Sunday, April 12, 2009

Realign Your God Settings (Part II)

After receiving a number of interesting comments from my last entry (Realign Your God Settings), I thought it might be a good idea to continue on this consciousness track a bit further. I will indeed be discussing in future dialogues a lot of things related to this idea of making sure we are all in vibrational alignment with Spiritual energy so as to benefit from its healing force. From this alignment we can all move higher into a positive evolutionary direction, as is the purpose and function of this Divine energy.

As I had stated before, “…we are in an increasing transitional vortex of universal energy, where things are moving much more rapidly than they were before. As such, we are at a quantum crossroads of opportunity where we can either evolve into a higher state of collective spiritual consciousness, or become trapped for a very, very long time into a stagnating state of course, dense fear-centric consciousness.” In this holographic template we know as the physical, everything around us is composed of varied states and levels of vibrational energy, from the most coarse (mineral state) to the most refined (Soul awareness). Because Soul’s vibrational energy is so high, in order for us to maintain a viable presence in this physical universe we need to occupy and maintain a vehicle that is aligned with this denser physical vibration to express ourselves and have identity on this plane. That vehicle is the human body. Our body is indeed a magnificent temple, and we should be grateful for it and treat it with the utmost respect and care. We must, however, understand that we are not our body; it is simply not us. It is only a vehicle. We are Soul, a Divine spark of God awareness that is eternal. We only inhabit this body, which is in truth nothing more than a highly sophisticated biological computer, for a finite period of time. At the time of expiration, our Soul leaves this temple but our full awareness remains intact as we move about in the inner planes of Spiritual reality. At some point we may choose to reincarnate into another physical form, or remain in the inner worlds pursuing our own personal evolutionary course.

While we are in this physical form however, it is important to understand from a Spiritual perspective how this machine operates, and what are the many influences that can be placed upon it. In a manner of speaking, we (Soul and body) are all highly refined transmitters for electro-magnetic energy and influence. While we may or may not be consciously aware of it, we are constantly being bombarded (and in some cases influenced) by these electromagnetic forces all the time. These forces often have direct influences on our feelings and emotions, which begs the question, are we our thoughts and feeling? To this I would say no. Depending on the close alignment with your own vibrational energy and ability to receive, you may or may not be able to consciously perceive these energies but they can effect you just the same. These vibrational sources can range from magnetic tidal forces along with full moon and gravitational influences to feelings of paranoia as a result of strong EMF fields while near electrical outlets or larger electrical grids like telephone wires, or even computer screens.

Everything is energy, and our physical machine can be directly or indirectly influenced by this energy. Like a computer has software to operate its systems, our biological computer software system comes in the form of what we call DNA. This DNA stores all of the minute information about us and affects our ability to communicate both within the physical spectrum and in the inner worlds. Not only does it contain the software protocols that operate our human system, it is also vulnerable to software downloads in the form of electromagnetic energies as well as biological influences. All have an impact on the operating systems of the body and can affect optimum output and performance of this bio-machine. This is why it is important to take care of your body (what you put into it nutritionally and through exercise), as well as what vibrational energies and influences you allow into your consciousness. This latter part goes into my earlier discussion about modern technology and the need to reconnect with Spirit through silent meditation/contemplation and nature. If we continue this computer analogy a bit further, we realize that stress can be considered a software program (perhaps even a computer virus) that over time has a direct negative influence on the body and its ability to function properly. Disease is more often than not caused by “dis-ease”, or stresses on the body that eventually manifest into physical forms such as cancer and other medical conditions.

Now I’m not a scientist nor do I play one on TV, but through my own in depth research I have begun to uncover more and more empirical evidence of how this magnificent machine operates beyond our limited physical senses. As such, we all need to be consciously aware that our current surroundings are influencing us in ways that we may not be aware of, and not necessarily to our benefit. Again, I encourage all of you to look deeper into the realities that are all around us and peel back the onion of information and Spiritual awareness further to gain these many insights for yourself. I will always attempt to bring things of this nature to light for you, but you have to do your own heavy lifting in terms of research and inner dialogue to connect with the omnipresent and omniscient force that is always in and around us. Once we begin to tap into this energy at will, there is nothing that can stop or harm us. However, as long as we continue to live our lives from the limited perceptions of the physical and its inherent illusions of separation and non-connectedness, we will forever be trapped in the coarse energies that will only hold us back from our true purpose. It’s time to make a change in your perception. It’s time to break from the confines of conventional thinking and seek truth for truth’s sake; wherever it may lead you. Everything I say to you in these writings are not designed to be taken at face value, but challenged and researched so as to resonate to your own personal state of consciousness. You are not your body and you are not your thoughts. You are Soul. It is time to live from this perspective and see things as they really are. I will be digging deeper into these truths as we move forward, and I look forward to your insights and dialogue as we make this trek together.