Thursday, February 18, 2010

A New Normal

Normalcy is relative. It’s dependent upon what one accepts and/or becomes familiar with in his/her daily life. It is often consistent with what one becomes conditioned to allow into his/her state of consciousness over time. Conditioning is in a major way at the heart our collective experience, and is perhaps one of the biggest contributors to our current world situation and existence on this physical plane. We have for so long been inculcated into such an extensively dysfunctional cultural and societal experience that for many of us there is no clear understanding or comparative representation of just how living the life of a true light-filled Spiritual Being (Child of God) should be, or even could be. This conditioning has occurred over eons of time and through multiple generations. As a result, we have come to live in a world of stress and fear where the playing field is far from level and success often depends on the exercise of selfish intent and disposition, perpetuating a Service to Self rather than Service to Others mentality and consciousness. This is considered by many to be normal. But now, in our ever-present and growing awareness of the spiritual ascension process currently underway, things are changing...drastically. We are transitioning to a new normal.

Coming into a clear and conscious understanding of the relativity of normal was made abundantly clear to me many years ago when I served as a drug treatment counselor in an urban DC methadone clinic. I’ve referenced this before in an earlier entry entitled The Hub of Your Wheel. As a clinician, I worked with a large caseload of clients struggling with heroin addiction but also dealing with poly-substance abuse ranging from cocaine to alcoholism, prescription drug abuse, and even sexual addiction. This environment lent itself on a regular, unrelenting basis to a very high degree of human drama, whether it was from extreme emotional volatility in daily group meetings and individual therapy sessions or a particular client having relapsed for the ump-teenth time and found to be in non-compliance with treatment requirements, resulting in dismissal from the program.

Every day there was a crisis of some sort, and after a while it got to the point where I and many of my colleagues began to find ourselves both expecting these episodes and no longer considering them to be any big deal. There was nothing strange or abnormal about the intensely stressful environment that we were working under. I was slowly becoming emotionally divested from the activities I was involved in, merely responding appropriately to a given clinical situation and/or challenge, but finding myself somewhat detached from what was going on (under the circumstances, not necessarily a bad thing). This same description has often been associated with public servants such as policemen, paramedics and/or medical ER professionals, and the military that deal with life and death situations everyday. There is sometimes a tendency to become oblivious to the madness that they encounter daily, and desensitize themselves from their surroundings often as a coping mechanism. Such was the case with me in this drug treatment environment. The challenge was, being a person of inherent empathy and compassion, I did care what happened to my clients and found myself often pained with their plight, unable to help them since in many cases they were as yet unable or unwilling to help themselves. I continued on this journey for a number of years until eventually burnout set in, and I had to make the difficult decision to either stay and succumb to the stress, or leave and pursue a different career path for my own personal survival and emotional wellbeing. I only mention this life episode to illustrate how “normal” for me became anything but normal, and how over time people can begin to see things from a highly skewed perspective, not realizing that what might be considered normal is in fact an altered state.

Such is the state that we as a world society have been living in for millennia. We have been the generational victims of a sorted dark manipulation of our true divine nature, and have over time been conditioned to become the unwilling effect of a fear-based existence, struggling through the control and restrictive beliefs that such fear can bring into our consciousness and lives. We have been held hostage to man’s law, where initially there was a consistency with a common law understanding that drew clear and easily discernable delineations between right and wrong, but over time has been manipulated to unfairly favor the interests of a selfish and elite few, creating illusions of limitation and oppression for others. This is not the way life should be. This is not the way life was intended to be, and it is now up to us to reclaim our true place as divine light beings existing in the energies of love, joy, and happiness. It is now time that we no longer accept the limitations that have been placed on our personal and social consciousness. But before change can be impacted through a mass transition of Divine Light, change must first take place from within, for we are in fact the conduits and channels of this light.

Research has shown that the amygdala, a small almond shaped part of the brain located near the hippocampus, is responsible for conscious thought as well as emotion. One of the core emotional responses triggered in the amygdala is fear, which was initially hot-wired to protect us in hostile environments with a fight-or-flight response to danger. The problem is that our environment has been created to perpetuate a consistent fear response without reprieve, stimulated by the uncertainties of life, economic triggers, dog-eat-dog competitiveness, and an illusory belief that there is limitation in this world; that there is not enough and that every man/woman must fend for themselves. This is a false premise based on a false perception, but one that has been manipulated and perpetuated for so long that we have been conditioned into believing it is real. Tied to this fear based illusion is the feeling of victimization, unworthiness, and an acceptance of a limited station in the pecking order of society; again, all an illusion. We have on a mass scale become conditioned like Pavlov’s dog, responding to cause and effect stimuli that have perpetuated the myth. It is now time to get off of this broken cycle and begin a new way of living, breathing, thinking, feeling and being. The time for a new normal is now.

We are approaching a new day; a new horizon of possibilities and beauty where love, compassion, honesty, integrity, creative expression and the pursuits of individual passion rule, and fear no longer has a foothold on our interactions with one another. More and more people are beginning to awaken to their true identity as Soul and realizing that within the current status quo, the emperor(s) have no clothes. More and more people are rejecting the fear and realizing that they are all Divine Beings with the potential of living in abundance; understanding that through the law of attraction there is enough! More and more people are realizing that there needs to be wholesale changes made in the gross inequities of man’s law so as to become more in alignment with God’s law, a law based on love, balance, fairness and equity for all. These are the changes that are being undertaken across the world today, for we are the change that we seek. It is time to rise.

Mass ascension is now upon us. It is now time for you to be a part of this spiritual renaissance of upliftment. It is time for you to once and for all become the change that you have always wanted to be. We are no longer the pawns of a skewed reality presented to us as normal, but are moving into a higher place, a greater perspective, a higher self. Now is the time to practice abundance and accept it into your life. Now is the time to become the Light Being and Lightworker that you truly are, and awaken to your true self.

Remember, your universe is consistent with your state of consciousness. It’s time for a new normal. What you think and what you believe is what will manifest, so outflow the correct energy, an energy based on love and not fear. Accept abundance in your life. Reject the fear and anything associated with it. Let the bad stuff go, forgive others and let go of worry. Be kind to your fellow man/woman. Unworthiness is an illusion. You are loved, so learn to love yourself unconditionally. Meditate, pray, or whatever you feel comfortable with, but do so daily in order to tap into the higher energies and become accustomed to these refined rates of vibration. They resonate through you and cleanse the body, heart, mind, and Soul. It is the mechanism of change, the power of love. Have fun with life; it’s not all work and drudgery. Don’t forget to play. Accept a perfect day this day and every other. Get the ego out of the way; it’s a bad and selfish leader and is not who you truly are.

We are now in a global collective consciousness where we are starting to become spiritually aware of the connection that has always existed, and the connectedness with one another and the universe. Know that our world is filled with people of light who want to share in the love, mutual respect and comradery with one-another. Draw to you people of like consciousness who are ready to do their part to change the world. As you’re doing your part, others are doing theirs in similar fashion. What we are talking about here is a critical mass consciousness based on the light of Divine love. It changes things in major ways. Be a part of this change. It is now. Own your personal power and do not allow anyone or anything to take it away; it is yours! It’s time to change the world. Let’s do it together. Visualize the new normal, NOW!


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