Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Default Position

I have a humble confession to make. These last few weeks and months have been a bit of a struggle. Certainly my issues are no different than the billions of Souls on this earth today dealing as best they can with the pervasive stresses that society has imposed. From economic uncertainty, joblessness, home foreclosures and depreciations, to rising healthcare costs, disease, the threat of terrorism, political divisiveness and cultural polarization throughout the world; you name it, people are going through quite a lot right now, more than seems fair or even normal. So my own personal difficulties and challenges are simply dealt with in quiet solitude and spiritual introspective fortitude because frankly, they are no different than anyone else’s. It’s rough out there for almost everyone.

That said, there seems to be a kind of ubiquitous internal, emotional and spiritual struggle going on where people are fighting to remain afloat amidst the morass of negativity and social volatility within our mass consciousness today. With this seemingly ongoing negative frequency pulse, even during our current ascension cycle, comes a conscious need for Souls to actively try and maintain a positive, or at least neutral attitude and state of being. There is a saying that I have used time and time again in my writings that states “Heaven must be re-won everyday” (source unknown). What this fundamentally means is that because of a kind of “net” of negative consciousness that seems to have surrounded our world and in some cases our internal state of being, we must consciously, and constantly make a concerted effort towards maintaining a positive spiritual attitude and perspective, even when the world around us seems to be spiraling.

To forfeit your daily maintenance routine for spiritual balance means to fall into a default position; a position of engulfing negativity, depression, anger, and most importantly fear. This is what can and most often does happen when we fail to do our due diligence and keep ourselves emotionally and spiritually above the fray. The rules have not changed. We are still responsible for our own actions and manifestations within our own respective universes. Our personal universe is still directly determined by our state of consciousness; the playing field, however, seems to be stacked a little more against us, so rather than “Just Being” in a state of effortless bliss surrounded by a bubble of loving energy, we have to constantly maintain a conscious effort to keep a protective shield of spiritual energy around us; we are constantly having to tread water (so to speak) so that we don’t succumb to the external stresses and internal bombardment of negative energy. For some, this can be hard work, and if not made a part of our daily routine and ritual, we can sometimes fall prey to feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.

This world that we as human beings have been occupying for millennia has been wrought with coercive manipulation and malevolent intent by many who occupy it, and perhaps in some cases oversee it. History has shown that maintaining the light and love of Source in our hearts has often been a constant struggle, and that keeping this high vibration while living in this dense consciousness of physical energy requires true dedication and vigilance. It’s not easy to stay above the turbulence, but it’s not impossible either.

The deck may be stacked and the playing field may be far from level, but so what. This is the hand we have all been dealt and it is up to all of us to continue the good fight. By good fight, I mean the maintaining of high spiritual ideals and the inner connectedness of God’s love and light permeating our being, even in the midst of outward decay. What it means is first awakening to our true identity as a being of higher consciousness, as one with All That Is. But it also means doing the necessary work, the daily, hourly, moment-by-moment work that is so necessary to maintain our keen awareness and understanding that what we are living in is a holographic illusion of energy. What it means is constantly reminding ourselves that even in the midst of this illusion that we are not our bodies or our circumstances, that our gender, race, ethnicity or cultural heritage are not who we truly are, but are only the external trappings and wrappings we cling to so as to have identity and purpose in this physical realm. The truth is we are more than this, we are divine sparks of Eternal Source. We are God individuated and self-aware.

Yes, heaven must be re-won everyday, and especially now as we are bombarded by the dysfunctional dramas and stresses perpetrated on our mass consciousness in this crazy world. Even when those around us are completely lost in and oblivious to the illusion, and fixated on the world stage play, the awakened one sees the dramas unfolding for what they truly are. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God…" keep your focus on your true identity as a divine, connected spark of Source energy, endowed with the same spiritual rights and abilities as Source itself. You can turn your circumstances around by changing your state of consciousness, regardless of outer conditions and challenges. But you must do and maintain the daily work necessary to get and keep your spiritual vibration strong enough so that pull-through is possible and assured. I write this as much to remind myself of this as I do in sharing with all of you. It’s an easy thing to forget, getting trapped in the illusion; the Maya of life’s drama, but we MUST remain vigilant if we are to find our way back home again. Where we are, here and now, is merely a testing ground, a kind of spiritual boot camp.

On this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I wish you well and hope you all give thanks to one another and take a moment to reconnect with Divine Source, with the hierarchical reality of your higher self. There is an internal spiritual family that is with you at all times, just waiting for the opportunity to help you stay above the fray, but you have to ask for the help. Don’t be afraid to ask, and certainly don’t feel that you are unworthy, for this is an illusory trap of the worst kind. As we give thanks this holiday season for family, friends and life itself, please take a moment of personal introspection to pray and reconnect with that which gives you life, knowing that you are it and it is you. This is what awakening is all about. Stay connected, do the daily work, don’t give in to the fear, and live within the love. Love is what you truly are.