Sunday, April 5, 2009

Realign Your God Settings (Part I)

Ponder this concept for a bit; we are all Divine Sparks of God essence sent down into the lower spiritual worlds for the express purpose of gaining experience and remembering who and what we are as Soul in order to make the journey back home to our Divine origins of Source energy, or God. In this journey we are given everything we need to successfully make the trek back and forth, including the super-sensory tools of cognition, perception, intuition, creativity, manifestation, and an inner awareness and connective wiring that allows us the ability to both communicate and travel at-will into the inner worlds. The problem is, we forgot. In our multiple cycles of life, death and reincarnation, we begin to remember little by little the tools at our disposal, testing them incrementally until we come to a milestone of spiritual awareness where we actually understand what this whole trip is all about. We become more and more comfortable with the concept of God and are moving deeper into a personal understanding that this higher power loves us and has our back. The issue now becomes, how do we communicate with this love force in such a way as to be able to sustain and maintain a more consistent one-on-one relationship? Welcome to Awaken to One - 101; Connecting to Your Divine Source.

In many ways this process of connection can be compared to the tuning in of an AM/FM radio trying to get a specific station. The pulse wave of radio communication is constant and in all directions, but we may not yet be tuned in to hear or understand its frequency. This frequency is on a particular ban and it is up to us to tweak the dial just enough so that we are able to align the radio and tune-in to the right station. In much the same way our goal is to align ourselves with this God frequency. How do we do this and is it hard to do? Well as the saying goes, “The longest journey begins with a single step.” We all have the innate ability to instantaneously tap into this vibration and it is not hard to do, but it does require that you align yourself with the energy as opposed to it coming to you. The vibratory energy is always around us, but we have to increase our own vibratory rate of consciousness and awareness to a more refined place so that we can begin to pick it up, communicate with it, and interact within the wonders of its offerings.

We can do this on a number of levels, and in the course of both this writing and future entries, I will attempt to interject a variety of ways that we can bring ourselves into a greater alignment with this energy. First and foremost is the exercise and practice of mental discipline; that is, identifying and monitoring the flow of your thoughts and shifting this flow into a more aligned space of universal love. As I have stated in earlier writings, everything begins as a thought, and it is out of this thought that your life becomes manifest. The energy is always there for the express purpose of exercising your inherent ability to create your own universe. Whatever is the hub of your wheel is what will outflow. So ensuring that your thoughts and consciousness are at a place of universal love, devoid of fear, is an essential first step. This is accomplished in large part by what you choose to bring into your conscious awareness in the first place.

It is worth mentioning here that the current influence of modern technology and ubiquitous media sources such as TV, radio, and the Internet are in many ways disconnecting us from our God settings; it is dictating and determining the vibratory rate of our mass consciousness here and now. We are all being fed to a large extent extremely low vibratory consciousness input (garbage in/garbage out), and our societal responses of violent interactions are a testament to its malevolent effectiveness. Our news cycles are now at an addictive 24/7/365 pace, and we are constantly being fed negative information and barraged by tabloid journalistic fodder that is at best a major distraction and at worst an effective form of mass brainwashing and mind control.

I’ve been struck recently by a rather eerie commercial campaign being shown on television about a new Internet service known as Hulu, where Alec Baldwin explains how Hulu is a plot by “evil aliens” to turn the human brain into gelatinous goo, ripe for alien consumption. In talking about our obsession for constant television and Internet stimuli, he states “…and the best part is that there’s nothing you can do to stop us. What are you gonna do; turn off your TV and Internet?” The unfortunate truth is that this parody is closer to truth than many realize. How many of us can go a day without looking at television, surfing the Web or texting on a Blackberry (not even mentioning evil aliens)? It is time for us to take a much needed hiatus from daily television, Internet, radio and communication devices, as well as the endless daily news cycle, and embrace the beauty of silence for a while. It is vital that we begin to listen with more conscious awareness to our inner voice; the one that is constantly trying to get you back to your true origins.

If cutting yourself off completely is an impossibility for you, then at least set aside 15 to 20 minutes a day to sit in raptured silence and send love to your Creator in whatever form best works for you; whether it be chanting your personal mantra or simply repeating the word “love” over and over until you feel this sensation flow through you. Perhaps you can take this time to read something that resonates with you spiritually. This act alone can begin to increase your rate of spiritual vibration. It is also important to take a moment and embrace nature, either by taking a nature hike or just a stroll in the park. We need to reconnect to our inner selves and spiritual surroundings, and not be held at the mercy of our modern technology. This technology is supposed to serve us, not become our masters.

I have mentioned at the beginning of this Awaken to One blog series and throughout these writings that we are in an increasing transitional vortex of universal energy, where things are moving much more rapidly than they were before. As such, we are at a quantum crossroads of opportunity where we can either evolve into a higher state of collective spiritual consciousness, or become trapped for a very, very long time into a stagnating state of course, dense fear-centric consciousness. Again the choice is yours, ours, all of us. We must first become aware that this crossroads exists and do what is necessary to connect to it and pass this message forward to our fellow Souls. If enough of us awaken to our true purpose and divine identity, we can be assured of our enlightened spiritual evolution. If not, then there will be a long hard road before we are back to this key cyclical moment of evolutionary opportunity. In the coming weeks and months, I will be talking more on this subject. The message is out. The truth is upon us. Our light bulbs are coming on and the inner communication is blaring. Do we choose to listen and heed the call to the next level of unfoldment or will we ignore the inner calling to this essential Awakening? I know where I’ll be. I hope you will join me.