Monday, March 8, 2010

Upgrading your Awareness

There is a phrase that goes “Heaven must be re-won everyday.” What this speaks to is the importance of not resting on your laurels, to not simply coast on the momentum of past spiritual and creative expression, but to re-engage everyday with a fresh sense of purpose and spiritual commitment. It also means consistently reevaluating your state of consciousness on a daily basis, because our existence on this physical plane and within the multiverse is dynamic and not static. You are not who you were yesterday, nor are you who you will be tomorrow. You are ever evolving, ever growing, so it is important to exercise a conscious awareness of this process regularly. The goal here that we are ultimately striving for and moving towards is a state of full consciousness, the ability to be aware of our multi-layered existence in both the inner worlds and outer worlds simultaneously, while working from the framework of the higher self so as to live in an enlightened, balanced way.

As I had mentioned in a recent article, A New Normal, we’ve existed in this physical realm for eons of time in a state of conditioned illusion, believing that we are separate from our divine source, and as such have found ourselves at the whims and woes of our outer environment. We have been led to believe that we are victims living in a world of fear and oppression, unable to make a difference or effect positive change in a substantial way. These states of consciousness are all pretentious negative hogwash, stimulated through an unrelenting, manipulative, and coercive conditioning; a sort of slight of hand that moved us from a conscious awareness of our true identity as divine connected Souls, sparks of God-source, to separated and hapless victims. The truth is, we are not our conditioning. We are all magnificent sparks of God awareness, endowed with the same potentiality and freedom of expression. But in this false belief of separation, we have come to judge one another and ourselves quite harshly. I say to you now that it is time to cease this practice; you all feel it, the energy is there. Do not sit in judgment of yourself or others. Learn to love yourself and your fellow Souls unconditionally. Now is the time to be who we were meant to be.

We are fast transitioning from 3rd dimensional reality to 4th & 5th, and with it evolving into a new and wonderful awareness that allows us to see our true origins as sparks of God-centered energy. Just knowing and acknowledging that you are a divine spark of God, that you are God itself moves you beyond duality. Ego can hold you back, but the truth is that there has never been separation between you and Source. Say it a couple of times, dare to think it…“I and God are One”. Feel the totality of this truth; there is no separation, this is illusion. There is only connectedness with All That Is.

As you go about your day-to-day activities, bombarded by the drones of negative media, dysfunctional imagery, and harsh selfish human interaction, do your best to rise above the negative fray and be a conduit of love, for when you do you more and more begin to see the stage play that is unfolding around you, and that in truth you may be in it but you are certainly not of it, unless you choose to be. This is not an attitude of spiritual arrogance, but a conscious recognition of the illusions that play out around us everyday. You still do your daily work and fulfill your daily requirements, but your consciousness is able to rise above the mundane physical into Soul awareness and eventually God consciousness. When you achieve this, you are always living in a state of bliss for you know that you dwell in the most high. It is what we all were brought here to eventually remember. The universe is inside of each and every one of us. We only need to do the daily work in order to lift the veil of spiritual amnesia and get back into a conscious awareness of our true identity. Don’t be afraid of this process. Nothing can hurt you, not really. The only thing to fear is… you know the rest. So work at being a conscious practitioner of your own enlightenment. It will be a wonderful journey, for eternity awaits.

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