Sunday, September 27, 2009

NPT (New Paradigm Thinking)

The change is upon us. The shift is happening as we speak, from divisiveness and separation, to spiritual solidarity and connectedness. Despite the outward signs and negative stimulus of economic strife, world political tensions, and environmental upheavals, evolution of consciousness is happening on a mass scale. With this new transition into a more spiritually enlightened consciousness is a greater sense of self, a deeper connection to Source energy, and a conscious willingness to embrace love and reject hatred and fear. But this transition of spiritual convergence is a process, and there are opposite polarities of energy that are trying its best to hold this wave of enlightenment at bay. They will not succeed. Nonetheless, vigilance is the operative word for those who are now turning on the enlightenment switch; making the transition from fear to love, and awakening to their own Divinity and spiritual purpose. Here and now it is vitally important that our intent be felt, our energies become merged, and our voices be heard. Within this context is the need to adopt a new and more spiritually refined outlook on our destiny, knowing that we control our fate by virtue of what we think and what we feel, not to mention what we do. This is as true for a collective mass consciousness as it is for an individual consciousness, perhaps even more so. With it, we must begin to adopt what could respectfully be called NPT, or New Paradigm Thinking.

To best understand what NPT is, it may first be helpful to outline our current way of thinking and being; what might be termed OPT, or Old Paradigm Thinking. From this Machiavellian mindset comes accepted concepts and practices such as:


…and so many more examples not listed, but you get the idea. These types of attitudes and actions have often times been accepted as standard corporate practice, rationalized by the overworked phrase, “Nothing personal…It’s only business.” OPT has us accepting dysfunctional behavior as normalcy. Where honor and honesty, doing right by our neighbor and looking out for one another used to be attributes that were common in community, we are now being bombarded with a strong sense of guardedness and distrust towards our fellow human beings, adopting the roles of either victim or aggressor. Our psyche is being bombarded on a daily basis with tabloid journalism, political hate speech, and reality television with consistent themes of trickery, deceit, and doing in one’s opponent (and even teammate) in order to win the prize. Rude behavior and deteriorating public decorum are running rampant (e.g. Rep. Joe Wilson’s “You Lie!” outburst during President Obama’s address to Congress, Kanye West’s tirade towards Taylor Swift at the MTV awards, etc.), and an imbalanced sense of entitlement among many seem to create aggressive behavior that finds its center in Service to Self, rather than Service to Others.

These are but a few of the qualities that have been adopted within much of society’s current mindset and actions. In truth it is a manipulation of our core spiritual nature on an unbelievable scale; a system set up to derail us from our true course through treachery and negative conditioning, and looks to hold people in psychological bondage by those who would want to control us. Over millennia, we as a world consciousness have been exploited, coerced and tricked into thinking that this is simply the way things are; that this is the norm, when in fact it is super-imposed illusion. Those that are able to rise above the psycho-spiritual fray and reject these negative notions are often looked upon with great inspiration, awe and reverence, for their achievements are so out of the norm that they serve as inspiration for others. In fact, this should be the norm. Know that these same enlightened Souls are considered a threat to those who would seek to maintain and regulate the status-quo. Nonetheless, this new wave of enlightenment is occurring with increasing strength, urgency and purpose, and it is up to each and every one of us coming online spiritually to do our respective part in spreading this wave of love forward to a critical mass. It is what people yearn for, but are simply unsure how to get to. It is the growing seed of the New Paradigm Thinking.

How does one get there (here)? It starts with a simple declaration within, asking for inner help and enlightenment to know one’s self; to begin to accept the nature of our true identity as Soul. It takes a conscious leap of faith to understand and accept that you are not your body, that you are eternal, and that you are a part of the whole of existence, interconnected and Godlike. It then takes an inner request to help you help yourself in realizing the true magnitude of your spiritual being, stepping out of your limited shell of illusion into a truly dynamic realization that you are a spark of love energy, created by Source. Once you open yourself to this wave of love, simply allow the flood of insight and understanding to come to you, to flow through you. There is no need to fear, for this process is the greatest expression of Divine love there is, and Source is waiting for the opportunity. When the flow begins, the many veils of spiritual amnesia will begin to be lifted, and you will start to realize that it was never a question of having to learn anything, but simply remembering everything. It is a wonderful process, but you must take the first step; you must make the inner request. Upon allowing yourself to experience this love energy, you should next make the inner request to begin surrounding yourself with others that are having the same experience. Don’t worry about trying to find them, Spirit will provide the introductions. Just allow it to happen. When you do, talk with them, share your insights and ask questions. You don’t have to force any notions upon anyone. You simply have to become the truth unfolding. Like a wildfire your light will ignite others. When you live your spirituality and become a beacon of love energy, very often that energy alone can become a beacon of light for others to awaken. It is truly an amazing experience when you become more consciously aware of things. This is the first step of the final leg of your spiritual journey, a journey out of illusion and into complete cosmic consciousness and awareness.

Be prepared to allow old notions of spirituality and religious belief to fall away (If it doesn’t fit, you must forget). You will simply not need them anymore, for they will be replaced with a growing conscious recognition and understanding of universal Spiritual truth. From there, it becomes important to practice this newfound freedom and understanding on a daily basis by accepting and sending unconditional love throughout your surroundings and into the world. You will understand and realize that you are tapping into an unlimited source of Divine energy. It will never run out. Also, your conscious outflow will help to heal others around you.

More and more, your awakening will bring with it a clear understanding of the ideals and qualities of NPT; notions of trust, honesty, nobility, spiritual connectedness and working for the good of the whole as well as healing our planet. These notions that have been so terribly distorted as to be considered signs of weakness, when in fact they are some of the greatest core strengths that the universe possess. Many an old Utopian ideal needs to be dusted off and given another look. They are ideals that are achievable, but only when we are able to make this all important shift.

Critical mass is what we are striving for here, for this is a wave that will not be halted. In your own quiet way, become that conscious beacon of love energy and allow yourself to be a Divine vessel of Spiritual change. It is what we came into this incarnation to do. I’m simply reminding you of it now. When we reach this all-important threshold, amazing things will begin to occur, both from a physical perspective in terms of abilities as well as a multi-dimensional perspective in terms of our conscious awareness. Within this new paradigm will also come a reunion of sorts; an inter-galactic reconnection with our Spiritual neighbors, all of whom have been waiting patiently for us to awaken to our true selves in order to become a conscious part of a much greater community (…more on this later.) Just know that this is our time, and it is time for all of us to step up and be heard. You are more than a human being; more than a human doing; you are a human becoming. Allow yourself to become.

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