Sunday, March 22, 2009

Everything is Spiritual

We are all on an amazing journey. Its origins began in eternity and continue forward into infinity. We were brought forth in order to become aware that we exist. We begin experiencing incarnation after incarnation, making us stronger, wiser and more aware of who and what we are in the process. We are the seeds of the Divine, multiplying into infinite diversity and experience. It is the light fragmenting into a multiplicity of vibrational rates and levels of existence. It is us and we are It. It all…we all come from a Divine Source – a Divine plan. Its essence is Spiritual. Its truth is All That Is.

When we awaken to one we begin to realize that everything has a Spiritual significance; a Spiritual relevance. As referenced in my last blog, A Daily Contemplation (March 18th, 2009), I write, “We understand that everything in life is Spiritual, and that we walk on Holy ground everyday.” It’s all a matter of perspective. Where do you view your reality from? What is your truth; your frame of reference? The same overarching truth is in front of each and every one of us everyday, but we all see it differently based on our state of awareness; our state of consciousness. Many consider truth to be hard and fixed, but in fact it is malleable and dynamic.

Consider for a moment the analogy of sunlight as truth. It is absolute truth, beaming its raise of wisdom in all directions at all times. We receive the warm light of this truth, but in fact we only receive one tiny portion/beam of this infinite, omnipresent light. Our perspective is solely based on where we are in our respective orbital universe. We only see and experience one ray amongst millions going out in all directions simultaneously. It is only when we shift our perspective (shift our awareness and state of consciousness) to a much different place that we begin to see this same truth in a whole new light. It is the same truth, but now we are in a different place.

Not only are we in a different place, but the more we grow the greater our capacity to take in more light. As we embark on this journey of new light, we realize that everything in life is indeed provided for us and put in front of us to fulfill an important spiritual mission, to teach us. More significantly, to help us remember. Sometimes the lessons are painful, brutal, and hard to reconcile. Sometimes they are easy. All times they are filled with potential growth and promise. Always it is here to move us to a different place; to a more refined state of awareness.

The deeper we go into this journey of discovery, the more we are able to realize something else. That is the ability to discern the wheat from the chaff. Our discrimination faculties become more and more refined, and we are better able to identify divine truth from dogma and disinformation. Our “gut” serves more and more as a barometer for truth, and our inner perceptions and refined communication allow us to begin to see beyond what we are presented with on the surface. We are better able to cut through the density and find our way more and more to the light. It is our Divine right to do so.

As we move through this journey, we are able to see every action and reaction that we observe and experience with greater clarity the Spiritual understanding. Some things still surprise us. More things do not. We continue to ebb and flow in our levels of awareness and acceptance, but we become better able to find the balanced middle, and see things from a more neutral perspective, void of judgment and lingering negativity. We begin to trust our inner communication and judgment with greater certainty. We refine our personal connection with Source. We move to a different place. We are humble for we know we are no better than anyone else, but we see things in a whole new light; a Spiritual light. We see God’s plan in everything and everyone, and we realize that in this world of duality, both polarities of energy, negative and positive are by design looking for that place of integration and balance moving back to Source.

The work goes on; we still have peaks and valleys for the ebb and flow of Spiritual existence does not occur in a straight line. But now, we are more aware and more in control of what we choose to allow in our universe; our Spiritual space. We control our own destiny and we choose the direction of our life’s journey. This is what the road to self mastery is all about. This is the road we are all on whether we realize it or not. Yes, everything in life is Spiritual, and we do walk on holy ground everyday. The question becomes, are you now aware of it and how do you intend to live the rest of your life?