Sunday, October 4, 2009

Intergalactic Spirituality

This article comes with a great deal of forethought and contemplation, for it is a subject that brings with it a high degree of controversy, not to mention outright denial by much of the general public. Recent events however, have made it abundantly clear that it is now time to begin accepting the truth of this phenomenon, and in the spirit of NPT, New Paradigm Thinking, start making this a common part of our ongoing and growing spiritual dialogue.

With that as a precursor, I’m going to talk about something that might be considered quite daring -- life in the universe. I’m going to discuss the growing documented reality of unidentified flying objects, the many sightings around the globe, and how this and so much of what is taking place in our world today is directly related to the ongoing shift in spiritual evolution I’ve spoken so many times about. If you’ve read any of my earlier articles (and I humbly encourage you to do so), you’ll know that I’m not averse to taking on controversial topics. You see, we are in a time and place now where truth will be revealed with such incredible frequency and clarity that a mass shift in consciousness is inevitable. You will no longer be able to put your head in the sand and deny what is. Because of this, I have no concern over any compromise in credibility.

The truth is, we’re moving beyond that now. We are at a growing and momentous time in this expanding spiritual growth period that simply requires us to no longer accept the limited status-quo thinking and suppression of evidence that has plagued us for so long. We must now begin living from the standpoint of full awareness, demand full disclosure, and fully recognize the growing escalation of incidents taking place in this world everyday. One such phenomena is crop circles (see crop circles video). This consists of large geometric circles, shapes, symbols, and other patterns left in crop fields that show amazing degrees of mathematical precision and in many cases provide important coded messages for the planet. Crop circles have been reported widely in England, Europe and the United States for many years now. Many experts have been able to discern much of what is being shared in this information and these realizations are compelling to say the least.

Also appearing with growing frequency are sightings of UFOs and USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects). More and more countries are providing full disclosure on confirmed visual sighting evidence around the world. One such example of this is the 1996 sighting in Israel seen by hundreds of people over several days. Another more recent sighting took place just last month, September 20th, 2009 when over China, hundreds of people witnessed a silvery disc shaped flying saucer zigzag for a while and then shoot off at an amazing speed. A student managed to capture the UFO on a cell phone camera, and the event has received massive media coverage reported in all major Chinese media outlets.

It was Carl Sagan who coined the phrase, “The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.” But the reality is that there is so much empirical evidence confirming the existence of UFOs now that there is no more excuse to try and refute its veracity. For far too long, most of the evidence has been historically suppressed by the mainstream media, government, and naysayers who have continued to discount the many thousands of sightings around the world as nothing more than mass psychosis or swamp gas. This no longer holds water. Why this information is continually being suppressed is not something I will delve into here, because we are entering a new phase in this phenomenon when soon enough the lid will be blown off any and all cover-ups. More and more individuals who have been in the inner circles of government and the military have come forward and are coming forward with amazing revelations, insights and evidence, and the walls of suppression and secrecy are quickly coming down.

So, do UFOs exist? YES. Is there other life in the universe? Emphatically YES, with absolute certainty, and in abundance. Are we being visited by extra terrestrial beings? Without question yes, with great regularity and for many centuries. Are these sightings occurring with greater frequency? Absolutely, and will continue to occur with the expressed purpose of revealing the truth to the masses. The question becomes, what does all of this escalating activity mean?

The escalation of UFO activities during the last 70 years draws a direct parallel to the growing convergence of spiritual evolutionary consciousness. This is no coincidence. What is important to consider in all of this is that as we begin to realize the significance and magnitude of our true spiritual identity, that we are Soul, an eternal spark of God awareness, we begin to understand that the vast expanse of our home galaxy and expanding universe has been shared since the beginning of time with evolved Souls who are in fact our celestial brothers and sisters. These entities were once where we currently are in consciousness, but have evolved spiritually and have been monitoring our development for centuries. Understand that these extra-terrestrial beings are Souls just like you and I (no different, no better), except that by virtue of an evolutionary head start, going back millions of years, they have advanced technologically, and in most cases spiritually. What is important to realize here is that we are moving forward on a similar evolutionary track as many of them did, and by virtue of the time we are now in (transitioning from 3rd to 4th density reality), the time for connectedness and reconnection with our galactic spiritual community is close at hand.

As mentioned before, we have been interacting with extra-terrestrial beings since time-immemorial. There are many schools of thought, which have related that much of our history has been revised to cover up the true alien/human relationship that has been going on throughout history. Why the revisions? One thing to understand in this equation is that while living in the world of duality, which is in fact polarities of energy, there is enlightened E.T. consciousness as well as regressive E.T. consciousness. The latter consciousness has as its motivation and life purpose to dominate, suppress and control, and to a great extent this has been the foundational condition that earth has for centuries lived under (Star Trek’s “Prime Directive” has not existed here).

The overarching importance in all of this is the realization that we are and have been for centuries bit players in an ongoing spiritual struggle between negative regressive forces and positive evolutionary forces attempting to help us move to the next level of spiritual unfoldment. We are now entering a pivotal crossroads in this process and it is essential that we as a species make a choice, now, as to where we want our world consciousness to go.

What we must remember and understand in all of this is that everything is spiritual; that there is nothing in existence that is not spiritual in nature. Within this construct, the multiverse of existence brings with it an endless diversity of unbelievable life and evolving consciousness. This consciousness takes on a myriad of forms and expression. We are but one in a multitude of creative life expressions. We are a part of an abundant galactic spiritual community. Benevolent and evolved members of this community so very much want to re-acquaint and re-connect themselves with us, and we are entering into a pivotal period in our existence when this will finally come to pass. We are moving out of the dark era of our reality and into the light of a new Golden Age. With it will come amazing discoveries and revelations about life in the universe and our true purpose in it. Most importantly, we will soon know that we are a part of a much greater and incredible spiritual community that wants nothing more than to embrace us again and help to make us whole.

There are still a number of steps we need to take before this momentous time comes, and there will be some rough roads and tough choices ahead that we will need to get through before this period occurs, but we are well on our way to experiencing this wonderment. Just stay the course, continue to connect with your higher self, embrace the love and reject the fear, send loving energy through your body to the world and the universe, and allow yourself to evolve spiritually. The rest will take care of itself. This is our time now; this is our spiritual birthright. It is time to accept the realities that are making themselves known all around us, and trust your inner guidance to allow yourself to discern truth from lie. We will be talking much more about this and other related topics as we move closer and closer to the new day dawning. Good journey and much love to you all.

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