Sunday, March 8, 2009

We Already Know

When the light bulb comes on and we begin to awaken into a conscious understanding of our true selves, many amazing things begin to occur within us. Through our universal mind connection things begin to filter in, eventually becoming a flood of insight and reconnection. We begin to realize that the knowledge that is flowing through us has always been there (here) and we are only lifting the fog of memory to re-acquaint ourselves with it.

We need to remember and come into alignment with these important points; we are Soul, an eternal spark of God essence and awareness. We inhabit a body; a super bio-computer that allows us to function in the physical and process the data of life, making informed and intuitive decisions and choices based on the input we receive and in accordance with the level of awareness we have attained. We learn new things (hopefully) everyday and incorporate this newfound knowledge into our daily habits, developing Pavlovian responses that hard wire us on a day-to-day basis. As we begin to ascend into the nuanced levels of spiritual unfoldment (an inevitability in Soul’s journey), we begin to realize something that is at once startling and simultaneously freeing; all of the information that we have been coming to understand and accept are things that have always been inside of us but we forgot. Our knowledge of life is in fact not a process of learning, but a process of remembering what we already know.

It’s all here, inside you and me here and now. Everything that we could ever hope to know and understand is within our Spiritual receptors. The trick becomes how do we get to the knowing? There is a marvelous passage found in a website called The Reluctant Messenger, which articulates this sentiment of knowing quite beautifully. It reads:

: The knowing is not the thoughts :
: The knowing is not the feelings :
: The knowing is not the body :
: The knowing is not the mind :
: :
: The knowing is found beyond the thoughts :
: The knowing is found without the feelings :
: The knowing continues when the body does not :
: The knowing transcends the mind :
: :
: The knowing is found within :
: The knowing is sometimes forgotten :
: The knowing is never gone :
: The knowing is for you to find :
: :
: The knowing is who you are :
: The knowing is where you have been :
: The knowing is where you are going :
: The knowing is knowing you know

When I first read this I felt quite a chuckle inside because it resonated so deeply with me. In my own experience I have gone into that deep and important place that allows you to tap into the Cosmic Consciousness of existence and find the macrocosm while still in the microcosm. Meditation, contemplation and inner spiritual stillness are the tools we all must use and reconnect with to get to this celestial center. It is within all of us to acquire, but we must tune in to get it; it won’t come to us, we must go to it. When I say “tune in” I am being quite literal, because within the stillness, beyond the chatter of the mind and thoughts and emotions is found the connection to All That Is. We tap into the allness of existence. We become one with Source. It is here that we realize that we are God itself, temporarily separated from the awareness of this omniscience but in fact never separate from it. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are all sparks of this God force.

But we must tune in to the correct spiritual frequency in order to get to this wonderful place. It takes practice. It takes desire. It takes patience. But most of all, it takes surrender and love. This is the act of showing and sending love to that from which you were created. We must find that quiet place and do the spiritual exercises that resonate best with us. I am not here to tell you what specifically to do; that is for you to ascertain based on your own unique spiritual journey and insights. There’s no one way, but it does require a dedication (or rededication) to the practicing of this important process.

Now more than ever, it is important that we turn off the television, unplug the ipod, put the computer in hibernation mode, turn off the lights, say hello to Source and just be. Your true home awaits you and is ready to give you all that the kingdom has to provide, but you must take the steps necessary to get there (here). Awaken to One is a verb; a declaration of action, but then you already knew that.