Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tap Into Your Higher Self

Angels, archangels, saints, guides, ascended masters, these many wondrous entities and archetypes have captivated our collective imagination and consciousness for eons, creating strong fascinations with spirituality, belief in miracles, and a magnified inner longing for connection with Source. They have served as the personifications of religious and spiritual perfection, and templates for our own personal development and growth (What would _____ do?). Many of these ideals have also served as conduits for a petition with God, and in many respects, have become intercessors for a hopeful direct connection with All That Is. While it can indeed be wonderful and inspiring to use these many powerful inner matrices as a means of gaining enlightenment and providing a source of focus for the attainment of God’s gifts and miracles, it is important that we place these cosmically conscious spiritual energies into a larger context of spiritual enlightenment; that of providing temporary succor while we grow and develop our own personal means of ultimate spiritual unfoldment.

What all too often tends to get lost or overlooked while tapping into the energies of spiritual intermediaries is that the greatest ally each of us possesses is already within us. What is missed in all of this is that our greatest source of strength, unlimited insight and knowledge, and the key to ascension itself all comes from our own higher self. We are our own true path to God. It is wonderful to connect with Angels and the like, and yes they do exist (I’ve had my own experiences), but one should be focusing their primary attention on channeling their higher self, their direct connection to Source itself. You need nothing else but you, for you are a spark of the Divine itself.

Just to provide a brief snapshot into the inner cosmology of your true essence:

1. You possess a physical body, but you are not that body. The spark of awareness that drives this biological unit in 3D, and is the eternal center of awareness that is you is known as Soul,
2. You are Soul, capable of controlling this biological machine and process information in the 3D spectrum through our bio-computer known as the brain, but we also have the capacity to leave our physical body and travel into the inner worlds of creation. This is most often done in the dream state but can also be done through meditation and projection,
3. Our inner Soul awareness is only one aspect of a collective consciousness that is us, containing a myriad of experience through incarnation after incarnation, all taking place simultaneously within the illusion of time. There is in fact a higher aspect to this consciousness collective, which is called an Oversoul. This is a key provider of spiritual insight and enlightenment, and is tapped directly into the universal consciousness of Source allowing us cosmic consciousness and the ability to tap into any aspect of understanding we may wish; we only need to learn how to connect into this energy on a conscious, regular basis.

There are even greater aspects of personal awareness beyond this point, ultimately leading to Source itself, but we’ll stop here for now (this is enough to absorb and process for one entry). What is most important to take away here is that all you need in order to gain universal (and multiversal) enlightenment is all within you now. You need only accept that it is here and begin to learn how to consciously tap into this unlimited pool of awareness, for it is you. This is ultimately the goal. While guides, angels and ascended masters can be wonderful, they are only stepping stones, a means to a greater end, not an end in itself. After all is said and done, you are your only true path to Source, for the goal is to awaken to your true self, your incredible multi-layered, multi-dimensional essence. This is where we are all headed. You truly have your own back. You need not worry whom to trust when it is of you. Your collective consciousness, which eventually takes on a WE focused perspective, ultimately has everything you need.

During this amazing time of ascension, it is very important that this point be brought into the lexicon of mass spiritual dialogue. My reason for being so adamant about this is a simple yet significant one. As we all collectively come online in our own respective spiritual awakenings, we will be enticed to open ourselves up for channeling other energies that are not our own. Yes, it is true that we are ultimately all connected as sparks of divine awareness to the ONE, but some energies are more connected than others, with intentions that are sometimes less noble than others. You should love God and all that IT has created, but you should also keep your shields up. Do not become seduced and/or intoxicated by the swan songs of enlightenment from sources that claim ascension, but do so by inviting you to channel their energies, for many of these energies can be deceptive and may lull you into a false sense of well-being, ultimately pulling you into a bait-and-switch scenario of dark intent. Any true ascended master, angel and/or multi-dimensional entity that is Service to Others and of the light would be encouraging you to tap into your higher self, not channel something or someone else. So be careful.

Ultimately, you are your own path to God. Ultimately, you are all that you need to get back home to Source. This is by design. All of the spiritual giants from Jesus to Buddha and Mohammed, whom have become the sources of today’s many world religions, all came to this ultimate personal divine understanding within themselves. They became their own way and their own light back home. We should use them as inspirations and examples, but we should ultimately awaken to our own higher essence. This is what Source always intended, for we are Source itself; we just forgot.

In future discussions, we will delve further into how to enhance this personal connection with your higher self, but for now it’s good to just contemplate that you do have a higher self (selves), and on the other key message contained in this writing. Love All That Is, but keep your shields up. No one can make you do anything without your consent. Namaste.