Thursday, April 22, 2010

Homage to Mother Earth

On this auspicious day known as Earth Day, I wanted to take a moment to pay sincere love and gratitude for this wonderful planet we all live on. Earth is indeed a living thing and our continued existence here is not a guarantee, unless we all do our part to make this world a better, healthier, and happier place. This includes being mindful and respectful of the many resources contained within the earth and exercising an eco-conscious mindset. It also means maintaining a high degree of spiritual awareness and consciousness for we are all connected to this rotating ball of life, and our consciousness and energy have a direct impact on it. So please do your part and honor Mother Gaia.

To signify the importance of protecting our planet and its resources, I wanted to share this wonderful video presentation created by Jordan Chen. Make this day and everyday, Earth Day.

Earth Day (HQ)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Put Your Mask On First

I’m sure you’ve all heard the longstanding example that’s been articulated when trying to convey the importance of taking care of yourself first before you can take care of others. This analogy refers to the in-flight safety checklist performed by flight attendants prior to the take-off of a commercial airline. Included in the explanations of how to fasten your seatbelt and how in the event of landing in water the seat cushion can be used as a flotation device, is the explanation of how to use the emergency oxygen mask. It basically goes like this…“In the event of a sudden change in cabin pressure while the flight is in progress, an emergency oxygen mask will be deployed from the ceiling of all passenger seats. If you are traveling with special needs passengers or small children, please be sure to put your mask on first before assisting with the needs of others…” I’m paraphrasing here, but you get the gist of the instruction. You have to take care of your needs first (so as not to pass out due to lack of oxygen) before helping anyone else with their needs. This in-flight safety example has multiple meanings and has served many a motivational speaker in illustrating the proper progression of directed focus one should use in order to be most effective for themselves and others.

I use this well-worn analogy here because in my own personal life, I have come to realize that this poignant example has an even greater level of spiritual importance than even the obvious parallels would suggest. It speaks directly to a spiritual sequence of events that must take place before any measurable success can be attained in our personal quest for spiritual enlightenment and the manifestational creation of love and abundance in our lives. You see, it’s all about building a strong foundation; the cornerstone of which is self-love. Before any of that other (woo-woo) spiritual stuff can even begin to work, you must first start with a clean spiritual pallet of unconditional self-love. You must first learn to love yourself unconditionally before you can be a conscious co-worker and channel for Source.

As I said, this serves as the foundation…the cornerstone for everything else that you do spiritually in order to have the greatest impact. Think of it this way. You may be going through the proper motions of exercising the laws of attraction and abundance in your life, but if this manifestation is being performed in an internally toxic vessel of fear, worry, and a compromised self-esteem, what do you think will be the outcome; what do you think will out-picture? If these attempts at enlightenment and abundance are being performed in a womb of self-loathing or thinking yourself unworthy, then you are merely sabotaging any attempts at success you may be trying to attain. Another way of looking at this is when you are living from this lower vibrational state of consciousness, you are spiritually misaligned, and subsequently offline. Remember this simple truth, YOU ARE GOD; God is love, therefore you are love. There is no separation because you are Source itself. The feeling of separation is merely an illusion. Begin to express within yourself that you love yourself unconditionally, regardless of whatever you may have screwed up yesterday or an hour ago. Your love of self is not and should not at any time be based on any external reason or excuse (or internal for that matter).

It’s all about choice. You have a 50/50 choice to decide how you want to feel about yourself. You see, what is implicit in this argument but rarely articulated verbally is that by not exercising unconditional love, by default you are practicing a form of unconditional self-loathing. Can you imagine saying an affirmation like that out loud? “I hate myself unconditionally.” Well, you may not be saying this outwardly but this is certainly the energy that we all too often give ourselves while trying to go about our day-to-day existence. THIS MUST CEASE.

So now, let’s assert a new affirmation. Repeat after me, “I am God, …and God is me. I love myself unconditionally.” See, it even rhymes! Repeat this over and over again until you actually start to feel the love building up inside of you like a warm nurturing flame. It is Source love reconnecting and filling in the spaces. When you do this, you are aligning your consciousness with your higher self and with Source. This is the foundation, the strong and essential foundation (like building a sturdy home) that forms the basis for everything else we try to manifest in our lives using the spiritual principles. It’s all about the proper sequence. You have to fuel the inner tank with pristine love first before driving the wonderful spiritual vehicle that is you.

When you live from this center point, there is no fear in the equation. When you live from this consciousness, you become the glowing conduit of love that Source needs and requires in order to light up the world around you. So put your mask on first; love yourself unconditionally first. Feel the power of a conscious recognition that you are of Source. Then go about doing what Source does, creating universes. Happy manifesting everyone!