Thursday, January 7, 2010

Personal log: Goodbye to a Dear Friend

I just received word that a good friend and spiritual brother of mine, Mario, has transitioned to a higher realm. His passing was sudden but as I understand it, serene, despite having been fatally wounded from a fall he suffered in Brazil. His loving companion, Betty, is coping with the loss the best way she can, and is now in the comfort of friends and family support. While she is completely awake and totally aware of her and Mario’s true identity as Soul, the sudden shock of such an episode still cuts deeply, evoking questions of “why?” or “what if?” But Soul never dies, and Mario is still among us, certainly surrounding Betty in a warm and intense love embrace, and connecting with family and friends. In honor of Mario, I wanted to share a poem that he wrote some time ago entitled “Before the Sound Was ‘I’”. It speaks to the depth and breadth of this wonderful man’s spirit, awareness, and heart. It expresses the dynamic of spiritual entropy, chaos to order, that we as a collective consciousness have been working through in pursuit of divine love and truth. We’ll miss you Mario. Be well, keep in touch:

Before the Sound Was "I."

Sonic malignant waves touch all in their wake;
Shrill, pinching sounds, unhealthy tonic of embedded harmonics
Roaring to unholy rhythms, progressive artful resonant fusion,
Sweeping over RNA neuron pathways of God in a hell-storm of confusion.

The planet of our unconscious world is a distant dilated pupil,
Hanging in Satan's firmament, closed-eyed and fearful,
No longer a shining star emanating goodwill and gentleness of Soul,
A synthesized construction, paced and placed to the beat of discipline.

The sleeping mind hears naught but bliss and octavian leads
Tugging on heart strings leading to labyrinths of slavish minotaur.
Our world is built on undulating forms, stiff and rigid,
The harmonics of control, the science of robotics.

A grand orchestra of Oz plays a frontal lament, a guitar gently weeping.
Yes, we all cry and sway, utterly fatigued by the dance of poly-fragmented characters,
As we stand back and watch our human-ness undulate dimly on the wall.
Truly life is spent in pursuit of real music...

And yet from wretchedness, behind it all, is the knowledge of harmony,
The truth of elements and true gods.
Where creation is built on symmetry and love.
A soulful wave of happy entities...we are Truth...after all.


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  1. Remembering Mario as well . . . thank you for posting this wonderful tribute in his honor!