Thursday, December 10, 2009

Being the Light

As we move ever closer as a collective consciousness towards ascension and awakening, it is of vital importance that we understand clearly and definitively that we are the change that we seek. For far too long the Souls of this earth have been conditioned into believing that we have no control over our destiny, and our fate lies in the hands of someone or something outside of ourselves. This is illusion, illusion of the worst kind. Within this illusion is also the misdirected notion that hope is just around the corner; that tomorrow a change will come. While this is a powerful and seemingly hopeful sentiment, it is also a misguided feedback loop that we must move beyond. What I mean by this is that the constant manifestational energy of hope that all will be well tomorrow, creates an energy dynamic that places the desired outcome always just out of our reach; always tomorrow, never today…never NOW.

Our ascension as a collective consciousness lies in the acknowledgement of who and what we are NOW. We are Soul, a divine spark of All That Is, living in eternity. Within this recognition and conscious awareness, we must ignite our divine spark of spiritual awakening into a bright beacon of light. You are the light! This beacon is one of divine love energy that goes out in all directions and touches everything in its path. We must consciously become the light and project it outward everyday. We must project this love in all places and at all times. This is how we change the world. This is our task as a conscious light worker. This is who you are. Claim it.

With more and more conscious beacons of light coming online every hour of every day, we begin to exponentially live as ascended beings; we become the change that we seek NOW. Tomorrow is here. We live in the consciousness of an aware and awakened Soul at this very moment, free from fear, surrounded in love. We live in the here and now from this moment forward, because this is the true reality. Future is illusion because it has yet to be. Past is illusion because it has already been. The only thing “real” is NOW. What you project now will determine your future. Embrace your light, become the beacon. Send love throughout the world and to the universe. It all comes back to you 1000-fold. Your mere presence helps to awaken others to this same truth. Ascension is NOW. Accept it and live within this truth. It is the reason that you are here, at this time in this place. It’s time to awaken. It’s time to become the light. May your bright light shine forth and touch all of those who cross your path.