Saturday, December 5, 2009

On the Threshold of Change

In my recent article entitled Understanding the Shift, I spoke of a heightened change of perceptual awareness coming to mankind through an evolution of consciousness, caused by a rise in the vibrational rate of existence to a higher density; a higher polarity. With it, an inevitable change is taking place. All of the many distant Utopian ideals that we dare not dream, but wish in our hearts of hearts to be, are beginning to find their way forward. But in order for this ultimate change to occur, there are other things that need to fall away. There must be a destructive phase before construction can occur. To put it another way, devolution must run its course before evolution can take place. It is the way of change. The old and outmoded forms of negative consciousness, attitudes, values and polarized interaction with our fellow Souls must end. We must begin to see ourselves as Divine connected sparks of the eternal, not as separate beings.

We are in the nadir, the final transitional low point of a cyclical change. It is that period where the last of the negative cycle of energy burns itself out to make way for a new Golden Age of enlightenment and Spiritual existence. A major reason for this inevitable outcome is that we as a collective consciousness are awakening to our true purpose and remembering why we are here in this particular place, at this particular time. We are exponentially becoming conscious beacons of love energy, changing the nature of vibratory polarity throughout our world and each other. We are creating the change that we seek by virtue of our thoughts and a collective will for love to light the way. It is important that we universally believe this to be true. Know that you have the power within you to make this change. We are now becoming conscious co-workers and light workers with Divine Source. Our mission and goal is to become a beacon of love energy everyday. We are on the threshold of change because we are making the change. It is occurring in concert with our conscious desire to become the shift that we seek.

Those that would try to keep this wave of change from occurring are fighting a losing battle. Through fear, divisiveness, intimidation and hate mongering, these forces have tried (and for millennia succeeded) to make us forget who we truly are. We have fed into this illusion because for far too long we knew no better. But now, the veil is lifting and we are collectively growing every day in expanded awareness. This growing enlightened consciousness cannot and will not be held back. It is like trying to hold a large and ever-expanding ball of air underwater by force. Its true nature is to rise to the top and find freedom. It may be temporarily held back, but it will eventually break its shackles and rise to its true origins. Our true nature is to find our way back home…to Source.

As our collective awareness and desire for change grows with every passing day, you may begin to see the changes taking place around you; signs that this quantum shift is happening. During this process, it is important that you continue to be conscious cause and not unwilling effect. Focus on the good that you see. Send love to the negative that you may encounter. We are all conscious catalysts for this new wave of spiritual enlightenment. Embrace your true purpose. Send waves of love all around you each day. Know that it is having a direct and positive impact on you and your surroundings. Yes, we are on the threshold of change, but it is occurring in direct proportion to our collective will to make it so. You are no longer the spectator; you are a conscious participant in your Spiritual evolution. May the wind be at your back.

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