Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Golden Heart in an Iron World

The road is long, the curves constant and the bumps frequent.  For many it’s a constant struggle to re-win Heaven every single day, and not get pulled down by the negative consciousness permeating our world.  The constant state of war and the threat of new conflicts, the ratcheting up of world and domestic terrorist acts such as recent events in Newtown, and most recently the Boston Marathon Bombings have brought so many people to an appropriate state of collective outrage and anger affirming “Enough is enough”.  So much senseless violence and a growing perception of escalating evil intention permeating this world makes one shudder at prospects for our future.  One may ask, where’s the good in this world…have we all lost our way…why can’t people just get along?

Well for me, I’ve come to realize that while there indeed seems to be so much darkness in this world along with a growing perception that our future is looking ever more tenuous, I also recognize that there is a great awakening and enlightenment taking place all around this world with every waking moment.  Those of us who have for so long fought the good fight for personal and collective enlightenment should not be disheartened, for the reality is that more and more people are waking up to the realization of their true Divine origins and are taking up the Clarion call for Oneness with all.  These collective Souls are the Golden Hearts that survive and thrive despite the Iron World in which we currently live.  These are the conscious Angelic Humans, the Lighthouses that are shining their beacons strong and wide for others to see and awaken within themselves.  It is a viral, exponential awakening; it is a growing world Spiritual trend that continues to move forward.

The negative intentions in this world only steel our lofty resolve making us more vigilant in our quest for individual and collective enlightenment.  While each of us is ultimately our own path to GodSource, the collective vibration of this world continues to speed up as a result of this growth.  Our individual consciousness is helping to raise the collective consciousness.  Our microcosmic upliftment is building upon the macrocosm.  The planet is vibrating at a higher rate than it ever has, thanks to the internal frequency rise in collective spiritual energy as a result of awakened Souls coming back online.  We are growing in number and intention.

The many storms, trials and tribulations within this world continue to be great, and the negative forces Hell-bent on malevolent intent continue to try and escalate their heinous acts to shock and terrorize us into a deeper state of fear and hopelessness.  But we will not be swayed.  We are strong, we are defiant, we are Divine, we are of GodSource, and we are ONE. 

What we must continue to do is to live as conscious beacons of love, light, and hope for those around us.  It’s not as much about the words that you might say or the golden-tongued wisdom you might share, but the energy of love that you bring by your mere presence to the space you occupy.  We who have awakened need to live as conscious beacons of love and light.  If you think this was needed before, it is most certainly needed now.  We have the means, we have the ability.  We must continue to have the will.  Ours is of Divine origin, ours is of unlimited light.  We are the beacons of love.  If you are reading this then you also live within this potentiality.  Claim it, become it, live as it.  No fear, only love.  Keep the focus on Divine Source…”Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God.  This is the central focus and foundation.  It has always been this way. 

Live as a beacon of light – no ego, just a conscious recognition of your true identity and the willingness to live within this Divine space.  Remember, GodSource cannot do for you what it can only do through you.  You must be open to the energy, and live within this loving place constantly.   It’s not a long process, it only takes a second to decide it and claim it.  Open your heart to it and let the love shine through you.  Take in the breath of cosmic energy, exhale the negative, reclaim your Divine right.  It is now your time to shine, to come online.  Live your truth.  Be one with God Source and live in love.  Here now and always, Namaste.