Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hope Rings

It’s extremely poignant to me that the launch of the Awaken to One Alliance comes after such an amazing and incredible milestone in our world history; the inauguration of our first African-American President, Barack Obama. The magnitude of this moment is nothing short of transcendent. I, like so many others, were riveted to the television on that cool November night as the election results slowly began to tabulate in. As everyone held their collective breath and the number 285 appeared on the screen (270 electoral votes needed to win), the pandemonium around me and throughout the nation and the world was immediate. A change had finally come; a shift from a pervasive feeling of fear and helplessness to the possibility of hope began to find its way into the consciousness of the masses who dared to dream or simply could not imagine that such a moment would finally arrive. As the waves of realization began to hit me, I was suddenly overcome with emotion, tears streaming down my face. I didn’t care. I thought about my mother, father and sister; I wish they could be here to witness this. When the shock of what just happened was slowly replaced with quiet euphoric absolution, I suddenly found myself (like so many around me) beginning to walk a little taller and straighter; my head held a little higher. “Yes we can.” Yes we did! As Oprah Winfrey so eloquently put it, “Hope won.”

Now, on the wave of this awe-inspiring tsunami of hope, the Awaken to One Alliance makes its humble debut. Our goal is to provide continual rays of hope and insight to all that come to know us, join us and ally themselves with us on this most important mission. The task is to continue the wave of love and hope generated by this and other momentous shifts in consciousness and create new waves of love and awareness about who and what you are and your importance to the world and to the universe. This wave will not rest until it eventually touches everyone. But it’s not about A to 1. We are merely a catalyst for this shift to occur.

It is worth noting here that my own personal enthusiasm at the results of this most recent election is in no way an indication or endorsement of any partisan leaning or political preference by this new organization. The Awaken to One Alliance does not and will not ever use our energy or organizational influence as a platform for any political agenda. My enthusiasm is exclusively my own and I am merely struck by the powerful timing of such a beginning; falling in alignment with this important milestone in history, and how this milestone is representative of so much hope for so many. For those of you reading this whose candidate did not win, or are cynical and disbelieving about the prospect of a new beginning as a result, I say to you with deep affection and sincerity that we will all be looking at the next four years with a critical eye, but now is the time that we must make an effort to set aside our differences and come together as a people to embrace the concept and possibilities of hope. Change begins with us, not outside of us.

It is important to understand that hope is directly proportional to one’s belief in this feeling and this energy. Hope creates possibilities; hope dares us to dream. You see, the truth is that we create our own reality and our own destiny. What happens to each and every one of us is not an outside/in flow of energy or circumstance that we so often perceive as creating a victim mentality, but an inside/out flow of energy that creates our own personal universe and circumstance. It starts with us – you and me. We create our own reality. Just like the stock market is an emotionally based economic engine that ebbs and flows within the parameters of confidence and fear, so too is the energy that surrounds the possibilities that exist in our perceived future. We can no longer afford to be effect in our life, we must now dare to be conscious cause.

It must be understood and remembered that everything begins as a thought. The food you eat, the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the mate that you’re with, the house that you live in, all these things first began as a thought; a seed idea that went out and brought back to you like energy in the form of possibility, opportunity and circumstance. You possess this power; we all do. The difference is that some are more aware of this than others. With this awareness of God-given energy, comes opportunity and responsibility. It is important that our actions are for the good of the whole, and not merely the few.

Barack Obama emphasized in his eloquent and sobering inaugural speech the importance of self responsibility in the things that we need to do to make our circumstances better moving forward. Government and a President can only do so much. It is up to all of us to do our part. With this as our aspiration both from a nationalistic perspective as well as a spiritual one, we should consider this a call to action for change; not just of social circumstances but of inner awareness of our own magnificence and worth. You are worthy, and it is now time to claim that worth and create the things you want in your life. It begins with belief in yourself and that you are never alone. It flows from a daily understanding that we are one with a divine source, and that source is a loving source, designed to provide for us whatever we want. We only need ask for it and do the things that will bring us in alignment with it. It comes from a conscious recognition that our actions are not generated in a vacuum, but have an impact on those around us; on the good of the whole. Now is where it begins, here is where it takes place. Awaken to the oneness that is all of us. Be kind to one another, even if there is disagreement between you. It is all a part of the whole.

Together we can ride this wave of hope onto the shores of love and abundance, and make this world and our universe a place that we once only dared dream of. It is all in our grasp, we need only claim it.