Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spiritual vs. Psychic Energy

God energy, for all intent and purposes, is a neutral force. It is an intelligent force, but contrary to traditional religious dogma and belief, it is not concerned with outcome in the way we have been conditioned to think. The energy exists for life-force sustenance and to be used both consciously and unconsciously for the purpose of manifestation; ignorance of the law of attraction is no excuse. When an individual petitions God for a particular outcome through prayer, from the perspective of Divine energy, this petition is no different than a person thinking about something they passionately want. The intention is the same, to manifest. In an earlier blog entry entitled, Understanding Belief (Part I), I stated that “…A thought is a prayer… in exactly the same way we exercise the intent of petition through prayer, our thoughts basically create the same effect and outcome. The cosmic energy makes no distinction between a formal petition through prayer and an impassioned thought… as we transition ever deeper into the heightened vibration of our new spiritual paradigm, the karmic connection between our seed thought and its out-pictured effect will become even more apparent in our conscious perception.”

This karmic connection is something that I believe deserves deeper analysis and consideration. With almost no exception, everything creates karma. This is neither good nor bad; it is merely an aspect of spiritual law that we cannot escape. There is however, one extremely important exception to this fundamental rule. The only thing that is karma-less in nature is sending love to the Creator. This creates no karma whatsoever. It only creates a wonderful and fulfilling feedback loop of divine love back to the sender. This outflow of divine love to God for love’s sake makes no request of any kind, and is therefore free from any cause/effect relational energy, consistent with the creation of karma. This is a very important distinction to understand and paves the way for a deeper discussion on the difference between Spiritual energy and Psychic energy.

Psychic energy is an extremely ubiquitous and powerful force. It can be used for a myriad of purposes from general manifestation through the law of attraction to mental telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, prophecy, psychic healing, and inter-dimensional communication and travel to name a few. It has both positive and negative aspects determined by intent, and can be used for good as well as for evil. Those knowing practitioners of the black arts are well aware of its power and use it regularly and often for negative and malicious purposes. There are also those who are equally aware of its energy but use it for good and to counter-balance the negative energy taking place throughout current world affairs. In truth, we all to some degree use psychic energy everyday, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. The hope is certainly that as we grow spiritually and more aware of the subtle energies around and through us, we serve more and more as a conscious channel for divine loving energy. With this in mind, and with the earlier mention of karma as a backdrop, I’d like to make a few key distinctions that we should all be aware.

First, Spiritual energy is much, much more powerful than psychic energy, and should be utilized over and above all else. What makes this energy Spiritual is that it is centered within the Divine love of Source energy. All energy, whether psychic or otherwise comes from All That Is, but what makes Spiritual energy different from psychic energy is the intention of specific outcome. Let me repeat this; the difference between Spiritual energy and psychic energy is THE INTENTION OF SPECIFIC OUTCOME. Spiritual energy has no intention for outcome. It is only sent in love, to where it is needed.

Second, when practicing Spiritual energy, it is important to know how to formulate and utilize the energy so as not to make it psychic in nature, and therefore karmic. Using prayer as an example, let’s investigate this further. In our example, a person is feeling ill and needs to see the Doctor. The Doctor determines that the patient needs to be checked into the hospital right away. This person is very sick and his condition is 50/50. Wanting to help this person, you send out a prayer asking God to take away his ills and make him well again. As well intentioned as this prayer may be, it is a classic case of using psychic energy and not Spiritual energy. In order for this to become a Spiritual energy exercise, it would be better to, in the name of the Creator, send loving energy to this person only. You surround the individual in your mind’s eye with loving God energy, but you do not ask for any specific outcome, for “Thy will be done”.

You see, who are you to take away a person’s spiritual experience? Who are you to take away his karma? Perhaps this individual is in the hospital because he was not taking proper care of himself and was abusing his body through poor diet and lack of exercise. Perhaps this experience is an opportunity to provide a wake up call for better health practices. You simply don’t know, so to ask for this person to get well might be doing him a karmic disservice. Better to send Divine love to an individual with no formal intention, and allow Source energy to determine what is best in the situation. Believe me, this is a powerful exercise and one centered in Divine Love. That Soul will be well taken care of.

This type of energy utilization is sometimes easier said than done, especially if it involves a loved one. I am by no means telling anyone to do anything other than what they feel is best in their particular circumstance. I am only pointing out the differences so that you can become more of a conscious channel for Divine energy. It takes practice and in some cases a bit of spiritual detachment so as to remain objective and open while utilizing this loving energy. Trust that IT will do what is best.

So you can indeed direct very powerful Spiritual energy to any situation you deem appropriate, as long as you understand that it is not up to you to determine what the cause and effect relationship should be; you simply don’t know enough. But All That Is knows all there is. Leave it to the expert. Namaste.


  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful article. It was a wonderful experience to be able to make more concrete the powers of the spirit. I am a very open-minded Christian and have found very often that pure focused love for God and the person you are concerned for is much more effective than human prayer. Thank you so much!

  2. Great article. I really appreciate your explanation. Just what I needed.

  3. Very Good Darrell!

    I couldn't explain things better myself! There seems to be very little appreciation for this one these days: "Spiritual energy has no intention for outcome. It is only sent in love, to where it is needed."
    Glad to see someone spreading spiritual truth instead of just selling psychic manipulation like everyone else.

    Many Blessings!

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    1. In the past 48 hours I have experienced an unexplainable amount of telepathic answers bringing me to the understanding of the universe. The energy of unity has been achieved, which I will use to continously grow in my self amd everything within the unity. Full time communication with unlimited ways of love and healig in God like sense.

    2. Personal encounters with people will be the most effective as you live your physical life everyday and spread spiritual understanding through ones creativity or individuality