Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Everything is Consciousness

I’ve been on hiatus for a bit, not so much to relax as to introspectively contemplate, immersing myself into the wisdom of the cosmos. One must remember that in spiritual growth there is always a plus element to enlightenment; that is, there is always more to learn and as we exist in eternity we will never stop learning, never stop growing. With that, my focus of late has been very much on the ubiquitous nature of consciousness.

Again I’m reminded of the movie The Matrix, where Neo finally awakened and was able to see the illusion for what it actually was, in his case a series of 1’s and 0’s moving along the spatial grid of his enlightened vision, creating form and substance within the illusion itself. What I have increasingly come to realize is that this stark representation may actually be truer than one might suspect.

Quantum and theoretical physics has shown that everything is energy. As such, when we break down this energy quotient even further we come to understand that energy is in fact frequency, existing at variable vibratory rates that we may either perceive or not perceive. Our lack of perception does not in any way negate its existence. Well, one of the things that I have come to understand more and more is that consciousness is a frequency. We could postulate that consciousness = frequency, e.g. frequency = consciousness. This frequency of existence is a part of the oneness of All That Is. All That Is is all there is (there is nothing outside of IT), so everything that exists does so within the realm, parameters and dimensional connectivity of Source energy itself. As such, this energy, frequency, or whatever you may wish to call it, by its very nature is consciousness, because it is all a part of the ONE. We may even take it a step further to say that this energy, frequency, or whatever you wish to call it, by virtue of its connectedness to Source is in truth intelligent consciousness.

Take for instance the long held understanding in spiritual and esoteric circles of the law of attraction. Our thoughts are things; energy conduits of specific intent and vibratory intensity sent forward for the sole purpose of attracting like energy to be used in the manifestation of our intention. Some of us may not know the technical or mechanical nature of how it works, but we do know, or are coming to realize more and more that focused intention combined with right attitude and effort create our personal universe. Ignorance of the law of attraction is no excuse, and until we become the conscious conduits of our actions, we will remain the “victims” of our creations as opposed to the captains of our destiny; for what we think becomes who we are and the circumstances that make up our lives and our universe. This energy moving forth on our behalf (whether you are aware or not) is an intelligent energy, like the Genie in the lamp who states, “Your wish is my command.” It is not a dumb force, but an intelligent, neutral consciousness moving in a seamless, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent flow connecting you and I, and everything else. It connects the dots in ways that we could never (ever) conceive of on our own, and brings about manifestation in a type of synchronicity that is unrivalled in existence, because it is existence.

If most of us possessed the gift of auric sight (we all have this potential) we would begin to see the seamless interconnectedness of this energy, much like the 1’s and 0’s that Neo began to see in his enlightened vision. We would begin to realize the holographic illusory nature of our existence and awaken to our Angelic heritage; our God given abilities to create whatever we may desire in our lives. We’ve just forgotten, or perhaps have been made to forget (depending on what you believe or have come to understand). But once awakened, we have a choice. Do we choose conscious cause, or unwilling effect? The choice is yours, but at the point of awakening you can no longer site ignorance as an excuse. From this point forward it’s on you, and no one else. You are forever changed.

Yes everything is consciousness, and consciousness has the capacity to expand, but we must do the daily work in order for this expansion to occur. With this expansion comes a greater understanding and remembering of the true nature of our existence. We begin to remember our origins; we begin to consciously come online to our personal spiritual life contracts (why we were brought here), and we begin to make the conscious decision of whether or not we are to become a part of the spiritual solution, or part of the coercive, manipulative problem that now exists and has long existed in our multiverse.

Always remember that love is at the core of this true awakening and continued enlightenment. It is the door that opens the way back to Source. But free will is always at play, and whatever direction we choose will be respected, with the understanding that we must ultimately reap what we sow.

So as we swim upstream in this unlimited pool of conscious energy, it is up to us to do the work necessary to raise our vibration level and rate, so as to expand in awareness and begin to see the wonders that the multiverse has waiting for us to rediscover. This is why it is called awakening, because you’ve always known but have simply been made to forget. By whom? -- Well that’s another discussion for another time. One thing is clear, more and more Souls are waking up to their true origins, and the gaps between religion, science, spirituality and ascension are narrowing.

In many ways ascension is the science of multi-dimensional physics, a physics that for many is theoretical in nature because of the limited framework that orthodox science has historically provided for us to measure reality and/or illusion. You see, science and spirituality were never meant to be separate. But that gap is closing more and more. The journey is here and now, and the choice is yours to take. We will be peeling back the onion in future writings, and I so look forward to your many perspectives and ongoing dialogue. We’re all in this together, and together (through our focused energy and conscious intent) we will help each other find the way home. Just don’t forget, as you awaken and gain enlightenment, please pay it forward, for we are one.