Sunday, January 24, 2010

Embracing the Silence (True, Necessary, and Kind)

As seekers of the light, as awakened Souls, part of our ongoing exercise during this lifetime is to refine our personal levels of awareness and spiritual skill sets in order to become optimal channels for Divine love. Within this refinement comes an innate understanding that where your thoughts are will invariably be where you reside. To put it another way, our personal universe is determined by our state of consciousness and the thoughts and feelings we choose to allow in it. Throughout history, man/woman has sought to discipline these thoughts and embrace the light, even while living in a world of pain, fear, struggle, and darkness. Some have resorted to extreme measures of spiritual depravity through vows of poverty and celibacy, hoping ultimately for absolution in the end. Still others have chosen a monastic existence vowing an oath of silence. This particular modality is one that I’d like to focus on briefly, not so much from the standpoint of a separation from societal challenges into the more communal existence of an ashram, but more from the standpoint of embracing the power of silence as a tool for living the spiritual life while engaged in the world of 3D and all of its limitations, personal foibles and “mind” fields.

The silence that I speak of has less to do with non-communication to any and all you may encounter, and more to do with the exercise of what has often been called right-discrimination. This right-discrimination has as one of its key features the ability to determine what is appropriate and/or not appropriate to think, say or do in any given situation, and the internal mechanism (the internal filter) used to help replace any lower based thoughts and energies with higher, more refined levels of consciousness. For so long, we have been conditioned within 3rd dimensional existence to accept and embrace gossip, selfishness, slander, ridicule, deception, mean spiritedness, and an overall Machiavellian spirit as just the way the world is, almost dismissing it as simply being part of normal acceptable behavior instead of the scourge of lower fear-based consciousness that it truly is. As lightworkers, this level of consciousness can no longer be tolerated as acceptable behavior; not because of any hard and fast rules dictated from outside, but because they are no longer consistent with the higher vibrational energies of Divine love that now flow through you.

In achieving this embrace of silence, I would like to share something I learned quite a while ago that may be very important in achieving this goal. There is a long held understanding in evolutionary consciousness of a simple rule; a litmus test through which everything that you think, say or do should be filtered through. Within this prism of right-discrimination are three basic questions that should always be invoked:

- Are what you are about to say, think and/or do TRUE, NECESSARY, and KIND?

Notice that I used the word “and” instead of “or” in the three choices posed. This is because in order for the filter to be effective, all three criteria must be met. You may have something to say that you consider true, but is not necessary or kind. You may have something that you consider to be true and necessary, but again is not kind. You get the idea. All three categories need to be met in order to fulfill this filtering process. Obviously, in extreme circumstances, exceptions might have to be made in resolving issues, but as a general rule, this criteria should always apply. Give it a try; see how you do. If you are true to this exercise, you will discover something extraordinary and immediate. The vast majority of what you may be saying to others will become noticeably restricted, since much of our conversation is often filled with gossip and mean-spiritedness. You will find yourself becoming more and more quiet, ultimately embracing the silence. As I said before, it is a means to an end, not an end in itself. At first it may seem a real challenge; it certainly was for me. But after a while you find that something very transformative occurs. Perhaps those within your social circle to whom you had considered “friends” may begin to fall away, because you realize that the only thing you had in common with them was gossip or the putting down of others. When they say something negative, you either give it no energy or counter it with something positive. Your social circle will begin to look at you differently and perhaps even turn on you because who you were is no longer who you are, and as the old saying goes, “If you can’t change your friends, change your friends.” Things begin to fall away that are no longer consistent with your state of consciousness and spiritual growth. In the long run the rules that you live by are of the highest spiritual vibration, and the circle of your relationships begin to adjust to meet this new state.

Some may view your kindness as a sign of weakness, but what they don’t yet understand is that you are not doing this for their sake, you are living within your truth, and that while they are still existing in the illusion, your inner strength and awareness of “reality” is moving you far beyond 3rd dimensional conditioning. It is just one of the many sub-plots of waking up to your true identity as Soul. So to recap, embracing the silence is an end result to refining your internal filter so as to live, love, communicate, and exist from the highest spiritual vibration; the highest Divine realm. Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind? If not, there’s no need to say it, think it, or be it. When you live within this consciousness, your inner light will begin to shine ever so bright, your inner chatter begins to quiet down and is replaced by the loving energies of Source. You are moving closer to ascension and your personal universe is being changed forever. Don’t forget to wear your shades.