Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Golden Heart in an Iron World

The road is long, the curves constant and the bumps frequent.  For many it’s a constant struggle to re-win Heaven every single day, and not get pulled down by the negative consciousness permeating our world.  The constant state of war and the threat of new conflicts, the ratcheting up of world and domestic terrorist acts such as recent events in Newtown, and most recently the Boston Marathon Bombings have brought so many people to an appropriate state of collective outrage and anger affirming “Enough is enough”.  So much senseless violence and a growing perception of escalating evil intention permeating this world makes one shudder at prospects for our future.  One may ask, where’s the good in this world…have we all lost our way…why can’t people just get along?

Well for me, I’ve come to realize that while there indeed seems to be so much darkness in this world along with a growing perception that our future is looking ever more tenuous, I also recognize that there is a great awakening and enlightenment taking place all around this world with every waking moment.  Those of us who have for so long fought the good fight for personal and collective enlightenment should not be disheartened, for the reality is that more and more people are waking up to the realization of their true Divine origins and are taking up the Clarion call for Oneness with all.  These collective Souls are the Golden Hearts that survive and thrive despite the Iron World in which we currently live.  These are the conscious Angelic Humans, the Lighthouses that are shining their beacons strong and wide for others to see and awaken within themselves.  It is a viral, exponential awakening; it is a growing world Spiritual trend that continues to move forward.

The negative intentions in this world only steel our lofty resolve making us more vigilant in our quest for individual and collective enlightenment.  While each of us is ultimately our own path to GodSource, the collective vibration of this world continues to speed up as a result of this growth.  Our individual consciousness is helping to raise the collective consciousness.  Our microcosmic upliftment is building upon the macrocosm.  The planet is vibrating at a higher rate than it ever has, thanks to the internal frequency rise in collective spiritual energy as a result of awakened Souls coming back online.  We are growing in number and intention.

The many storms, trials and tribulations within this world continue to be great, and the negative forces Hell-bent on malevolent intent continue to try and escalate their heinous acts to shock and terrorize us into a deeper state of fear and hopelessness.  But we will not be swayed.  We are strong, we are defiant, we are Divine, we are of GodSource, and we are ONE. 

What we must continue to do is to live as conscious beacons of love, light, and hope for those around us.  It’s not as much about the words that you might say or the golden-tongued wisdom you might share, but the energy of love that you bring by your mere presence to the space you occupy.  We who have awakened need to live as conscious beacons of love and light.  If you think this was needed before, it is most certainly needed now.  We have the means, we have the ability.  We must continue to have the will.  Ours is of Divine origin, ours is of unlimited light.  We are the beacons of love.  If you are reading this then you also live within this potentiality.  Claim it, become it, live as it.  No fear, only love.  Keep the focus on Divine Source…”Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God.  This is the central focus and foundation.  It has always been this way. 

Live as a beacon of light – no ego, just a conscious recognition of your true identity and the willingness to live within this Divine space.  Remember, GodSource cannot do for you what it can only do through you.  You must be open to the energy, and live within this loving place constantly.   It’s not a long process, it only takes a second to decide it and claim it.  Open your heart to it and let the love shine through you.  Take in the breath of cosmic energy, exhale the negative, reclaim your Divine right.  It is now your time to shine, to come online.  Live your truth.  Be one with God Source and live in love.  Here now and always, Namaste.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Aspirational Thinking, or: Fake It ‘til You Make It

As I have stated many, many times, the greatest power that we yield as an individual Spark of Divine Source is the power to determine our next thought; what we choose to place into our personal conscious awareness.  Very often this right is compromised, circumvented, and even hijacked by a socially conditioned and manipulative group-think mentality that presupposes that our value is somehow contingent upon understanding and regurgitating whatever the current social trends and right or left leaning biases are within the common wave of existing popular culture.  We so often replace our own independent thought with an unconscious obsession to restate whatever someone else says or thinks, the so called experts, pundits, and trend setters of the time.  While there is nothing wrong with having one’s pulse on the stream of current information and social consciousness, it is even more important to take these editorialized opinions, postulates, theorems, and sometimes propaganda and place them into a healthy skeptical internal filter that can discern truth from spin, importance from nonsense.  It’s a tough battle to be sure, but one that is so very important in our current unfolding Earth drama.  

Add to this constant pulse of external stimuli, a wave of insecurity spun from a dysfunctional economic and political situation, zealot-like fundamentalist religious fervor, constant social turmoil and militarily volatile world dramas that create an illusory feeling of uncertainty, limitation, and fear, and we find ourselves constantly fighting an unbalanced notion that we have no control of our own fate or destiny.  The world is a very tough place right now, and it seems as though it is easier to feel negativity than it is to feel positivity.  I wrote about this in an earlier 2010 blog post entitled, The Default Position.  We have to guard against conventional wisdom and notions that our existence and well-being are based on external factors, and reclaim our Divine right to create our own reality and personal universe by virtue of our thoughts and conscious choices.  You see, our individual consciousness determines the state of our collective world consciousness.

We ultimately have a choice.  Are we going to be the cause of our lives, utilizing our God-Source given rights to create and manifest what we choose to inhabit within our space by virtue of what we think and accept as our truth, or are we going to be unwilling effect, bound by the victim/victimizer mentality and illusion that plagues so many of us in this world today?  For me the choice is a simple one, and for those of you reading this, I suspect that it’s a no-brainer as well.  The question becomes how do we get there when all around us we seem to be living the very opposite of our hopes and dreams?  It begins by what we think.

Everything begins as a thought.  Even the Book of Genesis reinforces this postulate when it writes “…And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.  God saw that the light was good”.  We are a microcosm of the Divine Macrocosm.  As such we are endowed with the same “stuff” that God-Source is made of.  Among these attributes is the power to create and manifest by virtue of our thoughts.  If you look around you at everything in your current space, your town or city, your home, even the clothes you are wearing, it all began as a thought that became manifest by virtue of that creator’s vision and pull-through.  The energy that creates this manifestation is neutral; it doesn’t care what you’re thinking, its only goal is to move towards creative fulfillment of that thought form.  My mother used to say to me “A thought is a prayer”, meaning that the same energy that goes into fulfilling a prayer to God-Source is the same energy that goes out into the universe when we think, with the sole purpose of attracting like-energy and bringing it back to fruition.  With this understanding of the cycle of manifestation, I hope you’re beginning to realize just how important it is to be consciously mindful of what you think, what you place into your conscious awareness. Stinking Thinking can be a self-fulfilling prophecy; a vicious cycle of negative manifestation.  This is what so many in this world are facing today, thinking that the world is against them but failing to realize they are creating much of the pain that exists within their personal universe because of where they place their attention.  To put it another way, everything that happens to you is due to you…let that one marinade for a while.  How do we break this cycle?  Through the process of Aspirational Thinking; or, accepting the gift of what we desire before we actually receive it.    

In my role many years ago as a drug treatment counselor, many of the clients with whom I counseled  took this notion to heart, and began living, acting, and taking on the persona of a clean and sober, drug-free individual, even though they were only a few weeks or months clean and still taking it one day at a time.  They affectionately called it “fake it ‘til you make it.”  But understand just how profound this mindset is.  Think of it this way…if you’re climbing a mountain, just because you haven’t reached the summit yet doesn’t mean that you can’t see it up ahead of you.  You aspire to be there, you see it in your vision, and by taking the important steps necessary to get closer and closer to your goal, remaining steadfast and vigilant with every step, you finally are able to reach it.  In the same way, we have to be consciously mindful of what we think and what we choose to allow into our stream of consciousness.  Remember, we choose, not something outside of us.  Even if the external winds may buffet you off of your desired course, you have the right to choose how quickly you will get back onto the path again.  And when you reach the summit, all the sacrifice that you went through beforehand will be worth it.  

So place your attention on your desired outcome and live from this perspective.  Keep the focus on your goal, not the problem.  Do those things necessary to resolve whatever the challenge of the day may be, but then shift your attention back squarely onto your desired goal.  Nothing happens in a straight line, but the quickness of your success will lie in your consistency, persistence, vigilance, and the mental discipline needed to keep the goal squarely in your conscious vision.  This is the road to self-mastery.  These are the steps toward Divine Spiritual fulfillment.  May the winds be ever at your back. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Daily Contemplation

The greatest power that we yield as Divine Consciousness is the power to determine what we choose to think, what we choose to place into our conscious awareness.  So much of existence is spent processing information, opinions, viewpoints, and thoughts (both positive and negative) from sources outside of ourselves.  In the process we sometimes fall victim to the "Lemming Effect", caught up in group-think unable to form our own opinions or process our own feelings. 

It is always important to me that we as individual sparks of God live in a state of cause, and not unknowing effect.  Within this framework must come a conscious effort to fill oneself with only that which will create our own chosen outcomes.  Remember, what we think is what will out-picture in our own personal universe.  

With this in mind, I wanted to pass on a personal 'Daily Contemplation' that you might find helpful and useful in your ongoing quest to create love and positivity in your life.  I hope you find it helpful, as it has proven to be a very useful affirmation for me:

A Daily Contemplation
by Darrell Johnson

From this moment forward, I awaken to the oneness of All That Is and Its unconditional love.   
I now understand that while I am also an individual spark of Divine awareness, I am God and God is me, and that it has always been this way.   
Now “We” embark on this new day neutral and balanced to outside events that unfold, and are humble, mindful and grateful that they serve as divine challenges to embrace, lessons to learn, and opportunities to expand and grow.   
From this moment forward, we exist within the power of love, understanding that God is love, and we are one with It.   
We too identify and understand that we are one with our surroundings, and all whom we come in contact with, regardless of whether they are aware or not.

We acknowledge that the road to God awareness and consciousness seems lonely sometimes, but that this is only an illusion for we are never alone.   
We understand that everything in life is Spiritual, and that we walk on Holy Ground everyday.   
We embrace our role as a conscious channel for Spirit, and that our light derived from an unlimited ocean of love will be used to touch and heal those around us.   
From now on we live within God’s conscious awareness and embark on our life’s journey, knowing that we create our reality by virtue of our thoughts.   
We are thankful for this perfect day filled with miracles and possibilities, and we know that God’s wonders will always be.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What Is Love?

Throughout time, poets, philosophers, priests, scientists, psychiatrists and just plain folk have pondered, analyzed and contemplated the true meaning of love. Is it simply a biochemical reaction in the brain brought on by some outside stimuli, or something far beyond our limited physical perception and capacity to understand?  Often when the subject of love comes up, it tends to move immediately to aspects of relationships, courtships, and the complications therein.  But love is so much greater than this one small prism.  

From my own personal perspective, I've come to understand that love is the quintessential dynamic force that creates all things. It is the essence and energy of Source itself.  Despite the many miasms that plague our current predicament on this physical plane, the multiverse is in actual fact based on a Love-centric system.  We exist because of God-Source’s love for us.  This love is unconditional, and with it, we are given free will to do as we want, understanding that within this love system are checks and balances that must be exercised and fulfilled.  But the absolute essence of Source, of All That Is, is love.  

From this perspective, we as Divine Sparks of God energy may have difficulty in conceptualizing the sheer magnitude of this God-love.  So as a means of providing us with a more intimate and microcosmic perspective of this macrocosmic truth, we are given the opportunity to share and express this greatest of feelings in a much more personal way.  As such, our interpersonal relationships, be they with a child, a mother, a father, a husband, a wife, a lover, a friend, or any of the unlimited combinations that exist in our spectrum of possibilities actually become a simple personification of God’s love made manifest.  To feel the sheer depth of love one can have between a father to his daughter, or a mother to her child, or a husband to his wife, or the passion of a newfound love just formed, or simply the love of your pet, is to glimpse but a thimble full of the power and majesty of God’s love in existence.  There are simply no words that do it justice, but you at least have a glimpse, a feeling of what it is so as to provide you with hope, strength, inspiration, and meaning. 

So as we celebrate this Valentine's Day, may you experience the absolute power of love in its most wonderful expression, whatever form that love may take.  May this love be unconditional and unceasing.  May the love you find externally only enhance your love of self, and may you find joy and happiness in its infinite glow.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

Friday, February 8, 2013


I have been so remiss in posting this wonderful video series (my humble apology), but I had a chance to replay it and really found it to be so timely right now.  This series is a very interesting and important dialogue between two incredibly insightful sisters, Melissa Higginbotham and Sandy West.  The Topic of the discussion is MONEY CONSCIOUSNESS. CHAPTER 1, PART 1.  Their views are unique, refreshing and extremely thought provoking.  I suspect you may never look at money the same way again.  They also have a number of other videos focusing on a vast array of Spiritual topics.  I give them all 2 thumbs up (more if I had extra thumbs) so enjoy, let me know what you think, and thank you.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Losing My Religion, Gaining My Spirituality

This past week, I listened with great interest to the NPR featured series entitled Losing Our Religion.  I found it most intriguing, in that during the course of the narrative it talked about how so many people in America have moved away from their core religious beliefs into a more secular space of either agnosticism or atheism.  What I found most interesting about the series however, was in my view the glaring omission of one key aspect of this incredibly important transitional process; that of moving through this pivotal phase towards a potentially greater and more nuanced spirituality, while falling away from outmoded, inflexible and dogmatic religious beliefs.

This omission intrigues me because from my own personal perspective and experience, this transitional course is more a part of the natural spiritual progression that most Souls are likely to take in their long-term quest for true enlightenment. I believe this phase (and yes, from a reincarnational Soul perspective I do consider it a phase) to be a kind of weigh station in the ongoing movement towards Spiritual awareness and personal divine understanding. Before something new can grow, something else must first fall away.  I know in my own spiritual journey, I transitioned multiple times from a number of religious and spiritual paths, each time bringing me closer to a greater and more intimate relationship with Divine Source.  I would be remiss if I didn’t state that this road has not been an easy one, and along the way I’ve had to deal with some jarringly painful resets and reaffirmations in my spiritual understanding and commitment to the ultimate search for truth.  I am, however, undaunted in my quest and commitment to finding my way back home, helping as many as I can along the way awaken to their own true purpose and intention.

One key component of my personal steadfastness towards this ultimate journey is an unflinching commitment to the seeking of truth wherever I may find it.  This outlook and perspective is what I believe to be the only true way of Soul’s quest for genuine enlightenment.  It has served me well these many years.  While I would imagine that most of you would also probably espouse to this aspirational metric of truth, the reality is that it is a much trickier and fleeting application than one might admit, fraught with deceptions and disappointments at every turn.  The fact of the matter is that more people tend to fall into the category of “Gatekeepers” than Truth Seekers.  What I mean by gatekeeper is a person who may claim to seek ultimate truth, but will aggressively defend any challenge, contradiction, or potential threat to their current belief system or paradigm.  There way is THE way.  This individual will hold to their beliefs with irrational steadfastness, regardless of any rational argument or counterpoint that they may be confronted with.  A truth seeker in this same situation will be more apt to weigh all aspects of an argument or thing (no matter how uncomfortable), determining what works for them in their own personal quest for truth.  This individual is likely to stay with a belief system for a time, but may ultimately outgrow it, asking questions that cannot be answered by their current paradigm, and move away to something that is more nourishing and spiritually fulfilling for them.  This is the way of the truth seeker.  It can be a lonely road, but the goal is ultimately why we exist.

Please understand that I am in no way standing in judgment of anyone, far from it.  Truth be told, there were moments in my life when I was as strong a gatekeeper as there ever could be, simultaneously believing that I was a truth seeker.  But when old beliefs were challenged by new paradigms that shook me to my core, I had to look at them squarely and determine if these greater concepts were in alignment with my deeper spiritual (gut) instincts; were they consistent with the nudge I was getting from my Higher Self?  When the answer was ultimately yes, I had to move on regardless of the cost.  So I speak from experience, having lived on both sides of this fence.

I believe that world religions are extremely important portals and conduits for spiritual growth and education, but I also believe that we as Soul, as enlightened beings re-awakening to our true origins, were never meant to park forever in one belief system for life.  I feel that Religions by their very nature have some legitimate aspects of the truth, but no religion has all of the truth.  They are a means to a greater end but not an end in themselves.  It is incumbent upon each of us to do the personal work necessary to uncover the truth and reconnect the many puzzle pieces that make up our truth.  Ultimately, we come to a point in our own spiritual evolution where we realize that WE are our own path to God.  

This reality exists within the backdrop of an ongoing march of Religious fundamentalism throughout our world today.  Religions have in many ways been unfortunately co-opted by those who would manipulate and change its original intentions into a toxic mix of selective truth coupled with outrageous, irrational deception.  This irrational dogmatic thinking has resulted in justifications for the most horrific acts of terrorism known to man, all under the guise of serving God.  This must end, our lives depend on it.  

Again, I cannot make this point plain enough; in the final analysis, you are your own path to God.  You must find your truth and take your journey; the journey that was meant for you.  This is the same journey that those we have historically considered to be Saints, Messiahs, and Prophets have taken.  Did they come to this earth in search of the best religion? No.  Did they come to this earth to propagate a religion?  No.  They came to this earth in search of ultimate truth, and in their Divine quest and success became a light for others to follow.  This light was designed to help others find their own way, using these Spiritual Masters and icons as archetypes (examples) to help show all of us the way, not by worshipping them but by loving them and replicating (as best as possible) what they did to personally find your own Divine light.  We all have the same potential.  We only need to exercise our inalienable Spiritual rights.  Hopefully we will all take this journey, meeting up at some point along this golden road to share our experiences.  I look forward to seeing you on that road and trading epic stories of our adventures together. Namaste.