Friday, October 9, 2009

H1N1: A Personal Perspective

I’ve been off the grid, out of commission for the past several days now. As some of my friends and colleagues have jokingly put it, the pig got me. I’ve contracted the swine flu. I’ve got to tell you at the outset that this is one nasty little bug. Unlike other flues that I’ve picked up over my lifetime, this one hits quickly and tends to linger, rendering you insanely weak, dizzy and somewhat immobile. I’m a pretty healthy guy; I exercise regularly, eat right and have no serious vices to speak of, so I have a very strong constitution. But when this thing hit, it came on quickly and didn’t waste much time establishing a beachhead in my body. The war was on.

My life has been a very spiritual one since I was a child, and throughout the course of it I have been provided with many tools to help keep me living a healthy and balanced life. This illness has caused me to bring many of these tools to bear. Aside from OTC remedies that only mask the symptoms, I have been exercising and implementing intensive inner spiritual tools and methods such as healing light and the raising of my vibrational rate through deep meditation. I’ve also invoked hardcore external techniques such as raising my core body temperature by covering myself in blankets and literally sweating the thing out. It has been a struggle, and I don’t recommend this course of action for everyone, but I seem to have gotten over the worst of it, and now I’m in purge mode getting this bug out of my system. As an observer, I’ve been amazed at how weak this has made me physically, and how difficult it was to breath for a time. The key in dealing with this disease is not to panic, make sure you realize and remember that you are not your body and what you are doing is healing the machine, don’t feed into any fear mindsets and do the things you know you need to do like drinking plenty of fluids, getting plenty of rest and focusing on the healing breath. Also, know that it will pass.

My only real concern in all of this is that I may have unwittingly exposed my family and friends to this awful virus during the course of my interactions before I knew I got hit myself. My family and friends have been notified, and I have told them all to monitor any symptoms carefully. I’ve also told them to not go into hypochondriac mode, but to just see how they feel. Chances are if they haven’t felt anything up to now, they didn’t get it. I’ve been in self-imposed quarantine for the last few days now, and only today have I had enough strength to write this article.

As I have always stated, everything is spiritual. One of the spiritual lessons that I am gleaning from this experience is how very important daily meditation is for both the mind-body connection and for balanced health in general. It is very important to keep that inner and outer flow of energy in pristine condition at all times so that when a challenge is encountered, you have the ready reserves and means to handle it and can move through the process without any major problems. We are all a powerhouse of potential spiritual energy and need only to tap into it when necessary to protect ourselves from any external or internal threats. Stay vigilant. Do your spiritual work daily. Practice good health; eat right and exercise. Practice meditation and healthy breathing techniques. These all go under the heading of preventive maintenance. Even under the best of circumstances, you can still get hit with a nasty little bug like H1N1, but know that you have both the traditional and spiritual tools at the ready to fight such an intruder.

I make no recommendations one way or another to those considering whether or not to take the swine flu vaccine. That is a personal choice and I will leave it to each of you to decide for yourself. What I will say is to follow your gut instinct. If it feels right for you to do so, then fine. If not, you have to make that choice. For me, the combination of common sense health practices and inner spiritual energy infusion seems to be having a very pronounced and positive effect. I did see my Doctor who confirmed what the bug was, and the regimen that I followed was pretty consistent with what was recommended; the inner work was a given. Anyway, that’s what is going on for now. I’ll touch base with you later with some final thoughts on this, once it is completely purged out of my system. Until then, stay strong and stay connected. Peace and Love.

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