Sunday, October 25, 2009

Keep the Focus on the Goal

The movement and momentum towards enlightened consciousness on a mass scale continues. The old paradigm of fear-based thinking is falling away and a new more love-centric, connected awareness is flowing through more and more awakened Souls with every passing day. In addition, our collective ability to create our own realities through the laws of attraction is occurring with much greater fluidity. With it, directed energies of personal manifestation and creation are taking place at a much faster rate, allowing people to see more and more the cause and affect relationship of their thoughts becoming things. This growing transition caused by the continual vibratory increase from 3rd to 4th and higher density brings with it a much more heightened awareness of conscious intention. It also brings with it great responsibility. I have spoken many times about the importance of practicing mental discipline towards the things we think and attitudes we hold. As we ascend into the higher vibrations of creational energy, our increased ability to manifest things in our lives whether desired or not, becomes more prevalent. For this reason, it is essential that we all consciously adopt the practice of keeping our focus on the goal, and not the problem.

As mentioned before, thoughts are things. They project out into the ethers connecting to similar vibrations, soon returning to us for the sole purpose of providing opportunity. On an individual basis this is important to understand because of a habitual tendency by many to fixate on worry and fear. When we constantly worry about something we are giving energy to that worry. In essence, we are helping to manifest the very thing that we do not want. Understand that manifestational energy is a neutral force. It does not matter what directive we give it. Its only intention is to manifest what we project. So in essence, if we focus on the problem, we give energy to that problem. Better to focus on the goal or solution to the problem (or challenge), without concerning yourself with the micro-managed details of how this solution will come about. Remember, you do not know enough, but Source is omniscient and able to connect the dots in ways that you would never have even contemplated. By keeping ones focus on the goal, it ensures that the directional energy is going towards positive intent and outcome. This is how miracles happen everyday.

As this illustration is important from an individual perspective, even more important is the consideration of this projection of energy from a mass consciousness point of view. As I have said before, we are all connected; we are all One. As such, we not only create things from an individual perspective, but also from a mass consciousness perspective. If we accept hate and anger on a mass scale as our focus of attention, this energy is magnified on an exponential level and the out-pictured result is often one of mass pain and suffering. If we are fed a continual diet of fear, such as what many people have been dealing with in these challenging economic, militaristic, and environmental times, this energy can become a self-perpetuating cycle of anguish and despair. But we do have a choice. Remember this well; the greatest power that you wield is the power to decide what it is you choose to place your attention on. So we have a definitive choice moving forward, regardless of what outside circumstances might try to project on us. We can either choose to continue living in a victim’s mentality where we have no control of our fate or destiny, or we can choose to hold love and abundance in our hearts and minds, not knowing exactly how it will manifest, but knowing that by virtue of the laws of attraction, if you focus your attention on it, it has to manifest. This is the consciousness of the enlightened Soul. Love is at the center of the heart.

As we continue to exercise this awareness, it is equally important to understand how we should frame our manifestations. A perfect example of this is a quote given by Mother Teresa, where she talked about participating in anti-war efforts. She said, "I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there." Notice the juxtaposition of the phrase “anti-war” vs. “pro-peace”. This is an incredibly important nuanced shift in perspective. Anti-war focuses on the problem, pro-peace focuses on the goal. Another more amusing version of this same perspective comes from the late comedian George Carlin when he said, "Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity." You get the point.

So we individually and collectively hold the key to our fate. This key is in our minds and in our hearts. It is in our conscious awareness and awakening to who and what we are as Soul, and with it a conscious decision to no longer accept fear as our focus, but embrace love for the world and all of its inhabitance. I would urge each and every one of you reading this to practice becoming a beacon of love energy on a daily basis; to practice abundance in your life regardless of outer conditions; to practice sending love into the world and in all directions, touching everything and everyone. If more and more people consciously exercise this Divine power within each of us, we can collectively change the world from the inside out. Now more than ever is the time that we put this energy in motion. With the growing intensity of dimensional energy at our disposal, the changes will become swift and noticeable. It is happening already but we need more and more conscious Souls to exercise this love energy everyday. By doing so, we become a part of the solution, and no longer a part of the problem. Keep the focus on the goal. Be the solution.


  1. I feel as if I'm "stumbling into" well if not "ecstasy" than at least a resting place -- the labors I've gone through have been painful and long. It's so good to hear your words now that I'm here.

  2. Dear Anonymous -

    I'm so glad you have found this and I hope you find it of value. Many are going through similar trials, but are (like you) beginning to realize that the change in their circumstance begins with a shift in consciousness. It is a very pivotal time we are in, and the more we keep love in our hearts and focus on our respective goals, the more we see our intended results. Hang in there. You have the power to create your universe as you see fit -- claim it.

  3. Thank you for your encouragement!

    I sometimes I think of us as pixels on a screen and we each need to turn on and glow -- and the glow is the energy of love -- and we will all together make a beautiful picture, but first we have to get through and past our individualistic stuff, clean up all that unfinished business

    Some of us (me!) need a spiritual pep rally now and then!

  4. I like that image. It's a good one, and more accurate than you know.

  5. When do you think all the spiritual misunderstandings we collectively have been laboring under will clear away? I think I need to hear that others "know" this too as an issue.

    I'm also going to caution against pushing oneself ahead too hard with one's mind -- it's got to come from the heart or it's tantamount to singing through one's nose.

  6. Many people know, but many more need to become aware. Our traditional news and media sources are controlled by those who are fine with status-quo thinking, but the Internet is becoming a great equalizer. There are many blogs and forums such as mine that are sharing great truths and insights to serve as a catalyst, a spark to jumpstart a person's Soul awareness. To that end, please feel free to visit our new Awaken to One Alliance website ( There you will find a large and growing repository of information that is designed to assist in that awakening. Understand though, that it is a grassroots effort; you must pay it forward. It's going to happen, we all just need to do our part.

    Your emphasis on the heart is an important one. Divine love is a great elixir, and is designed to wash away the chaffe if we only give it the chance. We've all built up a lot of barnacles, but the cleansing is already underway. Just keep love at the center and let it wash over you. You will then become a walking beacon of Divine light. It's a beautiful thing.

  7. I can't resist, since it's Halloween and you've given me such a wonderful opening as well, responding to your, "We've all built up a lot of barnicles" with, "We need to take off these masks we're wearing that are so hot and that make it so hard to breathe" (it's actually one of my favorite metaphors throughout the year for thinking about how our souls are usually hidden behind our human accretions; another favorite is a book with a bookcover, and the bookcover gets worn through and the book itself comes through).