Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Welcoming Kathelena: Cosmic Particles

I wanted to briefly make everyone aware of a wonderful new blog being featured on the Awaken to One Alliance website. May I please present to you Cosmic Particles by Kathelena. Her knowledge and insights on a wide range of spiritual and social issues are vast, and her nuanced awareness of the current universal shift in vibrational energy will be of great benefit to everyone who reads.

So to Kathelena, welcome to Ato1 and thank you so much for your important contribution. To everyone else, please feel free to post your comments on the Awaken to One website to let us know what you think. All the best.



Sunday, December 13, 2009

What is Your Consciousness Diet?

“Garbage in, garbage out.” This is a phraseology that has been used for many years in the field of computer science and pertains to the reality that calculations and conclusions reached through analysis of input data is only as good as the quality of said data. To put it another way, if the information you are inputting is flawed or somehow corrupted, analysis and conclusions reached based on that data would also be flawed and/or corrupted. This same reasoning can easily be applied to the mental and spiritual input we feed ourselves on a daily basis, forming and molding our opinions, attitudes and ultimately our state of consciousness. You are what you eat, physically as well as mentally, intellectually and spiritually. Whatever that diet consists of will be the determinant for your own formative growth and evolution.

As such, it is important to be mindful of just what you are feeding yourself daily, and begin determining in a conscious, present and aware sort of way if it is in fact good for you. Certainly there are professional demands that require your mental attention and energy, and often a great deal of time and energy must be devoted to fulfilling your family obligations. But when you are on your own time, just what does your consciousness diet consist of; what are you feeding yourself mentally and spiritually? As I have indicated in such articles as The Hub of Your Wheel and more recently, Background Awareness, you need to be mindful of the input and energy that you allow yourself to take in daily, as this is what will out-picture in your respective reality. Remember, thoughts are things; thoughts have the ability to think and manifest what you project out into the universe. It’s the law of attraction at its most fundamental.

A mental and spiritual audit may be in order. Separate and apart from taking care of your body physically through proper diet and exercise, just what information input are you feeding yourself and allowing entry into your psyche everyday? Are you fixated on sexuality and sexual stimulation for its own sake? Do you constantly listen to political talk radio espousing extreme opinions, attitudes and fears on either the right or the left, or gossip TV and reality programs that seem to exploit the worst in dysfunctional behavior between our fellow human beings? Are you fixated on video games that desensitize the horrors of violence and war? Are you engaged in fundamental beliefs that justify abhorrent behavior in the name of our Creator? These and other examples may be considered extreme in nature, but if you analyze the totality of stimuli that bombard our psyche on a daily basis through the 24/7 media machine, and our own peer-pressured lifestyle choices, perhaps its not so extreme. These and other related stimuli have the end result of dummying down our society and creating a herd mentality unable to think and reason for itself (group think). Worst of all, it is taking us away from the most important truth and energy center in our existence, LOVE. It’s time to take a good hard look in the mirror and consider that perhaps your daily consciousness diet could use an intervention and overhaul. Perhaps it may be time to turn off the electronic devices for a while and take a quiet, unencumbered walk with nature. Perhaps its time to meditate and get back in touch with your higher self. Maybe its time to have dinner with your family and catch up on things. Most definitely it is time that we all, individually and collectively, reconnect to the love; love for one another and love of Source.

We are at such a pivotal junction point in our collective evolutionary consciousness. As such, it will become even more important than ever to monitor our thoughts, and be a conscious and aware conduit for love energy. We all must become daily beacons of love everyday. We are the source by which mass consciousness changes. There is a saying that goes “God cannot do for you what it can only do through you”. This is certainly true now. You are the channel; you are the light. It is through you that the rise in spiritual vibration moves to the next level. The catalyst and focus for this rise in vibration is LOVE. So (and I say this with the utmost love and respect) clean up your act! Adjust your vibrations by changing your consciousness diet. If what you are currently inputting is making you feel fear and/or negativity, it needs to go; it needs to be replaced with a love-centered alternative. You have the power and you have the means. But if you don’t have the will, nothing will change. Be the change that you seek. Embrace the love that you are. When you do, we’ll all be digging those good vibrations.