Sunday, September 6, 2009

Situational Awareness

I have been talking for some time now about awakening to one’s own divinity, to the realization that we are all Divine sparks of God awareness; that in fact we are all Source energy itself, individuated and self aware. Within the context of this awakening comes a few interesting perks. These perks include a conscious and growing recognition that we now control our destiny and fate by virtue of what we think, and that we can create and manifest anything we want in accordance with the spiritual laws of the universe. But one of the most fundamental gifts of awakening is that we start to become more and more aware of ourselves, our true purpose, and the myriad of things that are going on around us, both from the most obvious to the most subtle and discreet. The veils of illusion begin to drop away and we are left with clear, discernable and unfettered understandings of life in all of its dimensions. But this awareness often includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. There is an old and well-worn saying that goes “Ignorance is bliss”. This sentiment was very well illustrated in the movie, The Matrix “…do you want the blue pill or the red pill?” Knowing changes things, for when you know, you can never go back. It is within this framework that I write this current entry, for awakening in its most fundamental realization, means seeing things as they truly are; raw, clear, and uncensored.

There is a term that is used in both military and technology related circles, as well as public affairs arenas, and serves as a very good frame of reference for this conversation. It is known as situational awareness. Situational awareness in its basic understanding is being aware of one’s surroundings both from the standpoint of what is within your control and what is not within your control, in order to formulate proper conclusions, decisions, plans, strategies, tactics and directions that will ensure desired outcomes. It is a keen perception of what is going on around you and how it impacts the decisions you make. It can also be considered the degree of accuracy by which one's perception of his current environment mirrors reality. When one perceives something, they become aware not just of the existence of the thing, but based on previous experiences in life, what the implications are both for you and within your sphere of awareness. But perception can often be manipulated to suit the whims of the manipulator, so the utilization and strengthening of all of your newly acquired senses will become increasingly vital. It is important to not always take things at face value. Healthy skepticism can be a good thing, for it means digging deeper to get to truth.

Our society for far too long has been dummied down to the degree that people know less and less about the world they live in and what is going on within it. On a daily basis we are fed intellectual and psychosocial pablum by the entertainment-centric media machine, and many have become addicted to this 24/7 information cycle filled with little substance and so much hype (garbage in, garbage out). With reality television, exploitative entertainment news cycles and hard news stories that carry an increasing amount of editorial opinion (right, left and center) and less and less objective news content, our opinions and beliefs are being shaped and molded in a manner that does not allow people to exercise very much independent thought at all. This is the age of the sound-byte and information is being taken in and accepted at face value. As such, few people are digging deeper to find the more intimate and subtle aspects of the “truth” they are being fed. We’re getting information overload and as such are finding it harder and harder to contemplate on any one thing long enough to formulate a balanced and nuanced point of view. This is the sad state of affairs (and awareness) our world currently faces.

I say all of this to implore each and every one of you to look deeper into that which you currently call truth and reality. Look deeper both from the context of your own more nuanced inner understanding of self through the daily practices of meditation, contemplation and inner spiritual travel, to peeling back the onion of information being given to us on a daily basis. Remember, you are the microcosm of the macrocosm; you are a spark of God awareness with all of the tools and capabilities that such a creation embodies. Now is the time to start exercising this awareness within you. It is the time to begin developing and expanding your (extra) sensory awareness to the degree that you will be better able to discern the wheat from the chaff, the fact from the fiction. As the cosmic energy begins to speed up more and more, the awakened will better see the things around them as they truly are, whether that truth is pleasant or otherwise. When that awareness becomes clear, it will be time to act. It will be time to do your part in making this world a better place for all mankind. There is no fear, for you live in eternity, and you begin to realize that part of your current mission (in this incarnation) is in fact to awaken at this point in time and do your part.

The truth is out there if you have the curiosity to look and the courage of your convictions to want to know. Not everything is fun and rosy in Whoville, but we all have the power to make things better. We just need to build the collective will to do so, and the unstoppable spiritual consensus to make it happen. Take the time to start peeling back the onion of truth and existence. The layers are deep, but the truth is there for those willing to look. The question becomes, how deep down the rabbit hole are you willing to go? Don’t worry, your spiritual family (All That Is) has your back.