Sunday, June 21, 2009

Here and Now

Where are you now? What are you doing? Are you here or are you there? Is it day or night? What do you perceive at this very moment in time? What is time? Are you aware of it now? What did you do an hour ago? Can you bring it back into the now? What would you like to do in the future? Can you see it in your mind’s eye here and now? All of these questions are related to perceptual awareness and have a direct correlation to our sense of infinite awareness and a basic understanding of the illusion that surrounds us. Like in the movie, The Matrix, we are all perceiving a perceptible universe that appears to be real; when in truth we are all caught up in a collective illusion (Do you want the blue pill, or the red pill?)

This illusion is one that we have been programmed into for the purpose of gaining collective experience, but so many of us have gotten so caught up in the slower density of this particular vibrational awareness that we have lost sight of the true reality; that we are all infinite Soul awareness. We are Soul; we inhabit a body in order to work within this lower world density and gain experience. But because so many of us have forgotten who and what we are and have subsequently identified too closely with the shell that we occupy, we do not realize that in fact we are the ghost in the machine. In truth, the body is just a vehicle that we are using to get around in this course, dense reality. We are divine vibration; we are Source energy. We are infinite awareness; we are divine sparks of All That Is.

You’ve heard me speak of this time and time again, but it is necessary to repeat and repeat and repeat these fundamentals over and over again until everyone begins to understand and investigate this reality about themselves. Here and now is the time to awaken to our true identity. Here and now is the time to become a conscious catalyst for enlightened change. We have the means, we have the power; we need only accept this as our true reality and begin, from this day forward to live within it.

There are those, however, who would have us remain asleep in the illusion. There are levels of consciousness that draw upon fear and dense vibrational energy for sustenance and control. I am not dissuaded in acknowledging that negativity/evil does exist and that it is an intimate part of our perceptual experience, but it is only a polarity of energy present within a vast world of duality. Unlike many who write about spirituality and only focus on the positive and safe aspects of this illusion, I feel it important to understand and acknowledge the opposite polarity as well, so as to be able to identify it when necessary and become conscious cause in the balancing of love polarity and divine light over fear polarity and the dense, debilitating influence it can conjure. Yes, evil does exist, but I place no value judgment on it, I merely understand its intent and serve as a spiritual conduit for love.

I live within conscious cause and divine loving energy that is the foundational makeup of my existence. I am love, as are all of you. Some of you understand this; others have not yet awakened to it or feel worthy of it (another illusion). Here and now, right this moment, know that God loves you unconditionally; that means without condition. It places no value judgment on what you have done or who and what you are. You are a member of the chosen people. Why, because you are awakening into the reality that is you. We are all chosen people created by Source, the only difference between us is that some are consciously aware of it and some are still asleep. Here and now, it is time to awaken to your true identity; to your true destiny. You are Soul, a divine spark of God. Live within this reality. Awaken to the potential that is you. You have nothing to learn. You have only to open up to divine energy and remember. God’s infinite love is with you and in all that you do. Awaken to it.