Monday, March 16, 2009

The Opposite of Love

Most people when asked about what is the opposite of love will more than likely proclaim it to be hate. Logical response; it certainly seems to represent the opposite polarity of energy. But while this pat answer is understandable, it is in fact inaccurate. Love is a core emotion from which many an offspring is spawned; emotions and responses such as happiness, kindness, goodwill, charity, faith, empathy, fairness and compassion. In truth, hate is actually a subset of a much greater and stronger emotion, and this core polarity also has many offspring. From greed to anger; from prejudice to envy; from jealousy to pride; from deceit to aggression and brutality, this core emotion is none other than fear. Fear is the opposite of love because fear is the base emotion from which hate, prejudice, greed, stress, paranoia, and all of the many other negative emotions that make up the lexicon of our human conditions and experiences are based. It closes the heart and makes us vulnerable to negative influence and control.

Under the proper conditions, fear actually serves as a useful survival tool when dealing with a fight or flight response stimuli, and helps to keep one safe and alert to potential dangers that may lurk around the corner. The problem though, comes when this reflex emotion is forced to remain at full (or partial) intensity for an extended period of time. In the wild, fear is often used as the major adrenaline rush that helps a wild animal respond appropriately to an impending danger, either by running away or fighting. Afterwards, the feeling subsides and is replaced with contentment and a focused existence in the here and now.

Today, no emotion is more palpable in these changing and uncertain times than fear. It has been spawned and stimulated by a lack of the feeling of protection and security in the things we used to take for granted as always being there for us. With our current world economy in a state of fiscal unrest, with the emotional roller-coaster that drives the stock market and other financial engines, with unemployment at a staggering 8% in the U.S. and growing worldwide, we have been rocked to our core in terms of our faith in the things we have held for so long as the foundations for our modern existence and protection.

Many a prosperity-based gospel is suddenly finding itself with dwindling membership and equally dwindling funds. The laws of abundance seem on the surface to have abandoned us and many of us are finding our selves physically, emotionally and spiritually destitute.

This, however, does not change the fundamental principles of spiritual law; e.g. the law of attraction and our ability to manifest abundance in our own lives. Those that get it live in a state of joy regardless of outside conditions, because they understand that their emotional state is not an outside/in manifestation, but an inside/out creation. Now, more than ever, the practicing of these fundamental spiritual principles need to be exercised in ways that they have never been before. Now more than ever, we need to come into an alignment with who and what we truly are, separate and apart from our outer circumstance. Now more than ever, we must understand that our connectedness and the conscious realization of that connectedness have tangible and sustainable benefits. Those benefits are the importance and realization that we must begin to care for and take care of one another. It starts small and grows into concentric circles of influence and action. The mantras “Pass it forward” and “Love one another” have never been more important than it is now. The knee-jerk tendency is to hold back and hoard, but now more than ever we must begin to work for the collective good. There is enough, there is abundance. We have just been led to believe that there is limitation. This is an illusion.

The choice is yours and ours. Do you become cause in your life, or do you slip deeper down the hole of victimized effect. Our thoughts, our feelings, play a significant role in what we create and how those thoughts out-picture in this physical universe. It is always important to remember (and I will always communicate to you from this perspective) that we are more than the physical bodies that we occupy. We are a part of an amazing multi-layered multiversal of existence. Our perceptions may temporarily be compressed into the limited viewpoint and spectrum of the physical, but we are all so much greater; so much more than what we are being led to believe in this limited physical existence. As we begin to wake up more and more to our true identities, we begin to understand the illusion around us and the games perpetrated on us. We begin to realize that this multi-chaptered stage play we call life and existence is just a minute percentage of our overall existence and beingness. We begin to realize that the mundane realities we have focused our attention on for so very long are but creations of our own manifestation, and that we can rewrite and recreate them both individually and collectively by virtue of what we choose to place our attention on. Fear or love; this is the choice.

Physical existence does not have to be as it currently is now, but as long as “We” continue to go from day to day, asleep at the wheel of life, and not awakening to the wonders of what lie beyond, we will forever be trapped here. It does not have to be this way, and the more of us that begin to wake up and smell and breath the divinity in each of us, the more we as Souls connected to each other and a part of the whole of life can take conscious control of our situations. The more we can change things for the better; for the good of the whole. Fear is the base emotion that we are being fed everyday. It fuels the fires of negativity and hopelessness and gives strength and control to that energy. We have the power to stop this, but we must make a collective choice to do so. As FDR once said, “…there’s nothing to fear but fear itself.” My call is and always will be to awaken to the oneness that is you, that is us. Within this awakening, fear does not exist. Our existence depends directly on our collective ability to evolve and embrace the love that is at the true core of our being. It is about love; not fear. Love and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Love is stronger than fear because love is the pure positive energy of Source. We are love; we make up its energy. We can choose whether or not to allow fear into our hearts and minds. Take control. Accept the love; reject the fear. Show kindness and compassion to one another. We do live in abundance and there is enough. Don’t let anyone or anything make you believe otherwise. We just have to reclaim our rightful place in the Spiritual hierarchy and allow love to reign supreme. It’s the way of, and to, our Creator. My love goes out to all of you, and I thank you for your love in return.


  1. I do believe that those that get it live in a state of joy regardless of outside conditions, because they understand that their emotional state is not an outside/in manifestation, but an inside/out creation. This is according to Law of Attraction and Manifest Abundance. I am reading Mr. Robert Scheinfeld's "Busting Loose From The Business Game" book.
    It takes the topic of discussion into a very different place, especially as it relates to money, business and career.

  2. I would have to disagree, few people would ever say that Land and Hate are oposites. Our culture has prove time and time again that Love and Hate are equal expressions of a single absolute, that one often breeds the other. To truely hate sombody you must love them first, for love is a complete understanding, and one can not hate with out first completely understanding. Hate and Love are one in the same.

    Fear is simply a modifier, ever read Machavelli? "It is better to be Feared then Loved, for one whom is feared has a love all his own"...? You can both hate and love what you fear. People do it all the time with horror movies, drugs, loved ones. To say that love and fear are opposites is a logical impossiblity. "Does not a man fear is beloved wife is she is to leave him? Does not a man fear is hated enemy will strike hime down? Does not a hunter fear his dog if he is to turn upon him? Does not the dog fear the wolf will harm his master? For is it love and hate which are the greatest fears of all"

    "The opposite of Love is not Hate, nor fear... but apathy and indifferance." - Elie Wiesel

    simple enough

    1. Ultimately however, we all fear death, so apathy and indifference would be neglected. If we were to eliminate the fear of death however through knowledge and the restraint of emotion, we would find ourselves freed spiritually. At this point one can only choose to perform good selflessly to awaken our common likeness in mortality or use this insight with hatred as a way to control others. However much we pride ourselves on our surface actions we must ask ourselves what we truly believe in the face of nihilism. In a meaningless universe what can we hope to accomplish?

  3. What the other Anonymous person seems to be talking about is the dumb-down version of Love. In no occasion ever does a person have to love someone to hate them and your reference of Horror movies and Drugs are off track to the meanings of core emotions. Drugs and movies are induced emotions noone who is a drug addict loves the drugs they are on. The emotional tie is induced by chemical. Fear in the sense of Jason and aliens is an induced emotional response to death or separation as is a man's wife leaving him or any sentient being being physically killed. It would be wise not the confuse core emotions that compel people to act with induced emotions that are dictated to get across a messege.

  4. Hi Darrell,

    Great article. Thanks for taking the time and effort to compose it. It was just what I needed to hear this morning.


  5. Such great words of wisdom. I Totally agree.

  6. love is not a feeling. love is God emitting through man in the form of actions. Fear is not the opposite of love but fear hinders the actions of loving.

  7. Fear itself is not the opposite of hate. It's a natural, instinctive emotion (we're all capable of having), when put in a dangerous/chronically unpleasant situation over which we've scant control,(think concentration camps). Also hate can lead to far more UNLOVING actions than fear (fear being concentrated on personal protection rather than hurting others).
    With this 'fear versus love' blanket statement,aren't we in danger of being APATHETIC towards the RECIPIENTS of hate?

  8. Oops! I meant to say in my opening comment on March 1st,2016 (11.01am):-
    Fear is not the opposite of Love.