Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What Is Love?

Throughout time, poets, philosophers, priests, scientists, psychiatrists and just plain folk have pondered, analyzed and contemplated the true meaning of love. Is it simply a biochemical reaction in the brain brought on by some outside stimuli, or something far beyond our limited physical perception and capacity to understand?  Often when the subject of love comes up, it tends to move immediately to aspects of relationships, courtships, and the complications therein.  But love is so much greater than this one small prism.  

From my own personal perspective, I've come to understand that love is the quintessential dynamic force that creates all things. It is the essence and energy of Source itself.  Despite the many miasms that plague our current predicament on this physical plane, the multiverse is in actual fact based on a Love-centric system.  We exist because of God-Source’s love for us.  This love is unconditional, and with it, we are given free will to do as we want, understanding that within this love system are checks and balances that must be exercised and fulfilled.  But the absolute essence of Source, of All That Is, is love.  

From this perspective, we as Divine Sparks of God energy may have difficulty in conceptualizing the sheer magnitude of this God-love.  So as a means of providing us with a more intimate and microcosmic perspective of this macrocosmic truth, we are given the opportunity to share and express this greatest of feelings in a much more personal way.  As such, our interpersonal relationships, be they with a child, a mother, a father, a husband, a wife, a lover, a friend, or any of the unlimited combinations that exist in our spectrum of possibilities actually become a simple personification of God’s love made manifest.  To feel the sheer depth of love one can have between a father to his daughter, or a mother to her child, or a husband to his wife, or the passion of a newfound love just formed, or simply the love of your pet, is to glimpse but a thimble full of the power and majesty of God’s love in existence.  There are simply no words that do it justice, but you at least have a glimpse, a feeling of what it is so as to provide you with hope, strength, inspiration, and meaning. 

So as we celebrate this Valentine's Day, may you experience the absolute power of love in its most wonderful expression, whatever form that love may take.  May this love be unconditional and unceasing.  May the love you find externally only enhance your love of self, and may you find joy and happiness in its infinite glow.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

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