Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Law Of Attraction is Only the Beginning

There has been much discussion and shared insight over the last few years regarding the concept of the Law of Attraction. It is indeed a very powerful concept that once grasped, can and will serve any individual with the power and means to manifest anything they may want in life. Many books have been written on the subject and documentaries such as What the (bleep) Do We Know? and The Secret have provided an abundance of clarity into this most important aspect of our spirito-human experience. Intensive study has been devoted to this fundamental aspect of creational existence. I myself have covered the topic in some detail in my 3 part series, Understanding Belief.

With the abundance of documentation on this popular subject however, there are other more nuanced and supportive spiritual laws working hand-in-hand with this law of attraction that have not been given equal attention. It is these laws in tandem with the overarching law of attraction that can and will ensure success in any manifestational endeavor. This article is being devoted to identifying and understanding this supporting cast, which when combined with the overarching law can and will ensure much greater success. These other aspects consist of:

· The Law of Intention
· The Law of Allowance,
· Inertia (or pull-through)

So that we can provide a foundation for these new concepts, let’s review our understanding of the main law. The Law of Attraction can best be explained as the conscious or unconscious creation of thought patterns that dictate the manifestational reality in a person’s life. This can and often does occur whether an individual is aware of it or not. In other words, if there is something that you truly want or believe can happen, it will. In equal measure however, if you put a lot of attention and thought on the things that you don’t want (through worry), you’ll more than likely create that as well. The creational energy is neutral and does not care either way. If you focus your attention on it, the energetic resonance will work towards manifesting it.

This brings us to the second law (the first on our list) known as the Law of Intention. On the quantum level, pure energy can be thought of as potentiality. It is through intention, which has a direct correlation to desire, that this potentiality becomes directed towards manifestation or outcome. This law allows for the mechanics of the process to occur. The law of intention also states that whatever happens to us in life is created not so much by what we do, but why we are doing it. This law in large part reflects the type of energy you are projecting while trying to manifest the thing you want. In other words, it is the aspect of the manifestation that determines (for example) whether your energy is of noble intent, selfish intent, malicious intent, or otherwise. All of these intentions can and do manifest, but what type of energy is present can have a direct correlation to the degree and type of karma that will be generated when and if the manifestation is completed. Your intention is important because ultimately what happens to us in life is not necessarily determined by what we want but why we want it. Is it for the good of the whole, is it for a selfish or negative end? Understanding this principle can make a world of difference in the success or failure of what we create. This will in turn ultimately determine our true happiness or unhappiness. When intention is coupled with detachment, which can best be described as indifference to outcome, then we are working from a more spiritually centered, NOW focused perspective. This lends itself to the greatest possible energy flow and ultimately the perfect result (whatever perfect means). It is important to note that while our intention is focused on our goals, our attention should remain in the present moment, the now.

This moves us to the third law (second on our list) known as the Law of Allowance. This law is significant in the sense that if you are willing to receive good things in your life, you most certainly will receive them. The trick here though is that you must actually believe that you can truly receive them. This is not a fake it ‘til you make it exercise, but one that embodies true faith and belief. It has its direct bearing on your focus of attention and your belief that such a thing is possible. It can also to some degree draw a direct correlation to whether or not you feel worthy of that which you want. Worthiness is a double-edged sword that has sabotaged many a manifestational exercise. Know that you are worthy of it. When you have this level of clarity, you bring about the corresponding resonance energy that will in turn give you what you want. Then you can allow a thing to be and not get in the way of the manifestation. In other words, the law of allowance is the focus lens of the manifestation you are creating.

Lastly we come to Inertia, or pull-through. In one of Newton’s laws, he states that objects in motion tend to stay in motion and objects at rest tend to stay at rest. Within this aspect of manifestation is the importance of due diligence; doing what you need to do on a daily basis to allow the cosmic forces to best create the perfect conditions for what you want to out-picture in your life. A part of this has to do with your situational awareness as it relates to listening to the signs and opportunities that come your way. Your actions and activities are in motion, and this momentum tends to continue in motion moving you closer to your goals. A key ingredient in this momentum of inertia is your emotional enthusiasm about that which you want. It is important to become excited about and have enthusiasm for the things you are creating. See them in your minds eye; visualize the end game on a daily basis. Your emotional investment in the process can in many ways be considered the final pull-through necessary to bring a thing into physical manifestation.

This supporting cast of creational energies may not get the necessary notoriety that it deserves, but are in many respects the mortar and building blocks for creating the things you want in life. The law of attraction works whether you are aware of it or not, and these subtle aspects of the overarching law are being implemented in tandem. The question becomes, are you consciously manifesting what you want in the perfect way, or are you creating your personal universe by the whims and woes of a victim mentality, unaware that you are the creator? There are many ways to manifest a thing; some ways are more beneficial than others. By combining these other core aspects of the creation process in a conscious way, you ensure a much more effective and positive outcome, one created in the perfect way. You may not know what way that may be, but rest assured that the cosmic energy will make it perfect and for the good of the whole.