Thursday, December 31, 2009

Count Down

…5, 4, 3, 2, 1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

It’s been a whirlwind year, this 2009. Much has happened and there is much more to do. In many respects, it seems like several years have passed by in just this one. This is no accident. The vibratory rate of existence is indeed speeding up at a blistering pace, with karmic burn-off from both an individual as well as collective group consciousness level moving along at light speed, and we’re all feeling it. Many of us are waking up consistently at around 2 or 3 a.m., experiencing a download of information and spiritual insight, our bodies vibrating with refined energy. We’re also noticing an increase in the speed it takes to manifest things in our lives as well as an overall heightened sense of expanded awareness. No my friends, you’re not imagining this stuff, it is happening; it is real.

As we move headlong into 2010 and beyond, it is important that we all begin to take stock of what is happening. We need to take this stuff seriously and really begin to listen to our inner voice and what it is telling us. Most importantly, it is time to let go of the fear and really, truly, in your heart of hearts and with all your essence, embrace the LOVE. There are those that would like to keep this transition to a new reality at bay, and are trying with growing desperation to maintain the herd mentality through fear and propaganda that so many of us had (up to now and for far too long) been victims of. But now is a new day, and all of you wonderful Souls that long ago made a conscious decision to incarnate into this world at this important time in our history are starting to awaken more and more to the truth of who and what you are. You are wonderful, magnificent star children, lightworkers, and earth angels. You are incredible healers and beacons of love energy. It is your time now. Awaken to it and claim it. You know who you are, you’ve simply forgotten.

So on this momentous new years eve of 2009, may I wish all of you a happy, safe, prosperous, abundant, awake, aware, enlightened, and Source filled New Year. 2010 is going to be really interesting. We hope that you experience it awakened and fully engaged. Namaste.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Choices and Consequences

Even though we live in the world of illusion, it can still really cut like a knife sometimes. Life is tricky; it’s all about choices, and the decisions a person makes at any given moment may have repercussions that go far beyond what was intended. Over eons of time, we have developed a somewhat useful yet potentially problematic ability to compartmentalize the things in our lives, separating one conjoined aspect of truth from another. In the process we are able to rationalize and justify almost anything. This, however, can become a dangerous double-edged sword, for compartmentalization ultimately leads to irrational fragmentation of truth, and a subsequent inability to see things from that all-important holistic perspective; the big picture. Within this dynamic, the ego gets an overindulgence of attention, and our ability to see things from points of view other than our own too often become lost. When you throw the emotion of fear into the mix, it quickly becomes a very toxic soup, leading to questionable decisions and unintended consequences. So what does all of this have to do with spirituality, and how do we move through this illusory gauntlet to determine what is the best course of action at any given moment?

Well, the question itself contains the seeds of its solution. You see, we must understand that we live in the illusion – it’s all a big stage play. The inner is the true reality and the outer is the illusion; go figure. As such, we are not the bodies that we occupy and working within the dramas that we create should always be viewed through the prism of the higher self; the Soul perspective. We are Soul, a divine spark of the eternal Source. We are one with All That Is. We gather experience by working through the dramas we create in order to become self-aware and ultimately God-aware. When we come to that all-important plateau of awakening to our true identity as Soul living in eternity, we’re able to rise above the slings and arrows that are thrown at us. We’re able to identify the dualistic nature of all things we encounter. We still have to deal with the dramas, but we can (as the saying goes) learn to be “in it but not of it.” When illuminated with this Soul perspective, the need or desire to compartmentalize or rationalize begins to fall away, for we are no longer afraid to deal with truth. One must always remember that truth is strength; it’s a real game changer when you finally embrace it.

Yes, those slings and arrows may sting sometimes, and some days are better than others when dealing with them, but as an awakened being you remember that you have a new default perspective; you are Soul, living in eternity. What you are dealing with shall pass. It is not a forever thing. You on the other hand, are. As an awakened Soul you find yourself constantly asking, “What is the lesson here?” The body’s emotional chakras may be firing on all cylinders, but you have the ability to step outside of that perspective and see things in a Divine light. As such, it’s all good.

As we move forward on our transcendent journey towards enlightenment, we must embrace the slings and arrows we sometimes encounter, and view them as opportunities for growth. We are at an all-important place and time in our collective experience. We will be encountering more and more trials and tribulations as we move closer and closer to our spiritual transition. Throughout all of these tests, we must never forget that everything we deal with has its true solution based in LOVE. Love is indeed the key to everything. It really does conquer all, for when we place this in the center of our hearts it is able to wash away all pain. It reconnects us to Source. We must become conscious beacons of this love energy and proactively outflow it throughout the world everyday, every moment. We are all a part of the collective critical mass of God-centered energy that will ensure a positive shift to enlightenment. So don’t let those slings and arrows slow you down, simply surrender them to love. For this, my friends, is the ultimate test.