Saturday, July 25, 2009

Connecting to Your Higher Self

Scenario 1: You’re rushing out the door for your morning commute. As you head to the bus stop, a clear mental impression comes to you, “You left your wallet on the dresser.” Immediately you check to find out that your wallet is missing. You run back to the residence and get your wallet, hoping you’re not late for work.

Scenario 2: You’re driving in your car not sure where you’re going, but you have a general sense of direction. Your inner guidance tells you to turn left, then right, then left again. You see the highway sign up ahead leading to the on-ramp you’ve been looking for, and you feel relieved and grateful for the help you’ve been given.

Scenario 3: You’re at a pivotal moment where you have to make an important decision; a crossroad between two or more delicate options, and you do not have all of the information necessary to formulate a clear choice. You’re intuitive nature kicks in and you begin to trust your instincts (follow your gut), resulting in what becomes the perfect solution.

These are but a few every day examples of a connection we all have (and have had from the beginning) with something that has always been there (here) with us, but many of us have as yet failed to recognize what it is. As we are all Divine sparks of All That Is, we are in fact the microcosm of the macrocosm of existence and have a direct link to Source. This link is in the form of something that has come to be known simply as our Higher Self; the true essence of who and what we are within the Divine connectedness of Source. Some have given it the tags and groupings of Universal Mind or Cosmic Consciousness, and I don’t dispute these references, but for me it is much more personal than this.

My higher self is me, beyond the ether and illusion of physical reality and restriction, completely connected and in tuned with Source, allowing my physical manifestation to experience what it needs in order to fill in the gaps of knowingness already possessed. It is alive and simultaneously aware of what is going on in my physical existence and expanding multi-verse. It is completely aware of inter-dimensional existence beyond space-time and is constantly growing in awareness while I physically grow in my current life. It is working with me and within multiple reincarnational experiences simultaneously, and often allows me to connect with these varied states of consciousness and identities while in the dream state. My higher self is my inner connectedness with all of existence, constantly feeling the infinite love of God at all times. An absolutely excellent fictional reading that describes in great detail what I am referencing here is a book by Jane Roberts entitled, The Oversoul Seven Trilogy. It is currently out of print but still available at some bookstores.

My higher self is my best friend, always companion, absolute confidant, eternal compatriot, and constant advisor and protector. It is an amazingly important layer of the Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent Divine energy known as Source. If God is the ocean, then my Higher Self is the iceberg, and I am merely the tip. I attribute my Higher Self with authoring most of what I share in these blogs. Goodness knows that most times when I read back on what I have shared, I am often amazed at where it came from, but I trust it and know that it comes freely and willingly whenever I request and summon it. What is important to understand here is that I am no different from anyone else. My only difference (if any) is that I am consciously aware of this partnership and work on a daily basis to develop and strengthen the relationship so as to help “us” grow.

It is worth noting here that if there is a Higher Self, there is also a polar opposite. This opposite can best be described as the Little Self. It is the emotional body; it is the child. It is the bio-computer that we all possess and move around in on the physical. It is the irrational narcissistic side of each and every one of us that fights with us constantly for the sole purpose of self-gratification with no consideration for outcome. It is within these polarities of consciousness that many of us live while on the physical. As is consistent with the law of free will, our Higher Self will advise and make aware, but will not force us to make any decision we do not wish to make. This is a part of the growing process, and it is hoped that after banging ones head enough times, we will eventually come to trust that our inner guidance is being provided for our eternal good.

Throughout this dialogue I have tried to describe what the Higher Self is, but I have not as yet discussed how to connect with it. The best thing I can say to this is that we are already connected to it. We need only allow ourselves to find that calm within the storm of emotion and stress that plagues us daily, and feel the loving warmth that is always at the core of our being. It is always communicating with us, but we so often ignore its presence. Stop doing this. Strike up an inner conversation and allow the dialogue to progress. Your familiarity is already there. In one of my earlier scenarios, I mentioned something about following your gut. This is a very important inner barometer, which is an integral part of identifying your Higher Self. If the information you are receiving feels intuitively correct, chances are this is the right instinct. We must learn to trust it more and more, and act when it calls.

Much of what I have described here as your higher self could also be an apt description of a personal communication with God. If this is the case, perhaps the next question that arises is how do we know the difference? I submit to you that this may be the wrong question to ask, because it is a question stuck inside an old paradigm of thought that presupposes a separation between various aspects and layers of our existence. As I have said over and over again, WE ARE ONE. Your higher self is God; you are God. When we are connected to our Higher Self, we are connected with Source. So don’t worry about whom specifically you’re talking to. It’s all coming from the same Source anyway. Ponder this for a while; contemplate on it. You’ll start to feel that amazing sensation of oneness when you do. When that happens, embrace it.