Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Understanding Belief (Part III)

Belief not only serves as a catalyst for manifestational change, it is the very foundation for ones personal universal structure within an inner and outer spiritual cosmology. Within this cosmology is the structural underpinning of ones life and attitudes towards his/her surroundings, and how life is often perceived within the framework of this belief system. It is the grist for the mill of a person’s expressive awareness and growth, but this belief system, while potentially life long in ones current or past incarnation is not static; it is very dynamic and subject to personal growth in accordance with the acceptance of universal truth.

Belief forms the prism under which we view our reality. But as our awareness expands and our belief realigns, so too does our view of this belief change by virtue of new and growing perspectives. This aspect of belief goes directly into the nuanced constructs of our world’s many religious systems. Through religion, these diverse belief systems form the matrix of one’s experiential relationship with the inner and outer world. Inner visions of Jesus or the Virgin Mary for Christians, Buddha for Buddhists, Mohammed for Islamists, or even personal masters that smaller sects and groups may follow are the forms and expressions that Spirit will use to manifest its divinity. It is often the very thing that validates a person’s belief in a certain religion or spiritual path; they saw this deity in a moment of need or crisis, therefore it exists. It is the true path.

What many fail to realize is that Spirit is not the least bit concerned about form but about substance. It will manifest in your inner and outer awareness in a form that is most conducive and consistent with your current state of consciousness and belief. If you are a staunch believer in a particular religious or spiritual path, then Spirit will manifest itself in that form that you are in alignment with; that you are most comfortable with. The thing to understand here is that it is never about the messenger, but the message.

In our historical expression of a belief in God or a higher power, we have far too often forgotten this most important aspect of spirituality (the message) and have place much more importance and credence on the outer messenger, not realizing that what they were trying to tell us each and every time was that we should only use them as an example as to how to find ones own path to God. It is worth noting here that no Spiritual being that has ever set foot on this earth has done so for the purpose of propagating a religion; not Jesus, not Buddha, not Krishna, not Mohammed, nor any other Spiritual giant. They all came to express the wonderment of God’s love and our connectedness as divine sparks of God awareness, and provided tools consistent with the consciousness of the times to help individuals get ready for the journey to find their own path back home to Source. It was in fact the followers, or disciples, who seemed to miss the boat and placed much too high a value on the messenger, subsequently placing them on a pedestal. In so doing, this immediately deified the messenger and created a subconscious construct that basically stated “I am not worthy and can never be like that.” It is through this process that every religion was eventually formed. Man and woman forgot their own connected divinity and fell into the illusion of separateness from Source. Within this separateness, the belief that one can only find God through an intercessor became accepted. As time moved on, individual interpretations of original spiritual doctrine solidified and formed the dogmatic constructs that we now deal with in all religions today.

I know that what is expressed here is potentially disturbing in its content, and if I have offended anyone please understand this is not my intention. It is my intention, however, to shake people’s comfort zones of understanding, and challenge them to look at things from a different perspective. If I have achieved this then I am content.

As we inevitably begin to grow in our inner and outer spiritual awareness, a wonderful thing begins to happen. Built into our spiritual DNA is a seed desire that we all possess. It is a desire stronger than the salmon’s drive to swim upstream for spawning, or the springtime ritual of the procreation of species. This seed desire is known as divine discontent. As we begin to grow and expand in our awareness, we yearn for something more; something greater than our current belief system is able to provide for us. In the search for spiritual truth we may study and experiment with many different paths, all of which have great value. But during this process, we begin to see and realize that the road starts to narrow. This narrowing road eventually and inevitably leads all Souls yearning for truth into an understanding that now, you are your own path to God. It is the same path that all Spiritual giants had come to in their own unique way. It is the same road that all of you will eventually find yourself traveling as you continue to grow and expand spiritually. We all have this potential; we all have this destiny. You may postpone it by virtue of denial, but you will inevitably find yourself here. When you do, it will be a wondrous revelation for you will realize that you have entered the first step, of the last stage, of your spiritual unfoldment. It may on the surface feel a bit lonely, but the truth is that you are never alone. The truth is that you are a spark of All That Is. Within this level of consciousness we are all one, we are all love. We are able to tap into the universal consciousness that is Source. From this moment forward, we are able to feel how our expansion of awareness helps to expand the universe, for we are one with the Divine. Embrace the journey; become the Source.