Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Daily Contemplation

The greatest power that we yield as Divine Consciousness is the power to determine what we choose to think, what we choose to place into our conscious awareness.  So much of existence is spent processing information, opinions, viewpoints, and thoughts (both positive and negative) from sources outside of ourselves.  In the process we sometimes fall victim to the "Lemming Effect", caught up in group-think unable to form our own opinions or process our own feelings. 

It is always important to me that we as individual sparks of God live in a state of cause, and not unknowing effect.  Within this framework must come a conscious effort to fill oneself with only that which will create our own chosen outcomes.  Remember, what we think is what will out-picture in our own personal universe.  

With this in mind, I wanted to pass on a personal 'Daily Contemplation' that you might find helpful and useful in your ongoing quest to create love and positivity in your life.  I hope you find it helpful, as it has proven to be a very useful affirmation for me:

A Daily Contemplation
by Darrell Johnson

From this moment forward, I awaken to the oneness of All That Is and Its unconditional love.   
I now understand that while I am also an individual spark of Divine awareness, I am God and God is me, and that it has always been this way.   
Now “We” embark on this new day neutral and balanced to outside events that unfold, and are humble, mindful and grateful that they serve as divine challenges to embrace, lessons to learn, and opportunities to expand and grow.   
From this moment forward, we exist within the power of love, understanding that God is love, and we are one with It.   
We too identify and understand that we are one with our surroundings, and all whom we come in contact with, regardless of whether they are aware or not.

We acknowledge that the road to God awareness and consciousness seems lonely sometimes, but that this is only an illusion for we are never alone.   
We understand that everything in life is Spiritual, and that we walk on Holy Ground everyday.   
We embrace our role as a conscious channel for Spirit, and that our light derived from an unlimited ocean of love will be used to touch and heal those around us.   
From now on we live within God’s conscious awareness and embark on our life’s journey, knowing that we create our reality by virtue of our thoughts.   
We are thankful for this perfect day filled with miracles and possibilities, and we know that God’s wonders will always be.