Saturday, May 2, 2009

Understanding Belief (Part II)

Belief is such a powerful thing. Its double-edge sword of manifestational potential is simply incredible. You and you alone wield the power within your reality, but you must understand how it works in accordance with the laws of the universe. In Part I, I attempted to give you an integrated perspective into the mechanism of this force known as the law of attraction, and provide for you a simple affirmational tool to help you in achieving whatever it is you may want in life. Before I move into other aspects of belief however, I want to refine a few areas of understanding in what I shared earlier so as to give you some important contextual clarity.

In my last installment I stated, “…as we transition ever deeper into the heightened vibration of our new spiritual paradigm, the karmic connection between our seed thought and its out-pictured effect will become even more apparent in our conscious perception…Within this heightened vibratory reality, you may begin to experience the creation of thoughts manifesting at increased speed and in direct proportion to what energy you are feeding to the cosmos.” While this is true and we must remain vigilant in our exercise of mental discipline, there still exists a degree of lag time, which allows us a grace period to change our manifestational intent (if we want to) before actual out-picturing occurs. Even though this lag time will become increasingly shorter as vibrational reality increases, it will still be there for those who have not yet mastered greater control of their thought energy. I only say this to provide some peace of mind as we move ever closer to our divine evolution. The good news is that within this heightened evolution there is an expanded awareness and understanding, as well as a greater conscious connectedness with universal thought and divine omniscience. In other words, there’s no need to worry during this transition, for Source energy will provide what you need for your personal evolvement. You will quickly grow into your expanded awareness (Awaken) and an ever increasing connected consciousness based on divine love.

That said however, within this context I also want to continue to make you consciously aware of the duality of this universe (positive and negative), and the potential detriment in allowing fear to permeate your consciousness. You do have the power; you really do. As Eleanor Roosevelt so aptly put it, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Also true, no one can make you feel fear or any other emotion without your consent. Your creational energy is inside/out; that is, whatever you choose to feel is within your power. Your inalienable right is to decide what your next thought will be. I bring this up continuously because one of the by-products of our current state of world crisis is the continual building up of fear consciousness. This is precisely what we do not want to have happen, for it affects the energy field we all live in. A growing mass consciousness of fear in tandem with a heightened rate of vibrational reality is not a good combination. It will take like-minded individuals like you and I to counter this fear-energy-based mass consciousness with the power of love energy. We must be conscious channels of love. If we all become conscious beacons for this love force, outflowing its energy everywhere we tred, there is simply no way for fear to overtake it, and the love-based vibratory transition that is intended will occur as it should.

Now getting back to the recap here, I would like to provide some reinforcement in the affirmation exercise I provided in Part I. One thing that I want to re-emphasize here is the importance of feeling excited about the thing you are creating. This is the thought/feeling combination that I spoke of last time. Visualization is a great tool while doing this affirmation. Close your eyes and see yourself doing or enjoying the thing that you are creating on the inner. Really get into it. What you are seeing on the inner is in fact “real” there; it exists. It only needs to out-picture here (now). Think of it sort of like a mail order or Internet purchase that you might make. You place the order, give your credit card info and receive a confirmation number for the order. You now own it; you are simply waiting for UPS or FedEx to send it. This example is precisely how you should frame your belief and feelings quotient as you create your reality. You have it NOW. You’re merely waiting for it to get here. Use these refinements in your understanding of how this Law of Attraction works, and I am certain you will come to a personal conclusion and confirmation that all of this stuff is real.
One final piece. Everything that you have already created in your life will need to run its course (its karmic conclusion), but you have the power to change your future based on what you think NOW. This gets the creative energy flowing that provides you with the changes that will occur down the road. But you must accept it now and focus on the solution; not the problem (and in the perfect way).

In my next and final installment on the subject of belief, I’m going to go in an entirely different direction from where I started in Parts I and II. I’ll show you how this other aspect of belief is equally relevant and pivotal in our understanding of a relationship with God and how that relationship grows and changes as we grow. I hope you check it out. There is a lot to uncover when we begin to peel back the onion of spiritual truth, and the truth is we will never stop learning (remembering) and growing; there’s always a plus element to our expanded awareness and consciousness. Good thing too, since we live in eternity as Soul. We need something to do.

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