Sunday, January 17, 2010

Time to Step Up

Ok, where are you now? How are you feeling? Are you in balance? Are you in a happy place, a loving place? Are you taking good care of yourself? Are you honoring your relationships? How is your diet? Are you exercising regularly? Does your exercise include a physical and spiritual emphasis? Are you meditating or some other form of daily inner work? Are you finding time to embrace the silence? Are you handling your outer stress better? Are you reading and/or taking in things of a high vibration? Are you striving for greater awareness every day? Is your inner light shining bright? Well…?

I’m sure you must be asking why all these questions and who are they directed towards. Well if you don’t already know, I’m speaking to those of you have either just recently awakened and come online to your true identity as Soul, or those of you who have had your lights on for some time now, but may be slacking off a bit. How are you? As for why, it’s really quite simple. You see, right now the energies and vibrations of our universe and specifically our planet are increasing exponentially, and it is so very important that we all do our respective parts to align ourselves with the flow of these energies and the ascension that is already occurring, and will continue to occur. In this new year, it’s time to do an honest self-assessment of where you are and what you’re doing (non-judgmental of course), and determine where you may be in the process; this is your wake up call folks. This inquiry is designed to impart a little bit of tough love to all of you out there, because depending on where you are right now or what you are or aren’t doing, it is now time to step up; we need your energy.

If you are awakened, are you living the life of an aware spiritual being? Are you doing the daily work necessary to get your inner and outer self in balance? Are you connecting with your higher self in a conscious, knowing way? Are you asking for help and guidance when you need it from your many loving Angels and spiritual guides, your inner family always ready and waiting to provide for you whatever you may need? Bottom line, are you walking the talk of a conscious, awakened Lightworker? If not, why not? Not judging, just asking.

Perhaps it’s because of the seemingly constant demands placed on you in these uncertain times by 3D existence, to continue the daily grind that a survival mentality requires. Perhaps it’s simply the conditioning you’ve received by virtue of the many incarnations we’ve all had on this earth and the intoxication that Maya (illusion) so strategically plays on each of us to forget who and what we are; that this is the illusion, not the reality. Whatever the reason may be, snap out of it! : )

It’s your time now. It’s your moment to step up. It is the beginning of the final leg of your journey in 3D. It’s just about graduation time. But ascension won’t be handed to you on a silver platter; you have to do the work. You have to step up and do what is necessary to prepare yourself for the inevitable shift that is already taking place. The transition really isn’t that hard, but it does require a commitment to a conscious shift in attitude and intention. You have to want this. You have to be a conscious conduit of love. There is a wonderful quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that says, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” I’ve always loved this quote because it speaks directly to the idea of personal empowerment and the ability to decide for yourself what you choose to accept or not accept. With this as a template, Eleanor’s quote could just as easily be restated, “No one can make you feel anything without your consent,” or even “No one can impact your consciousness without your willing intention.” You have the power to choose what you accept into your consciousness. This is your inherent power; your inalienable right. Illusion simply makes you forget, and fear is an illusion. The awakened individual no longer falls victim to this trap, and lives his/her life in a conscious, aware and loving way. The awakened individual does not rest on his/her laurels, but does the daily work necessary to consistently maintain a higher state of vibration. This vibration is necessary to both protect you and allow you to serve as one of the many spiritual vessels necessary to help the planet and everything in it ascend in the perfect way. We are conscious lightworkers, and there is no need to take a vacation from this state of being because in so many ways it is the freedom we have always sought. Why, because we are consciously connected to Source in all of its love and glory at all times. We remember what our true missions are and what our tasks at this pivotal moment of NOW should be. We are in a constant state of bliss because we know what Divine truth is. Most importantly, we know that the multiverse was created through Divine Love.

Whatever you need to do, whomever you need to speak to, wherever you need to go in order to connect, plug yourself back in and amp it up! Source loves you unconditionally, but as the old saying goes, “God cannot do for you what it can only do through you.” Be the channel, the conscious channel that you are. Do your spiritual work daily to maintain that heightened vibration you know will keep you above the fray. Remember, you are God itself; there is no separation. You only need remember and all will be here for you. You just need to roll up your sleeves and get to it. Much love and light.