Sunday, December 20, 2009


It’s quite the winter wonderland this day. After a record setting December snowstorm covering a large portion of the east coast, everyone is waking up to quite a bright and shiny spectacle. As I take my shovel in hand and begin to create a pathway from my front porch to my steps, eventually getting to the sidewalk, I am consciously aware of the busy activities around me; the steady drone of scraping shovels from my neighbor’s homefronts, moving snow off of their walkways and cars, creating pathways to maneuver from point to point. I also notice the spontaneous acts of kindness all around me, with I and my neighbors helping one another to shovel the front of each others steps and sidewalks, taking the occasional time out to rush and help a stalled vehicle get out of the snow. Of course, I see the wonderment of small children on the block doing their best to help as they take in the spectacle of their first major snowstorm. It’s a site to behold, filling me with gratitude and bringing to mind the significance of the true meaning of this holiday season, unconditional love.

Spontaneous and random acts of kindness with no consideration for reward or even thank you, this is what the true meaning of the holidays is all about. More importantly, it is a true glimpse of a world we should all aspire to live in everyday. I dare say that the vast majority of our world population is infused with this loving heart, but often have to protect it for fear of being taken advantage of by those of a predatory consciousness. But these amazing glimpses of unconditional kindness and goodness between our fellow human being is something that we should all hold dear, and try with every fiber of our being to maintain and expand upon even after all the presents have been exchanged, decorations taken down, and trees placed on the roadside. It’s the act of a loving heart; it is the tangible recognition of oneness with all.

During this holiday season, may we all recognize and remember the true meaning of why we celebrate, regardless of what your religious beliefs or spiritual understandings may be. It’s more than the celebration of the Christ child’s birth, or the lighting of candles for Chanukah, its more than the celebration of Kwanzaa or anything of that sort; it is the conscious expression of Divine love and gratitude for all mankind, and the outward expression of that love through unconditional kindness and charity. It is the random act of kindness for its own sake; it is the quiet gift from a stranger. It is the love of God in action. May we all take in and expand upon the true meaning of this season, and extend the love and kindness well beyond the 25th of December.

From all of us at Awaken to One Alliance, may your hearts be filled with kindness, love and gratitude, and may the Divine light of Source surround you and provide for you abundance and success in all that you endeavor to do. We truly love you all and look forward to the growing fellowship of evolving Souls in the coming New Year, as they awaken to their true identity with expanded focus and Divine awareness.



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