Sunday, November 29, 2009

Background Awareness

Not too long ago I did a blog article entitled Situational Awareness, which described the exercise and practice of a heightened awareness that came as an outgrowth of the refined and growing vibrational rate currently affecting our world at this time, and the resulting shift in enlightenment this higher vibration causes. In the article, I described how “…one of the most fundamental gifts of awakening is that we start to become more and more aware of ourselves, our true purpose, and the myriad of things that are going on around us, both from the most obvious to the most subtle and discreet. The veils of illusion begin to drop away and we are left with clear, discernable and unfettered understandings of life in all of its dimensions.” While this situational awareness is an essential component of an active and engaged consciousness, there is another, even more basic aspect of this conscious awakening that is well worth mentioning. This fundamental, root consciousness has been described by some as Background Awareness.

Background awareness can be thought of as your default setting. When you have chanted your mantra, completed your asanas and Qigong, when you have done your Tai-Chi, completed your affirmations and aligned all your chakras, when you are connected to the universe and are ready to begin your day, then what? Your background awareness is your balanced (or unbalanced depending on preparation) center. This was described in great detail in my earlier blog, The Hub of Your Wheel. As you go throughout your day and experience the lessons put there to teach you, where do you invariably go to in your thoughts, and more importantly, your overall countenance? If you are in the balanced state, your background awareness should be one of love and gratitude, the God-centered awareness. For many people however, it is wrought with fear, anxiety, and worry. This is unfortunate, because as I and so many others have imparted, you create your universe by virtue of what you think; the resulting manifestations caused by the consistency of your psychic energy center.

Another way of looking at this is where does your idle mind go when rote activities are occuring or when all activities have ceased? Again, whatever is at the center of your wheel is what will be your central subconscious state and what will invariably manifest in your life. To reiterate the balanced state, your background awareness should be one of love and gratitude, the God-centered awareness. Within the realm of this balanced awareness, your situational awareness is much keener and NOW focused, allowing you to function in your daily life fully engaged while remaining in a happy, content, present, and self-empowered state regardless of outward circumstances. A balanced center allows one to be ready for any and all obstacles, and even more importantly, to begin to develop an innate sense of things even before they occur. A balanced background awareness taps into Divine awareness that is unrestricted by linear space-time and polarized energy. It allows you to become the channel that you as a light worker need to be in order to become most effective in your daily work. It will come provided you do the daily work necessary.

Living a balanced life with love and gratitude as your focus goes a long way on your personal spiritual journey of enlightenment and the subsequent collateral benefits that come from your being a conscious light worker for Source. When in this pure state, just your mere presence brings blessings to whatever you are doing and whoever may be in your general sphere of influence. You needn’t say a word, just be. Background awareness shows up in your auric field of energy, which permeates in all directions. The question is, do you choose to be the cause or effect in your life. I hope you choose conscious cause. Vigilance is key; a balanced background awareness is the foundation. Practice makes perfect. May you build a solid foundation for each and every day.

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