Sunday, July 5, 2009

Radiating Unconditional Love

This is a discussion about love; love in its purest form, love that seeks nothing in return. I’m talking about unconditional love (e.g. love without condition). There are many forms of love, or at least feelings often misconstrued as love, but are nothing more than marginal subsets of the true divine energy. The love between a man and woman (or variations thereof) can be a deep, abiding and sincere love, but often it becomes tainted with petty conditions that form the determinant for whether or not that love will be given and/or shared in return. This type of love states “I love you if…” or “I’ll love you when…” or even, “I love you because…” It is often the pursuit of love for personal gain, and in many respects the pursuit of power. In relationships, there is an old saying that goes, “…The person with the least emotional investment has the most power.” Far too often this becomes the dynamic for many a relationship, and the outcome more than not traps an individual into a continual cycle of intimate domination. Love becomes a battlefield for many because it is a test of wills that loses sight of the initial reason for finding each other in the first place; to form a personal expression of Divine love (love of God).

Other forms of love such as love between a parent and child often have a much deeper grounding in divine connectedness. How could it not? When a child is born into the world and the parent sees him/her for the first time, the magnitude of this personification of divine love becomes immediately apparent. The bond is quickly formed and the journey begins. But even in these instances, the tests of wills inevitably grow, and the strains of childhood vs. parenthood come to bear. Nonetheless, the love is there, hopefully overriding any dramas, choices and decisions either party may make. In these instances, the foundational feeling is “I love you no matter what.”

I site these examples to illustrate how many of us misunderstand the true nature of unconditional love and how we can unknowingly place serious obstacles in its way. In all cases the key component of unconditional love is love without any expectation of reward. As Soul, a divine spark of God, your very existence is one based on unconditional love. You exist because God simply loves you. Love is a force; love is an energy. Love is the ultimate power. You are love. The sub-atomic makeup of your being is created from Divine love. One might ask, if this is the case, then why do we have so many problems in this world? The reason is simple (and complex); we have forgotten who and what we are and have been conditioned into believing that we are separate from Source (Divine unconditional love) and that there is not enough. Also in some cases is the belief that you are not worthy. This is all an illusion.

I have often found that nature provides the answers to so many of the spiritual conundrums we struggle with, and if we would only take the time to look for and practice the spiritual awareness necessary, we would know that God is with us all the time. One day when I was looking out my kitchen window, I was blessed to witness what I consider to be an incredibly Divine example of unconditional love. In the backyard of our house was a hanging bird feeder left behind by the former homeowners. It looked like a cool thing to have and my wife and I decided to get some birdseed. About a day or so went by after filling it when I noticed a little finch land on the feeder. He looked around for a bit and after seeing that it was safe to indulge, he proceeded to enjoy the birdseed provided to him. After a couple of minutes of personal gluttony, he flew away. Five minutes went by and then I saw two birds land on the feeder. Another couple of minutes went by and then there were 5 birds. Before I knew it there were over 20 or 30 little finches all fluttering about waiting for their turn to feed from the feeder. I thought I was in a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. I was simply astonished at the spectacle before me, understanding that this amazing moment was started after just one bird told another about the discovered bounty. That bird could have easily kept it to him/herself but immediately shared it with others, resulting in an exponential explosion of birds taking part in this nutritious windfall. What moved me so much about witnessing this was the fact that it was simply the natural order of things. It was God’s Divine plan in the perpetuation of the species to have as a natural inclination to always consider the good of the whole, not just the one. This is God’s plan for all species, including the human species.

I believe in my heart of hearts that it is our base nature to love one another and care for one another without condition, but over time we have been conditioned to think otherwise. Perpetuated by a dog-eat-dog social existence presented as the norm, we have forgotten our true base nature, and have fed into an illusionary fear of limitation; there is not enough and you must fend for yourself. The truth is that there is enough; there is abundance! We have simply been programmed to think otherwise. It is our true nature to express unconditional love. This is a part of our makeup. This is who we are as Soul, because when we are conscious of the fact that we are Soul, we also know that we are ONE. It is time to awaken to the oneness that is all of us, and share the bounty that is available to each and everyone, without fear that things will run out. Understanding who and what we are and realizing the illusion we live in is the first step. After that, it is up to all of us to live our lives creatively within the conscious reality of this new Spiritual paradigm, and outwardly express a conscious awareness of our divine nature and make up. We can do this. I know we can. We only need claim it and bring it into our lives as truth. Your fellow Souls await. Greet them with open arms and unconditional love. It doesn’t cost a thing. What you will gain from it though will be one hundred-fold.

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