Sunday, April 26, 2009

Understanding Belief (Part I)

Napoleon Hill and other scholars often used or expressed sentiments based on the phrase, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” This idea goes quite a long way in identifying the construct of our physical existence and existential outflow. Within this construct though, is an antecedent that is equally compelling and powerful. If we look at this phrase from its opposite perspective, we come up with something like “If you cannot believe it or conceive it, you cannot achieve it.” The common denominator in both of these affirmations is belief. Belief is the prime ingredient in determining the outcome of a task, goal, or challenge. If you cannot believe a thing is possible, then it is likely that the outcome will mirror this original intent. Both of these formulaic summations are directly impacted by the universal spiritual principle that many have come to understand as the Law of Attraction.

This law of attraction is a neutral law. It is important to understand this and its implications right away, for ignorance of the law is no excuse. As a neutral force, it does not place a value judgment on any thought, feeling or desire, one way or another. Metaphorically speaking, it is the Genie in the lamp who does not limit its grantee to 3 wishes but repeatedly states, “Your wish is my command.” This neutral force surrounds us at all times and is activated by what we think and what we feel. I want to highlight the words “think and feel” because these two energies go hand-in-hand in the out-picturing of a thought or belief; more on this a bit later.

My mother was a college professor and dynamic orator. She used to speak to many an audience on how to take charge of ones life. Often she would use a phrase that I first heard in my youth and has stayed with me throughout my adult life; “A thought is a prayer.” What she meant by this is that in exactly the same way we exercise the intent of petition through prayer, our thoughts basically create the same effect and outcome. The cosmic energy makes no distinction between a formal petition through prayer and an impassioned thought. Now, as we transition ever deeper into the heightened vibration of our new spiritual paradigm, the karmic connection between our seed thought and its out-pictured effect will become even more apparent in our conscious perception. It is for this reason that I have repeatedly written on the importance of practicing mental discipline. Within this heightened vibratory reality, you may begin to experience the creation of thoughts manifesting at increased speed and in direct proportion to what energy you are feeding to the cosmos. Without vigilance and proper discipline, chaos could quickly fall within your personal universe. This chaos often comes from the feeding of fear energy and victimized thinking into your consciousness. Our current economic climate has certainly helped to feed this beast with ever compounding energy. Within this energy cycle, the law of attraction only feeds on what you are giving it, so if you continue to feel fear, it provides the conditions by which you can continue to manifest this energy. You can stop this vicious cycle, however, with intentioned thought energy, and a shift from focused energy of the problem to focused energy on your desired outcome. With conscious recognition of how this energy works, you can begin to direct your intentions to create abundance in your life with ever increasing speed and proficiency, regardless of outside conditions. It is not a given, though; you still have to do the necessary work, but the cause and effect relationship becomes ever shorter.

Now I had mentioned earlier the importance of the words “think” and “feel” within the context of belief and the power of manifestation. These two inner forces form the perfect tag-team in our ability to get what we want. Many people have explained this concept in different ways, and I’m sure that by virtue of universal truth we are all to some degree saying the same thing, but I want to emphasize the importance of these two energies in tandem from a unique perspective. Everything begins as a thought. Then the goal and effort is made to transfer this seed energy into an outward manifestation. Thought alone does not always accomplish this end game. It is through the combination of thought energy and feeling energy (belief); an emotional passion which helps in the persistence and consistency of the original thought to eventually manifest a thing into physical reality. The “feeling” or emotional energy is important because it serves as the last ingredient (the pull-through energy) needed to manifest in the physical. This is because the emotional energy (some call it astral energy) is thought to correspond with an inner plane that is positioned directly outside the vibrational field of the physical. In other words, its vibrational rate is slightly higher than physical reality. As such, it is considered by many to be the final doorway before physical form is created. Many may dispute this and argue the described cosmology as pseudo-science. That is their right, but my intention and motivation here is to give you a logic-based understanding of how this creational mechanism works so that you can employ the proper techniques in creating your reality.

Now how we put this belief into practical use is relatively straight forward. With belief as our foundation, I will provide you with an exercise that I learned very young and have utilized throughout much of my life. When done properly, its outcomes can be utterly astounding. The exercise in the form of an affirmation goes like this:

“I accept the perfect _______, with the perfect_______, in the perfect way.”

Breaking down these components,

the beginning phrase “I accept” is important because you are telling the cosmos that you accept whatever you are trying to manifest NOW. To say “I want” only tells the cosmos that its energy should remain in the future; you will always want it, not have it. “Accept” brings it in the now; you’ve already received the gift.

“the perfect____” is telling the cosmos that whatever you desire will be perfect for you. You may not know what “perfect” means because you simply don’t know enough, but this neutral energy is an intelligent force, and its goal is to create the perfect manifestation.

“with the perfect_____” provides you with a certain level of specificity, but I would caution you not to get too specific; just enough that it meets your fundamental requirements.

“in the perfect way”. This is probably the most important part of the affirmation, because again, you don’t know enough, but the spiritual energy is omniscient. It is not your job to tell this force how you want it done, it is only for you to plant the seed in the proper way. Then “Let go and let God”, as the saying goes.

Try this in your next manifestational exercise and let me know how it goes. I’d like to hear how it works for you. One extra piece of this equation is to continue to visualize what you want. Again, focus on the goal; not the problem.

Finally, I’d like to end this post with another quotation from my mother that she was famous for uttering, “You have the power to define…define what it is you choose to be in your life and how you choose to live it.” Again, it comes down to belief. This belief gives you the power to define who you are in your own terms, not the terms that others may try to place upon you. Regardless of outside forces that attempt to manipulate you into thinking that you are not worth the space that you occupy, you have the power to determine your divine grace. Remember, you are a spark of God awareness. You come from Source. You are no less great than anyone else in existence. You just forgot this. Your powers and abilities are limitless, but you don’t believe it, therefore it is not. Belief begins with belief in yourself and your divine heritage. Be the great Soul that you were already created to be. You have the power to define. Define it.

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