Friday, December 24, 2010

Spiritual Equilibrium (A State of Grace)

In my last entry I talked about the importance of remaining vigilant in ones daily quest for spiritual balance and enlightenment; that Heaven must be re-won everyday. As we move directly into the celebration of the birth of the Christ child, it is worth noting that this wonderful being, this Christ consciousness known as Jesus (Yeshua) who was incarnated so long ago to bring light and love to the world and its people, is a symbol (template) for how we all should approach our lives. Now I’m not talking about overcoming original sin or anything of that nature; this is not a doctrine that I espouse or accept as my reality, as my truth. We all have choices and those choices have consequences, good or bad, right or wrong; it’s the karmic nature of things. What I’m referring to here is that beautiful and celestial state of grace; that balanced state of divine consciousness that this child of God represented then and for many still represents now. What I’m talking about is maintaining that all-important spiritual equilibrium so vital now as we move forward in our day-to-day activities and lives.

Remaining in a balanced state of being in the midst of constant challenge, struggle and turmoil is an attribute that takes daily practice and focus, but will inevitably delineate the weak from the strong, the wheat from the chaff, the awakened from the sleeper, as we move forward on this tumultuous and dichotomous cycle of ascension. Just like the opening lines of a jazz piece by saxophone great Wilton Felder states, "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, you can inherit the wind", this sentiment speaks to the heart of the matter and is more true now than ever before. The wind, in this case, is that sometimes fleeting state of grace that we need to possess and maintain when confronted with dysfunctional circumstances and the people who are caught up in the limited illusion of a growing survival consciousness facing our times now.

Circumstances have made those who have lived most of their lives in comfort, now confront the harsh insecurities of financial and socio-economic downturn. People are scared right now like never before. The one upside to this potentially overwhelming dynamic is that many more individuals are being forced into the renewal of their faith, whatever their belief system may be, because for so many there is nowhere else to turn. With this reality of emotional and spiritual vulnerability, it is incumbent upon all of those who have awakened and are becoming more and more aware of their connection to Godsource and the illusion we are living in, to serve as beacons of light for those who are not yet as tapped in. Everyone has the potential for awakening, but until we go within and find our truth, the love that is within all of us through Godsource, the "net" of fear will remain. It is time for us to be the light.

On this most important celebration of the birth of the Christ child, may we all who are awakening and understanding our true identities as divine sparks of the eternal, serve as those beacons of light for so many who are looking for a way to spiritually help themselves. It’s not about finding any wise words of wisdom to say, though they are important, it’s about living your life in a state of grace and serving as a living and breathing example for others who want to be better and do better, but aren’t sure how. It’s about being that beacon of light, that wave of divine consciousness that permeates the room whenever you walk in; it’s not you, but the light and resonant vibration from Godsource that flows through you. From this day forward may you all be the enlightened, loving sparks of divine grace, a true testament to God’s loving energy and essence. Within this spiritual equilibrium will come an amazing gift for all who come in your path; a gift of love energy and an opportunity to find the love within themselves. As a beacon, the gift you receive in return comes back 1000-fold. You don’t have to say a word, just be. Here’s wishing all of you a wondrous and wonderful celebration, and a heartfelt wish for happiness and prosperity in the New Year. May you create your reality in the way that is most perfect for you.

With love, Namaste.

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