Sunday, October 2, 2011

Off the Grid

As I peak my head out from the bunker to try and catch a few rays, I log back in with family, friends and my many fellow travelers who’ve been so supportive during this hiatus. I reconnect now with all of you to simply say, “Hello, I’m back”. Thank you all for your love, understanding and support, both online and off.

It’s been quite a tumultuous year so far, but of course, I don’t need to tell you that, you’ve lived it as much as I have. With the constant specter of a bleak economic future and a relentless unemployment rate stagnating around 9+% nationwide, ongoing threats of world terrorism, increasing signs of global warming, and a gnawing divisive/polarizing fundamentalism permeating our planet, all of us, in one way or another are being affected by and caught up in the growing angst of our times. Like so many of you, I’ve been dealing with what might best be described as a Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs juggling act. Moving back and forth between the layers, living paycheck-to-paycheck with the challenges that ensue while simultaneously being (consciously) aware of the subtle yet emergent energetic Spiritual forces at play (within our dynamic universe and multiverse). This can create an unrelenting and annoying distraction from our true nature, purpose, focus, and identity as Spiritual beings. Let us never forget that we are Spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body, on an unending journey and quest for Source enlightenment and growth. Out of this dynamic morass of dueling consciousness comes a never-ending need for personal balance directly impacting the prospect for Spiritual growth. Everything is about choice.

Let us also never forget that all things are Spiritual; that there is nothing that is not of a Spiritual significance, providing an opportunity for us to learn and grow. That being said, it is important to acknowledge that we do not exist within a level playing field, that there are forces on the move designed to keep us out-of-balance and constantly within the ubiquitous specter of fear. Is this by design? There are those that certainly ascribe to this theory. Whether it is true or not will serve as grist for the mill of future discussion and dialogue. Assuming for a moment that this assertion has some merit, how do we deal with it; what are we to do about it?

As I mentioned earlier, everything is about choice. You can choose your thoughts and your consciousness during every waking moment (and inner experience). Notice that I used the word “can”. Many of us understand this truth intellectually, but fail to exercise our God-given right of self-awareness and self-expression. We often allow ourselves to be effect and not cause, subsequently forfeiting freewill with groupthink. As I have said in many earlier entries, vigilance is key. We are in a time now where it feels as though we must constantly tread water just to maintain a sense of “normal”, and constantly swim upstream against the tide in order to grow and progress. Despite our conditioning, it is important for everyone to understand and realize that this is not normal and should not be considered as such.

The current world experience that we all share is the exception within our multi-layered existence and not the rule. We are surviving in a dysfunctional holographic matrix. Acceptance of this pervasive “normal” is your choice, and many have consciously and/or unconsciously accepted this dysfunction as the way things simply are. But within the reality of everyone’s personal universe is in fact a choice as to whether or not you want your consciousness to be held captive within this matrix, or to rise above it while still physically existing within it; in essence “Being in this world but not of it.” This is the constant juggling act of Maslow that I spoke of earlier. We have to do the daily things of this world in order to survive (that’s just how it is), but we have a choice as to whether or not we will live within the victim/victimizer consciousness of the times as we maneuver these waters.

We who are conscious truth seekers and awakened Souls becoming more and more aware of our incarnational contracts and life purpose, must break out of these restrictive shackles and become the true conduits of Source energy we were commissioned to be. Again, it is our choice. Yes, you have bills that are due and financial debts you are struggling to pay, you are appropriately concerned about finding a job or keeping your home, but these things do not define who and what you are; they do not define your value within the universe, within God’s unconditional love. Please make a conscious and concerted effort to delineate yourself from your surroundings and/or circumstances and live within your higher truth. You are not the situation you are dealing with. You are, however, responsible for your own personal universe and as such have free will to change it based on your level of consciousness and ability of direct manifestational change. REMEMBER WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE, a spark of God-Source.

This has been and continues to be my journey, and I have made the conscious choice and effort to continue the fight, not giving in to the negative consciousness. As a practical nature, some of this choice involves removing myself from the 24/7/365 information cycles of our times, and only allowing that which is positive and uplifting to enter my life and consciousness. The rest of it has to do with practicing my daily spiritual rituals and exercises that keep me in balance and above the fray. My ongoing discussions are not as much about the mechanics (though there may be some helpful suggestions shared and considered along the way) as much as it is about making sure you keep the faith, the focus, and continue to fight the good fight. We’re all in this together; we are all ONE. My love goes out to all of you and I look forward to your continued dialogue and insights as we respectively pay it forward. Blessed be and Namaste.