Monday, February 1, 2010

Spirituality and Elbow Grease

Creating your universe in accordance with both your individual state of consciousness and sincere intention requires a combination of spiritual energy and personal effort. The formula is not that difficult to understand or even execute, but takes a certain level of discipline, consistency and daily focus that some of us may or may not be willing to exert. This is of course your choice as to whether or not to be an active participant in your own manifestation, but what must be made clear is that something will manifest, whether you are conscious of it or not; ignorance or lack of effort is not an excuse. So it seems to me (and this is just my 2¢ worth) that you might as well be an active and aware part of your own manifestational existence and experience. Again, it is not rocket science in understanding the how’s and what’s of the process. Certainly there are a myriad of books on the subject pertaining to manifesting things in your life. But one of the things that often get lost in these instructions is the importance of right-thought followed by right-action, a combination of spirituality and elbow grease. This is when the rubber meets the road.

Are you doing everything within your sphere of influence and power to move yourself closer to your goals? Are you acting on all that the cosmos is giving you on a daily basis? Are you aware and receptive to Spirit’s nudges, golden-tongued wisdom and waking dreams that are a part of our everyday experience? Are you consciously aware of the miracles that take place all around you everyday? If not, then you need to take a step back and get yourself in spiritual balance so as to be awake and aware of all of the inner, intuitive energies taking place around you, and tune yourself to these frequencies so you can better read the tea leaves. This is accomplished through regular meditation and contemplation exercises, many of which are shown on the Ato1 Health and Wellness page. Once grounded and tuned in, it is important to do the daily work, the elbow grease necessary to act on impulses and nudges from spirit that are designed to move you closer to your goals, whatever they may be. Once done, you “let go and let God”, as the saying goes. Spirit is an omniscient, intelligent force, and knows vastly more than you could ever comprehend in terms of getting you closer to where you wish to be. You simply need to trust it and allow it to bring you closer without any preconceived notions of how to get there; stop being a control freak. Several options may come your way in the process, all having the potential of getting you where you need to be, but none necessarily containing the prescription of absolute certainty. Therefore, you must act on all of them, not just the ones you like more than others; you simply don’t know enough. As you practice this process more and more, you will begin to trust what is being told to you and feel a certain level of protection and guidance that you may not have been aware of before. This is a good thing and should be nurtured, developed and appreciated. Spirit wants you to succeed.

We are in a time now where the cosmic energies are much more refined and powerful, and the cause and effect relationship of our thoughts becoming things seem to be much shorter in duration. As such, this mental discipline becomes even more important to refine, for we want to make sure that we do not create the things we fear the most, but create our universe based on the energies of love and abundance. In the final analysis, the “things” that you attain through these exercises are not really what's important at all. What is important is your ability to trust in and understand the process of attainment itself. Remember, you are all Masters in training; celestial beings preparing yourself for eternity's call-of-service as co-workers with All That Is. The most important thing to understand throughout this entire process is that the skills you are refining are skills you have always had, for you are not learning anything but remembering what you already know. Our course of attainment and existence is, in the final analysis, one of validation through experience of truth already attained. Source, all knowing and all seeing, experiences life through us, for we are IT and IT is us. We Are One. So roll up your sleeves and get cracking; creation awaits.