd density into 4th (and for some, 5th) density reality. This rise in our vibrational level brings with it an inevitable trigger of awakened consciousness and enlightenment for all who accept the change. I say “accept” because free will dictates that this transition is one of choice. We must all individually and collectively make a knowing choice as to whether or not we will embrace the love inherent in Divine enlightenment or continue to accept the status-quo consciousness of divisiveness, fear and the limited dense and negatively charged polarity that has plagued us for so long.

What I am talking about here are polarities of energy. Understand that everything is energy. When we break down our fundamental state of existence to the quantum level, it is all energy; it is all consciousness. These energies come in unlimited vibratory rates; polarities. We have for quite some time now lived in a crude and dense 3rd dimensional energy center. Within 3rd density, there are some forms of consciousness that have chosen to thrive here. Rather than embrace the light, they prefer this denser, more negatively charged form of energy and consciousness. It is for this reason that I say you have a choice. To embrace the dense, negative polarity means to reject the enlightenment that Spiritual evolution into 4th and higher density reality brings. Inevitably all will flow back to Source, but spiritual free will mandates that this occur only when Soul is ready.

So how do we accept this shift? We do so simply by embracing the love that is inherent in each and every one of us. It is the Divine seed placed in all of us from the moment of our beginning. We are divine sparks of the Creator, endowed with all of the qualities therein. We are the microcosm of the macrocosm. The driving force behind our very existence is one based on love. As we embrace this divine energy and realize the oneness between us and all that exists, enlightenment becomes inevitable. We should also ask for help and guidance within. However you choose to express your higher power, ask for inner assistance and guidance in helping you move forward, both inwardly and outwardly in the process of conscious enlightenment. Answers will come to you. Connections will be made through both inner and outer channels as well as synchronicity with like-minded Souls ready to engage in spiritual dialogue and discourse. Be ready for these opportunities when they are presented to you.

As this rise in vibrational reality occurs, it will be important to monitor your thoughts. Remember, thoughts are things. Thoughts have the ability to think, and their primary mission is to manifest what you project. So mental discipline will become even more important as we make this transition, because our ability to manifest and out-picture the things in our lives (whether we are consciously aware or not) will occur with much greater speed and proficiency. As such, our choice to embrace the love and reject the fear becomes ever more important, because you ultimately reap what you sow.

As we evolve spiritually during this shift, one very important aspect of this enlightenment process is the realization that all that you have ever needed to know has always been with you. You begin to discover that your task has not been to learn anything, but merely to remember what you already know. All truth is within you now. Your task of enlightenment is to awaken to it and bring it all back into conscious recognition and action. To coin a phrase from the movie DUNE, “The sleeper must awaken.” The shift becomes a change in perspective, perception and awareness, for it is all about expanding consciousness.

We are all in the midst of a spiritual evolution. Within this shift will come a change in behavior from divisiveness to connectedness and oneness. We know we can no longer continue to do the same things we’ve been doing to our world and each other, and expect different outcomes. This is absolute insanity. We all, each and every one of us, have a choice to make. Do we accept this change occurring within each of us or do we fall victim to the status quo traps built into the illusion of negativity and fear? I urge you to accept the love. It starts with one person. That person shares their truth with another, and then another. The sparks are lit, and eventually the love changes from a spark to a wildfire and becomes a spiritual movement. It is already happening. This movement is already taking place worldwide. It is not a hierarchical movement, but one based on a recognition of oneness with all people and an urgent need to love and help each other, and save the planet and its resources. We can no longer be spectators in our evolution. We must now be full participants in this process. It starts with a conscious shift within, a conscious choice to uplift and change. This is not a religious movement, it is a spiritual awakening. It transcends all theologies and belief systems. It is a direct reconnection with Source. Make the choice, embrace the love, become the shift.

Friday, October 30, 2009


We are so very please to anounce that at long last, the Awaken to One Alliance Website is up and running. You can see what we're up to by going to (don't forget to bookmark it). The website is still a work in progress, but we're far enough along that I didn't want to wait for the paint to dry. I'm very excited to share this with everyone, and I hope that you take the time to check it out and let others know we're around. Also, as I had mentioned in an earlier blog entry entitled Mission Imperative, we welcome any and all assistance from the many lightworkers and awakened souls who are coming online spiritually to their true identity and purpose. If you would like to write articles, become a regular blog contributor, display artwork, share music and videos, or simply pass along interesting information you would like us to share with others, please feel free to do so by e-mailing us at

In addition to our website, we are pleased and proud to present our new music video entitled "One" - The Awaken to One Video. It can be found on Youtube as well as our Awaken to One website (podcast and videos page). Please pass it on. We hope that you find both the video and website of value and share it with as many people as you can. In case you weren't already aware, we are also on twitter ( and Facebook. Please send us an e-mail and let us know what you think. This website and Awaken to One effort is for you, about you, and with you. We can't do it alone and your input and contributions are what will make this a success. Thank you and may you all be surrounded in Divine love.



Sunday, October 25, 2009

Keep the Focus on the Goal

The movement and momentum towards enlightened consciousness on a mass scale continues. The old paradigm of fear-based thinking is falling away and a new more love-centric, connected awareness is flowing through more and more awakened Souls with every passing day. In addition, our collective ability to create our own realities through the laws of attraction is occurring with much greater fluidity. With it, directed energies of personal manifestation and creation are taking place at a much faster rate, allowing people to see more and more the cause and affect relationship of their thoughts becoming things. This growing transition caused by the continual vibratory increase from 3rd to 4th and higher density brings with it a much more heightened awareness of conscious intention. It also brings with it great responsibility. I have spoken many times about the importance of practicing mental discipline towards the things we think and attitudes we hold. As we ascend into the higher vibrations of creational energy, our increased ability to manifest things in our lives whether desired or not, becomes more prevalent. For this reason, it is essential that we all consciously adopt the practice of keeping our focus on the goal, and not the problem.

As mentioned before, thoughts are things. They project out into the ethers connecting to similar vibrations, soon returning to us for the sole purpose of providing opportunity. On an individual basis this is important to understand because of a habitual tendency by many to fixate on worry and fear. When we constantly worry about something we are giving energy to that worry. In essence, we are helping to manifest the very thing that we do not want. Understand that manifestational energy is a neutral force. It does not matter what directive we give it. Its only intention is to manifest what we project. So in essence, if we focus on the problem, we give energy to that problem. Better to focus on the goal or solution to the problem (or challenge), without concerning yourself with the micro-managed details of how this solution will come about. Remember, you do not know enough, but Source is omniscient and able to connect the dots in ways that you would never have even contemplated. By keeping ones focus on the goal, it ensures that the directional energy is going towards positive intent and outcome. This is how miracles happen everyday.

As this illustration is important from an individual perspective, even more important is the consideration of this projection of energy from a mass consciousness point of view. As I have said before, we are all connected; we are all One. As such, we not only create things from an individual perspective, but also from a mass consciousness perspective. If we accept hate and anger on a mass scale as our focus of attention, this energy is magnified on an exponential level and the out-pictured result is often one of mass pain and suffering. If we are fed a continual diet of fear, such as what many people have been dealing with in these challenging economic, militaristic, and environmental times, this energy can become a self-perpetuating cycle of anguish and despair. But we do have a choice. Remember this well; the greatest power that you wield is the power to decide what it is you choose to place your attention on. So we have a definitive choice moving forward, regardless of what outside circumstances might try to project on us. We can either choose to continue living in a victim’s mentality where we have no control of our fate or destiny, or we can choose to hold love and abundance in our hearts and minds, not knowing exactly how it will manifest, but knowing that by virtue of the laws of attraction, if you focus your attention on it, it has to manifest. This is the consciousness of the enlightened Soul. Love is at the center of the heart.

As we continue to exercise this awareness, it is equally important to understand how we should frame our manifestations. A perfect example of this is a quote given by Mother Teresa, where she talked about participating in anti-war efforts. She said, "I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there." Notice the juxtaposition of the phrase “anti-war” vs. “pro-peace”. This is an incredibly important nuanced shift in perspective. Anti-war focuses on the problem, pro-peace focuses on the goal. Another more amusing version of this same perspective comes from the late comedian George Carlin when he said, "Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity." You get the point.

So we individually and collectively hold the key to our fate. This key is in our minds and in our hearts. It is in our conscious awareness and awakening to who and what we are as Soul, and with it a conscious decision to no longer accept fear as our focus, but embrace love for the world and all of its inhabitance. I would urge each and every one of you reading this to practice becoming a beacon of love energy on a daily basis; to practice abundance in your life regardless of outer conditions; to practice sending love into the world and in all directions, touching everything and everyone. If more and more people consciously exercise this Divine power within each of us, we can collectively change the world from the inside out. Now more than ever is the time that we put this energy in motion. With the growing intensity of dimensional energy at our disposal, the changes will become swift and noticeable. It is happening already but we need more and more conscious Souls to exercise this love energy everyday. By doing so, we become a part of the solution, and no longer a part of the problem. Keep the focus on the goal. Be the solution.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Download

I’ve been noticing for a while now that when it’s time for bed, regardless of when I might go to sleep for the night I seem to wake up at specific periods of the early morning, usually anywhere between 3:30 and 5:30 am (no, it’s not to go to the bathroom…not always). This wake-up period seems to usually be accompanied by a highly charged mental state where my mind is ripe and ready to receive important insights and information germane to something I might be encountering for that day, or a new awareness of things I’ve been pondering for some time; answers to questions I might have been struggling with. Very often, this awakened state is followed by my falling back to sleep and experiencing a vivid dream that brings with it other important information and/or resolutions to issues I‘ve been dealing with. I often wake up with a mental to-do list; spiritual tasks that need to be addressed for that day, disciplines to be performed as a part of my ongoing personal and spiritual mission. If you can relate to anything I’m describing here or are going through a similar kind of scenario, you are experiencing none other than the Download.

The download is a very special period when we are keenly receptive and open to important and sometimes prophetic insights specific to our particular level of awareness and state of consciousness. In many ways it could be consider a wonderful gift; one that should not be taken for granted and should definitely be leveraged to the fullest extent. I initially found myself quite annoyed at this inner alarm going off in my head every morning, almost with clockwork precision, but I have now come to both expect it and even look forward to it, for I know that in many ways it is my personal private time with Source. It is my opportunity to both share intimate love with my Creator and receive marching orders as a conscious co-worker to what I need to be doing for that day and beyond.

We are all going through this download whether we are aware of it or not, especially during this intensive period of spiritual transition. This phenomenon is becoming that much more apparent as increasing numbers of Souls who have chosen to incarnate into this particular reality, at this important period of time are waking up to the full and conscious recognition of why they’re here; to become conscious Lightworkers. As more and more people begin receiving their respective wake up call, not just for that morning’s download, but to a conscious recognition as to why they are here in the first place, The tasks at hand become that much clearer, the need to do their part in preparation for the changes to come.

For those of you who resonate with what I’m describing, in a covert sort of way, you might consider yourselves as a part of a spiritual sleeper cell, waking up to your true purpose, to your true mission. As I spoke of in my earlier blog article, Mission Imperative, “…Your mission (should you decide to accept it) is to switch on your internal light and awaken to a clear understanding of who and what you are, Soul. You are then given the important task of helping to inform as many un-awakened Souls as possible to their true identity and assist them in turning on their Spiritual lights. In doing so, we will be able to help each other radiate the fullness of God’s love throughout the entire world.” The download is an important means to that end. It’s pretty cool when you think about it. It is within this context that all of the information and recognition of self and spiritual purpose become clear.

It is probably worth mentioning here that when you become consciously aware of what is taking place during this process, it becomes very important that you do everything in your power to make yourself more receptive to this wonderful gift. A lot of this preparation has to do with how you process the mass of information and stimuli that you had taken in from the previous day. Also, it is important how you spiritually prepare for your night of sleep. In most cases, our sleep cycle begins in the form of what is called a “cleansing dream”; a processing and resolving stimuli brought about by either the day’s activities, or even the last TV show you may have look at before going to bed. This conflict resolution dream period is designed to prepare you for more fluid (R.E.M.) dream state experiences that in many cases are not dreams at all, but your ongoing conscious activity on the other side of physical reality. I’m not going to go into a dialogue of dream analysis here, but I will ask you to ponder dreams that you may have had in the past. Those dreams that are less dream like and more like a feeling of actual waking experience are most likely the nightly goings on of you in different dimensions. Our ability to remember what we experience is important in allowing us to have more control and conscious awareness while in these respective dimensions. A dream journal can be very helpful in these instances. It is after all of this occurs, however, that the phenomenon of waking up with a clear mind and becoming aware of high energy stimuli coming from a very high source into your conscious awareness is what I’m actually talking about in this writing.

Sometimes your best ideas come during this period. I know for myself as a musician, some of my best musical compositions have come to me during this time. My struggle, more than anything else, is to get up and either write them down or record them vocally when I have my digital recorder next to my bed. This is all a part of the phenomenon of the spiritual download. If you are serious about examining this occurrence within your own experience, I would recommend a few things:

1. Do some kind of spiritual exercise before going to bed. This will put you in balance and allow your vibrational rate to already be in a good place, free from negativity and baggage from the day’s experience.
2. Keep a journal or tape recorder by your bed. Record your experiences and insights on an ongoing basis.
3. Become aware of your daily experiences from a more spiritual perspective. Are there any waking spiritual experiences that coincide with your nightly dreams or waking download state during the course of your day? What is the spiritual significance of experiences that you’re going through? Are patterns emerging that you should be aware of? Etc.
4. Review your journal regularly to identify any patterns that relate to your ongoing spiritual insights and experiences.

That’s about all for now. The main purpose of this article is for you to become consciously aware that the download exists. It is designed for your benefit and is truly a gift. I like sleep as much as the next person, but when Source calls, you must answer. Please have pen and paper ready. Good night to you all.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Am Your Chalice

Resonance, vibration, healing light of divine origin,

flow through me with the love of Source.

Give me strength and give me health.

Let me serve as a conscious channel for your precious wisdom and love.

I am a vessel.

I am a chalice.

You do for me by sending your love through me.

There is no beginning, no end.

I am your vessel.

I am your chalice.

Let me resonate your awesome love out into the universe. It begins anew.

I feel your love everyday guiding me, guarding and protecting me.

You give me everything I need.

I have always existed to channel you.

Ours is the love of Source.

Friday, October 9, 2009

H1N1: A Personal Perspective

I’ve been off the grid, out of commission for the past several days now. As some of my friends and colleagues have jokingly put it, the pig got me. I’ve contracted the swine flu. I’ve got to tell you at the outset that this is one nasty little bug. Unlike other flues that I’ve picked up over my lifetime, this one hits quickly and tends to linger, rendering you insanely weak, dizzy and somewhat immobile. I’m a pretty healthy guy; I exercise regularly, eat right and have no serious vices to speak of, so I have a very strong constitution. But when this thing hit, it came on quickly and didn’t waste much time establishing a beachhead in my body. The war was on.

My life has been a very spiritual one since I was a child, and throughout the course of it I have been provided with many tools to help keep me living a healthy and balanced life. This illness has caused me to bring many of these tools to bear. Aside from OTC remedies that only mask the symptoms, I have been exercising and implementing intensive inner spiritual tools and methods such as healing light and the raising of my vibrational rate through deep meditation. I’ve also invoked hardcore external techniques such as raising my core body temperature by covering myself in blankets and literally sweating the thing out. It has been a struggle, and I don’t recommend this course of action for everyone, but I seem to have gotten over the worst of it, and now I’m in purge mode getting this bug out of my system. As an observer, I’ve been amazed at how weak this has made me physically, and how difficult it was to breath for a time. The key in dealing with this disease is not to panic, make sure you realize and remember that you are not your body and what you are doing is healing the machine, don’t feed into any fear mindsets and do the things you know you need to do like drinking plenty of fluids, getting plenty of rest and focusing on the healing breath. Also, know that it will pass.

My only real concern in all of this is that I may have unwittingly exposed my family and friends to this awful virus during the course of my interactions before I knew I got hit myself. My family and friends have been notified, and I have told them all to monitor any symptoms carefully. I’ve also told them to not go into hypochondriac mode, but to just see how they feel. Chances are if they haven’t felt anything up to now, they didn’t get it. I’ve been in self-imposed quarantine for the last few days now, and only today have I had enough strength to write this article.

As I have always stated, everything is spiritual. One of the spiritual lessons that I am gleaning from this experience is how very important daily meditation is for both the mind-body connection and for balanced health in general. It is very important to keep that inner and outer flow of energy in pristine condition at all times so that when a challenge is encountered, you have the ready reserves and means to handle it and can move through the process without any major problems. We are all a powerhouse of potential spiritual energy and need only to tap into it when necessary to protect ourselves from any external or internal threats. Stay vigilant. Do your spiritual work daily. Practice good health; eat right and exercise. Practice meditation and healthy breathing techniques. These all go under the heading of preventive maintenance. Even under the best of circumstances, you can still get hit with a nasty little bug like H1N1, but know that you have both the traditional and spiritual tools at the ready to fight such an intruder.

I make no recommendations one way or another to those considering whether or not to take the swine flu vaccine. That is a personal choice and I will leave it to each of you to decide for yourself. What I will say is to follow your gut instinct. If it feels right for you to do so, then fine. If not, you have to make that choice. For me, the combination of common sense health practices and inner spiritual energy infusion seems to be having a very pronounced and positive effect. I did see my Doctor who confirmed what the bug was, and the regimen that I followed was pretty consistent with what was recommended; the inner work was a given. Anyway, that’s what is going on for now. I’ll touch base with you later with some final thoughts on this, once it is completely purged out of my system. Until then, stay strong and stay connected. Peace and Love.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Intergalactic Spirituality

This article comes with a great deal of forethought and contemplation, for it is a subject that brings with it a high degree of controversy, not to mention outright denial by much of the general public. Recent events however, have made it abundantly clear that it is now time to begin accepting the truth of this phenomenon, and in the spirit of NPT, New Paradigm Thinking, start making this a common part of our ongoing and growing spiritual dialogue.

With that as a precursor, I’m going to talk about something that might be considered quite daring -- life in the universe. I’m going to discuss the growing documented reality of unidentified flying objects, the many sightings around the globe, and how this and so much of what is taking place in our world today is directly related to the ongoing shift in spiritual evolution I’ve spoken so many times about. If you’ve read any of my earlier articles (and I humbly encourage you to do so), you’ll know that I’m not averse to taking on controversial topics. You see, we are in a time and place now where truth will be revealed with such incredible frequency and clarity that a mass shift in consciousness is inevitable. You will no longer be able to put your head in the sand and deny what is. Because of this, I have no concern over any compromise in credibility.

The truth is, we’re moving beyond that now. We are at a growing and momentous time in this expanding spiritual growth period that simply requires us to no longer accept the limited status-quo thinking and suppression of evidence that has plagued us for so long. We must now begin living from the standpoint of full awareness, demand full disclosure, and fully recognize the growing escalation of incidents taking place in this world everyday. One such phenomena is crop circles (see crop circles video). This consists of large geometric circles, shapes, symbols, and other patterns left in crop fields that show amazing degrees of mathematical precision and in many cases provide important coded messages for the planet. Crop circles have been reported widely in England, Europe and the United States for many years now. Many experts have been able to discern much of what is being shared in this information and these realizations are compelling to say the least.

Also appearing with growing frequency are sightings of UFOs and USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects). More and more countries are providing full disclosure on confirmed visual sighting evidence around the world. One such example of this is the 1996 sighting in Israel seen by hundreds of people over several days. Another more recent sighting took place just last month, September 20th, 2009 when over China, hundreds of people witnessed a silvery disc shaped flying saucer zigzag for a while and then shoot off at an amazing speed. A student managed to capture the UFO on a cell phone camera, and the event has received massive media coverage reported in all major Chinese media outlets.

It was Carl Sagan who coined the phrase, “The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.” But the reality is that there is so much empirical evidence confirming the existence of UFOs now that there is no more excuse to try and refute its veracity. For far too long, most of the evidence has been historically suppressed by the mainstream media, government, and naysayers who have continued to discount the many thousands of sightings around the world as nothing more than mass psychosis or swamp gas. This no longer holds water. Why this information is continually being suppressed is not something I will delve into here, because we are entering a new phase in this phenomenon when soon enough the lid will be blown off any and all cover-ups. More and more individuals who have been in the inner circles of government and the military have come forward and are coming forward with amazing revelations, insights and evidence, and the walls of suppression and secrecy are quickly coming down.

So, do UFOs exist? YES. Is there other life in the universe? Emphatically YES, with absolute certainty, and in abundance. Are we being visited by extra terrestrial beings? Without question yes, with great regularity and for many centuries. Are these sightings occurring with greater frequency? Absolutely, and will continue to occur with the expressed purpose of revealing the truth to the masses. The question becomes, what does all of this escalating activity mean?

The escalation of UFO activities during the last 70 years draws a direct parallel to the growing convergence of spiritual evolutionary consciousness. This is no coincidence. What is important to consider in all of this is that as we begin to realize the significance and magnitude of our true spiritual identity, that we are Soul, an eternal spark of God awareness, we begin to understand that the vast expanse of our home galaxy and expanding universe has been shared since the beginning of time with evolved Souls who are in fact our celestial brothers and sisters. These entities were once where we currently are in consciousness, but have evolved spiritually and have been monitoring our development for centuries. Understand that these extra-terrestrial beings are Souls just like you and I (no different, no better), except that by virtue of an evolutionary head start, going back millions of years, they have advanced technologically, and in most cases spiritually. What is important to realize here is that we are moving forward on a similar evolutionary track as many of them did, and by virtue of the time we are now in (transitioning from 3rd to 4th density reality), the time for connectedness and reconnection with our galactic spiritual community is close at hand.

As mentioned before, we have been interacting with extra-terrestrial beings since time-immemorial. There are many schools of thought, which have related that much of our history has been revised to cover up the true alien/human relationship that has been going on throughout history. Why the revisions? One thing to understand in this equation is that while living in the world of duality, which is in fact polarities of energy, there is enlightened E.T. consciousness as well as regressive E.T. consciousness. The latter consciousness has as its motivation and life purpose to dominate, suppress and control, and to a great extent this has been the foundational condition that earth has for centuries lived under (Star Trek’s “Prime Directive” has not existed here).

The overarching importance in all of this is the realization that we are and have been for centuries bit players in an ongoing spiritual struggle between negative regressive forces and positive evolutionary forces attempting to help us move to the next level of spiritual unfoldment. We are now entering a pivotal crossroads in this process and it is essential that we as a species make a choice, now, as to where we want our world consciousness to go.

What we must remember and understand in all of this is that everything is spiritual; that there is nothing in existence that is not spiritual in nature. Within this construct, the multiverse of existence brings with it an endless diversity of unbelievable life and evolving consciousness. This consciousness takes on a myriad of forms and expression. We are but one in a multitude of creative life expressions. We are a part of an abundant galactic spiritual community. Benevolent and evolved members of this community so very much want to re-acquaint and re-connect themselves with us, and we are entering into a pivotal period in our existence when this will finally come to pass. We are moving out of the dark era of our reality and into the light of a new Golden Age. With it will come amazing discoveries and revelations about life in the universe and our true purpose in it. Most importantly, we will soon know that we are a part of a much greater and incredible spiritual community that wants nothing more than to embrace us again and help to make us whole.

There are still a number of steps we need to take before this momentous time comes, and there will be some rough roads and tough choices ahead that we will need to get through before this period occurs, but we are well on our way to experiencing this wonderment. Just stay the course, continue to connect with your higher self, embrace the love and reject the fear, send loving energy through your body to the world and the universe, and allow yourself to evolve spiritually. The rest will take care of itself. This is our time now; this is our spiritual birthright. It is time to accept the realities that are making themselves known all around us, and trust your inner guidance to allow yourself to discern truth from lie. We will be talking much more about this and other related topics as we move closer and closer to the new day dawning. Good journey and much love to you all.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

NPT (New Paradigm Thinking)

The change is upon us. The shift is happening as we speak, from divisiveness and separation, to spiritual solidarity and connectedness. Despite the outward signs and negative stimulus of economic strife, world political tensions, and environmental upheavals, evolution of consciousness is happening on a mass scale. With this new transition into a more spiritually enlightened consciousness is a greater sense of self, a deeper connection to Source energy, and a conscious willingness to embrace love and reject hatred and fear. But this transition of spiritual convergence is a process, and there are opposite polarities of energy that are trying its best to hold this wave of enlightenment at bay. They will not succeed. Nonetheless, vigilance is the operative word for those who are now turning on the enlightenment switch; making the transition from fear to love, and awakening to their own Divinity and spiritual purpose. Here and now it is vitally important that our intent be felt, our energies become merged, and our voices be heard. Within this context is the need to adopt a new and more spiritually refined outlook on our destiny, knowing that we control our fate by virtue of what we think and what we feel, not to mention what we do. This is as true for a collective mass consciousness as it is for an individual consciousness, perhaps even more so. With it, we must begin to adopt what could respectfully be called NPT, or New Paradigm Thinking.

To best understand what NPT is, it may first be helpful to outline our current way of thinking and being; what might be termed OPT, or Old Paradigm Thinking. From this Machiavellian mindset comes accepted concepts and practices such as:


…and so many more examples not listed, but you get the idea. These types of attitudes and actions have often times been accepted as standard corporate practice, rationalized by the overworked phrase, “Nothing personal…It’s only business.” OPT has us accepting dysfunctional behavior as normalcy. Where honor and honesty, doing right by our neighbor and looking out for one another used to be attributes that were common in community, we are now being bombarded with a strong sense of guardedness and distrust towards our fellow human beings, adopting the roles of either victim or aggressor. Our psyche is being bombarded on a daily basis with tabloid journalism, political hate speech, and reality television with consistent themes of trickery, deceit, and doing in one’s opponent (and even teammate) in order to win the prize. Rude behavior and deteriorating public decorum are running rampant (e.g. Rep. Joe Wilson’s “You Lie!” outburst during President Obama’s address to Congress, Kanye West’s tirade towards Taylor Swift at the MTV awards, etc.), and an imbalanced sense of entitlement among many seem to create aggressive behavior that finds its center in Service to Self, rather than Service to Others.

These are but a few of the qualities that have been adopted within much of society’s current mindset and actions. In truth it is a manipulation of our core spiritual nature on an unbelievable scale; a system set up to derail us from our true course through treachery and negative conditioning, and looks to hold people in psychological bondage by those who would want to control us. Over millennia, we as a world consciousness have been exploited, coerced and tricked into thinking that this is simply the way things are; that this is the norm, when in fact it is super-imposed illusion. Those that are able to rise above the psycho-spiritual fray and reject these negative notions are often looked upon with great inspiration, awe and reverence, for their achievements are so out of the norm that they serve as inspiration for others. In fact, this should be the norm. Know that these same enlightened Souls are considered a threat to those who would seek to maintain and regulate the status-quo. Nonetheless, this new wave of enlightenment is occurring with increasing strength, urgency and purpose, and it is up to each and every one of us coming online spiritually to do our respective part in spreading this wave of love forward to a critical mass. It is what people yearn for, but are simply unsure how to get to. It is the growing seed of the New Paradigm Thinking.

How does one get there (here)? It starts with a simple declaration within, asking for inner help and enlightenment to know one’s self; to begin to accept the nature of our true identity as Soul. It takes a conscious leap of faith to understand and accept that you are not your body, that you are eternal, and that you are a part of the whole of existence, interconnected and Godlike. It then takes an inner request to help you help yourself in realizing the true magnitude of your spiritual being, stepping out of your limited shell of illusion into a truly dynamic realization that you are a spark of love energy, created by Source. Once you open yourself to this wave of love, simply allow the flood of insight and understanding to come to you, to flow through you. There is no need to fear, for this process is the greatest expression of Divine love there is, and Source is waiting for the opportunity. When the flow begins, the many veils of spiritual amnesia will begin to be lifted, and you will start to realize that it was never a question of having to learn anything, but simply remembering everything. It is a wonderful process, but you must take the first step; you must make the inner request. Upon allowing yourself to experience this love energy, you should next make the inner request to begin surrounding yourself with others that are having the same experience. Don’t worry about trying to find them, Spirit will provide the introductions. Just allow it to happen. When you do, talk with them, share your insights and ask questions. You don’t have to force any notions upon anyone. You simply have to become the truth unfolding. Like a wildfire your light will ignite others. When you live your spirituality and become a beacon of love energy, very often that energy alone can become a beacon of light for others to awaken. It is truly an amazing experience when you become more consciously aware of things. This is the first step of the final leg of your spiritual journey, a journey out of illusion and into complete cosmic consciousness and awareness.

Be prepared to allow old notions of spirituality and religious belief to fall away (If it doesn’t fit, you must forget). You will simply not need them anymore, for they will be replaced with a growing conscious recognition and understanding of universal Spiritual truth. From there, it becomes important to practice this newfound freedom and understanding on a daily basis by accepting and sending unconditional love throughout your surroundings and into the world. You will understand and realize that you are tapping into an unlimited source of Divine energy. It will never run out. Also, your conscious outflow will help to heal others around you.

More and more, your awakening will bring with it a clear understanding of the ideals and qualities of NPT; notions of trust, honesty, nobility, spiritual connectedness and working for the good of the whole as well as healing our planet. These notions that have been so terribly distorted as to be considered signs of weakness, when in fact they are some of the greatest core strengths that the universe possess. Many an old Utopian ideal needs to be dusted off and given another look. They are ideals that are achievable, but only when we are able to make this all important shift.

Critical mass is what we are striving for here, for this is a wave that will not be halted. In your own quiet way, become that conscious beacon of love energy and allow yourself to be a Divine vessel of Spiritual change. It is what we came into this incarnation to do. I’m simply reminding you of it now. When we reach this all-important threshold, amazing things will begin to occur, both from a physical perspective in terms of abilities as well as a multi-dimensional perspective in terms of our conscious awareness. Within this new paradigm will also come a reunion of sorts; an inter-galactic reconnection with our Spiritual neighbors, all of whom have been waiting patiently for us to awaken to our true selves in order to become a conscious part of a much greater community (…more on this later.) Just know that this is our time, and it is time for all of us to step up and be heard. You are more than a human being; more than a human doing; you are a human becoming. Allow yourself to become.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Spirituality and the Economy

We’re living in troubled times right now. As optimistic a picture as many experts, pundits, and governmental officials are trying to paint our current situation, the road ahead looks to be a long, tough, and arduous one. Economic indicators such as escalating unemployment wavering between 9% and 11% nationwide, growing inflation, the slow turnaround in the housing market with some banks only approving 7% of eligible home refinances, plus volatile world currency indicators all seem to bare this out. Instability is going to be our close companion for many days to come. For me, all of this points to a very basic and fundamental need to shift our attitude and level of understanding and acceptance away from that of dependency (waiting for external bailouts and social/governmental handouts) and more towards self-sufficiency. The truth is, the cavalry will not be coming around the corner any time soon, so we have to start taking greater responsibility for ourselves and others. As such, we are being incrementally forced out of our comfort zones, and we now need to really begin thinking more about how to take care of each other in a much more focused, basic, self-supportive, family oriented and community-centric way.

The signs of this basic change in attitude are happening all around us already. More people are taking up the practice of home gardening, growing backyard crops and storing them properly for later use, saving seeds for the next planting season, and supporting local agriculture. More and more local co-ops and farmers markets are springing up in places where such concepts were not even considered years ago. Community farming areas are becoming much more popular and people, even in urban areas, are starting to till the soil for the first time.

In addition, old concepts such as consignment and lay-away are becoming popular again. With growing job layoffs and diminishing financial liquidity, people are becoming more creative with one another, offering barter in the form of goods for goods, and/or services/sweat equity for supplies and assistance in things that are necessary for personal and family sustenance and survival. People are learning to take better care of the things they own, holding on to items longer to get greater use before disposing of them, or simply learning to do without. More people are doing DIY (do-it-yourself) projects and calling upon the help of their neighbor to assist when necessary, knowing that they will return the favor in kind. Many more people are beginning to explore the outdoors, getting back to nature through camping, learning more about their natural surroundings and how to survive within them. This is a very good thing. I myself love camping and share this love with members of my family whenever possible. With rising, unsustainable healthcare costs, less people are insured. More are focusing their health maintenance on more natural, holistic and/or homeopathic approaches. Many are practicing preventive maintenance through better diet and more exercise. People are biking more. For better or worse, people are adapting as best they can to deteriorating economic and social conditions. They are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. One thing that has allowed our species to survive for so long is our ability to adapt to change. This is a key and vital characteristic for all living creatures who have evolved and prospered throughout millennia. Those that do not adapt to change will eventually fail to survive it. This is just a fundamental law of nature.

Having presented such a disheartening scenario, you may ask what is the spiritual significance of all of this? The significance is quite simple, yet so important. We are all at a very momentous crossroads in our respective spiritual journey. A convergence of forces have all brought us to this very important place, where we must now decide whether, as a species, as a world, and as Soul we flounder in a sea of fear and hopelessness moving deeper towards our base regressive animal nature, or choose to ride the wave of spiritual growth and awareness to a more evolved, loving and caring state of consciousness where we realize we are all one; where we control our destiny, we control our fate. This is an opportunity to change the world in such a critical way (to take it back), realizing that deprivation and limitation are all illusion; that there is enough. We now have the opportunity to make a conscious change in how we view one another, realizing that we are all connected by the chords of Divine love that keep us all together.

Yes, there is a need for great concern and action, but that need must be looked upon as an opportunity to not accept the current scenario any further and rise up. We decide our future and our fate, not something outside of us. When we begin to live from the standpoint of love for one another, we can collectively begin to help each other move through this period together, as one voice, as one consciousness. Despite what the external signs may be fooling us to perceive, we do have a choice. There is enough; there is abundance, but we must begin to shift our attitudes and consciousness away from the selfish, self serving ways of the past to a more inclusive and loving coexistence with our brothers and sisters in this world. The truth is that the majority of people on this planet want exactly what I’m talking about; they yearn for it. It has simply been denied them through coercion and fear.

So we can overcome this, we can get through this. The important thing to continuously ask yourself throughout this ordeal is what are the lessons and how do we turn them to our advantage? As more and more awakened Souls come online and express Divine love for one another, the energy will change. The barriers will fall; it is inevitable. Use this time of perceived struggle as an opportunity for growth. Pursue your passion. Be creative in the things you do. Connect with your higher self for answers and insight. Begin to exercise your spiritual solidarity regardless of theology or belief system. When you see someone in need, help him/her; you’ll be helping yourself in the process. As the song goes “Lean on Me, when you’re not strong…” Hang in there everybody, for this too shall pass, and we will be in a wonderful new place very soon. That is, if we collectively choose to do so.