Monday, November 9, 2009

The 11:11 Quantum Peace Project

I'd like to make everyone aware of a very important and worthwhile project, ONE MINUTE FOR PEACE - The 11:11 Quantum Peace Project: Creating ripples of inner peace to create planetary peace. The idea behind it is quite simple. On November 11th at 11:11 am and pm, you should devote one minute of your time to sending out concentrated love energy to the world and all of its inhabitants. Additionally, using the synchronicity of 11:11, anytime that you see this number or a combination thereof, you should devote one minute to sending out love energy in all directions. The power of such a loving act on such a mass scale should not be underestimated. There is documented evidence showing how sustained positive group energy in a particular area during designated periods have had a noticeable impact on the surrounding environment.

I love this particular project because it so directly speaks to the motivation behind Awaken to One. Understand, "Awaken to One" is a verb; a call to action. This type of activity is absolutely consistent with this sentiment. I highly encourage all of you to partake in this wonderful worldwide effort and I hope you also adopt this practice on a daily basis. The more conscious and sustained positive energy that can be generated, the greater the exponential benefit the world will receive. Please go to the One Minute For Peace Facebook Page for more information. Remember, it only takes a minute. Do your part to save the world. Namaste.


  1. Darrell bless you for helping to spread the word.
    There is now a PAUSE FOR PEACE video ( the practice to use for 1 minute at 11:11am & pm on 11/11/09 & every day all year.
    All through the year we build our PERSONAL PEACE FIELD, then we gather annually on 11th November as the One Minute for Peace family & collectively energise the PLANETARY PEACE FIELD, just through intention.
    The focus is on relaxing into a FEELING of peace within our bodies. THIS is what sends out the ripples, we don't have to TRY to do it, it just happens when we focus on building our own vibration of peace, we are each like transmitters beaming out energy all the time. This project simply encourages us to become conscious & creatively engaged with that process for the good of all.
    Hear me speaking about the project tomorrow (Nov 10th) on Co-Creator Radio ( 11am CST/6pm UK.
    Thanks again so much Darrell.
    Many blessings to you,
    Kimberley Jones

  2. You are more than welcome. What you are doing is so very important. The magnitude of this spiritual act of loving intention is probably one of the most important things that we as lightworkers can be doing now. It's all about projecting exponential expressions of Divine energy, whose impact will ensure the most positive of transitions into the shift of greater spiritual awareness. It's a pivotal time and we need to make this a regular part of our spiritual arsenal. Much love to you and all you do. Anything I can continue to do to help you in your efforts, just say the word. Namaste.