Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ascension and Personal Responsibility

Everything that happens to you is due to you. These are tough words to reconcile for some, and in many ways hard to fathom for others, but from the standpoint of divine spiritual understanding they are absolutely true. We create our own universes by virtue of what we think and the emotional energy we project. Our thoughts have energy and that energy goes out into the ethers with the express purpose of fulfilling these thoughts through manifestation into physical reality. Because we have been living in 3rd density reality for so long; a very coarse, dense and comparatively slow vibratory rate of existence, there is fortunately a healthy lag time between seed thought and out-pictured creation. But we create our lives and the circumstances therein. Karma dictates that (in most cases) we must live through it, and the cause and effect lessons hopefully allow us to gain wisdom as a result. All of these and many more factors are built into the mechanism that could best be described as Spiritual evolution.

Now we are entering a new phase of existence; a new creation wave of Spiritual energy is washing over all of us now. It is refining and speeding up the vibratory rate that we all are living in, causing a quantum shift on both the micro and macro level. It is making the transition between thought and manifestation occur faster, and it is opening our hearts, minds and spiritual awareness to a new and significant understanding of who and what we are as Soul. Many are beginning to wake up to their true divinity and purpose, realizing that they are not the physical shell they occupy. Some have awakened to their true mission and are venturing forth for the purpose of helping others realize the true potential and magnitude of their being. This ascension into a more cosmic consciousness is taking place all around us, and for those who are willing to ride this major creation wave of spiritual evolution the transition is magical. But in order for this to occur, we must leave behind the outmoded concepts of suppression, oppression, and victimization. These are all illusion and based in a fear consciousness that presupposes you have no control over your life. There are those that would like nothing more than to perpetuate this feeling and make you feel vulnerable forever, but once the veil of illusion is lifted, we begin to realize that we are all Divine sparks of God and have both the free will and power to define what our life will be. The oppressors lose control. Now we must realize that in order to progress in our own spiritual evolution we must take personal responsibility for our lives and life course. Only then will we be able to ride this majestic wave of vibrational transition into 4th (or higher) density reality. It is within this context of personal responsibility that our true growth occurs, for when one realizes that they are the masters of their own universe and destiny, then one takes ownership of that which lies within it, and drives their spiritual course in accordance with their state of evolving consciousness. This is the beginning step to the road of ascension.

Courage is necessary and reluctance must be assuaged. There is an old saying I remember, “Only the adventurous find God.” Courage is attainable, for it is merely a conscious shift from fear to love. In response to a question on overcoming fear I had once during these correspondences I stated, “…if you think about it analytically, love is not just a feeling or emotion, it is a polarity of energy; it is a technique. You have the choice in determining what you choose to think and feel at any given moment - this is your right. Exercise love in your heart, be cause and not effect, and do the work daily that aligns yourself with this [creation] wave. You have the power...”

Again, this is your spiritual birthright. This is what you were meant to do in accordance with the growth and expansion of All That Is. As you expand, IT expands, and vice versa. For those who choose to live in a regressive state of consciousness, they will not be joining those of us who will be transitioning. This is primarily because they will not be able to handle the more highly refined vibratory rate of 4th density spiritual existence. For those who continue to live in fear, fear will hold you back. For those who live in hate and anger, these are but subsets of fear and will hold you back. This refined energy, by its very nature, is a love-centric energy designed to open up our hearts, minds and spiritual awareness and lift the veils of illusion that have been your companions for so long. If you are ready to begin you only need go within yourself and accept God’s unconditional love, asking for IT’s inner spiritual light and guidance. It shall be given. For those who are already on the journey, stay vigilant and continue to do the daily work that keeps you in alignment with this loving energy. For everyone who has awakened or is now just beginning to awaken, welcome to the party. For those who are ready for this quantum shift, please know that the journey has already begun and if you align your heart with God’s love, you already have a ticket; the wave will pull you through. ALL ABOARD!

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